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PostPosted: Thu May 23, 2013 11:27 am 
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Whoever invented working for a living should have been hung, drawn, quartered, sliced, diced, chopped, cropped, ground, gristled, wrapped, packed ...and sent parcel post...the utter WANKER!!!

Pardon my outburst - I'm hoping the powers that be will allow this topic to be a NO-HOLDS-BARRED, enter into at your own risk, anything goes (but no pictures, vids or links), any language, oh God what have I started, conversation thread ( :?: pretty please Mr Moderator :?: please take off the bad language filter so we can both swear and spell correctly at the same time :?: )

Whilst I should add: let us all be good to one another,
what would life be like without a good argument or friendly insult from time to time? Huh?
So let us not be afraid to suffer the slings and arrows of life,
but instead let us embrace it, REVEL in it!
Take glory and sustenance for the fine
plunder and rapine to be had in our wonderful little world (metaphorical of course)

"For skills not practised - are skills lost."
( for bonus points - does anyone know who in the Star Wars Universe said that?)

ENOUGH! with the disclaimer and the preamble!

On to business:

I hate having to work; it sucks like a ten dollar whore.

If I won the lottery I wouldn't work - people tell me if I won, I wouldn't know what to do with myself.



Maybe after twenty years or more I might finally tire of all the fun things to do I like but seriously! I doubt it! I've got more than enough games and hobbies to last me two life times, let alone this paltry one. Seeing as these things have been keeping me sooo very entertained since I found them around the age of 10-12 (I'm 34 now) with no sign of letting up, what-so-ever; I pour scorn on any who would utter such complete garbage, offering it up to me as if it was the wisdom of the f*cking ages - go f*ck yourself you enormously conceited PRICK!

Where was I?
oh yes, I remember

I hate work

don't get me wrong I work hard, I have a decent job, a three bed house I can call my own, a wonderful woman at my side for 13 years...
and a damn good work ethic: (Or at least so I think :D)

Copyright @ Trademark @

After all if your heart's not in it, you'll only make a mess of it and if the juice isn't worth the squeeze then it ain't economic to do so.
Anyways - I digress again... :roll:

It seems to me in my life that I've only ever had the option of working for two kinds of people:
both equally similar in their differences,
and both equally different in their similarities.
Who are these people I hear you ask? (or so I hope)

Well I'll tell you!
Yes I will,
whether you like it or not (and if you're reading this - then your not listening to it, are you?!?)

The only two kinds of people I've had the option of working for are:




and I've just got to say: that is a completely unsatisfactory state-of-affairs to put it mildly :evil:

If the admin people get back to me I'll be happy to expand on that sentiment and word it in a not so mildly mannered mutation :D and give some details as to the why's and wherefore's - I can assure you, you'll be agreeing with me. I fear I'm swearing too much in this already 8O

Anywhoo - What I would really like this thread to be for, is to give people the opportunity to express:

what's really GETTING on their tits today,

to give a big shout out to what's been bothering them for soo long

to tell that someone you'd never actually say it to - cos you just D aren't!

Whether it's your noisy neighbour next door doing your f*cking head in - because you know you'd never go round and tell him - he's 6'10" and built like a brick shit house, with a nasty disposition to boot!
You just want to tell your boss:
You're a grade A c*nt of the highest order and the sooner I can tell you to shove your job where the sun don't shine the happier I'll be!

Either way, this is the place to say it....

...and who knows?
Just Maybe?

If I shout and swear,
If I prod and poke,
If we say enough outlandish things together,
Then maybe,
Just maybe...

We'll get some real discussion.
On something that matters. (Well maybe not)
And some good might come of it all,
Because, what are we all doing here anyway?
What's the point in it all?
If we're not gonna help each other?
Life's difficult enough...
Why make it more difficult for each other?

Good questions - I think you'll agree.

This is Rantony :mrgreen: at Rumour Control,

signing off...

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