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 Post subject: Re: Rebellion 2... 'Research' Ideas?
PostPosted: Mon Mar 15, 2010 12:18 am 
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krono wrote:
i dunno if this would work or not, but the shipyards in the books had different types of constructions sites for ships and snubfighters, would it be possible to make it so that maybe the alliance can build fighters at the same time as capital ships and maybe the imperial ships would come full of ties? one thing that bugged me about rebellion was spending all that time to build a capital ship and having no fighters when it came out, i just dont buy the empire putting all this time into making a star destroying and having any fighter support ready for it when its completed

1. Star Destroyers were predominantly built at Kuat, whereas the HQ of Sienar, the maker of TIE fighters, is at Lianna. While it is possible that fighter inventories are kept at Kuat to fill brand-new ISDs as they come off the production slips, they still have to get there *somehow*, probably transported by Imperial Escort Carriers, which can be done in-game already. It's an extra step of micro-management, but it also presents a point of attack for a Rebel player, and, IMO, is much more believable than having the fighters appear there magically.

2. De-coupling fighter and carrier production allows the player greater flexibility, by not having to pay for fighter craft that we don't need or want. While the original Rebellion game and most of the post-ROTJ Expanded Universe material depicts X-Wings as taking a dump on every capital ship out there in large numbers, I much prefer the position vindicated by the Prequel trilogy and the new Clone Wars series, where battles are largely decided by capital ships exchanging fire, and starfighters are very much a useful but non-essential supporting arm. A group of Star Destroyers should basically be able to whittle down several squadrons of X and Y-Wings using their point-defense cannons while taking no significant (i.e. mission-impairing) damage.

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