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 Post subject: Trouble ending the game
PostPosted: Sun Jul 26, 2009 10:20 am 
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I chose easy AI with headquarters victory. I generally choose rebel so I don't have to explore the outter rim for the HQ. I got a huge fleet amassed with countless assault cruisers, moncalamari cruisers, and corellian gunships, 3 daunting cruisers and 2 bulwark battlecruisers. I also had some bulk transports holding 80 wookie regiments. When I got to the empire HQ on couruscant(spelling... i know), I easily wiped out the fleet, but the empire had three Gen core I, and 3 LNR series II. I tried a bombardment, but my ships just got destroyed. (A fleet of that size should easily kill gen cor series one in my opinion...) The planetary assault button wasn't lit up, so I sent in some infiltrators to sabotage the gen cores. They either got killed or foiled. The enemy had both vader and palpatine there. I tried sending ALL of my personell to abduct them but they just ended up dying or getting captured.

What do I need to do to resolve this conflict? Is there any way to make the assault planet button light up in this scenario? I have no clue why I couldn't assault it. If I get to this point I usually just leave the game and proclaim it a victory.

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 Post subject: Re: Trouble ending the game
PostPosted: Sun Jul 26, 2009 5:26 pm 
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You cannot assault with two shields (or more) on the planet.
You'll need to load up with enough ships with bombardment, eventually you'll wipe out the shields and be able to assault.

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 Post subject: Re: Trouble ending the game
PostPosted: Sun Aug 02, 2009 3:01 pm 
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If you use RebEd, you can see which ships have higher bombardment ratings than others. Which has higher value, ISD II or Victory SD II? Check RebEd. Also helpful is having large numbers of fighters with bombardment ratings; if I recall correctly, Y-wings and B-wings both provide bombardment strength for the Alliance.

You should note from this that not all ships have bombardment capability, and so just having lots of ships isn't enough. Ex. Corellian Gunships, if I recall correctly, don't have any bombardment strength at all. That's why you should look and see which ships have better capabilities. They must have at least 1 to be of use, though obviously higher numbers are better.

In the situation you described, I would suggest bringing in a group of fighter carriers. They are cheap to make, and arming them with, say, B-wings, is much quicker than making dozens of capital ships. Bombard the planet with whatever ships either carry fighters with bombardment or have bombardment themselves; don't have troop transports in the fleet, or they may be hit by the LNR guns (costing their compliment of troops). If you're in the game and don't remember which ships have bombardment, separate a ship of one class from the fleet and see if the game allows you to bombard with that ship. If yes, then that class of ship has at least a 1 in bombardment. If no, then it won't help you take down any shields.

The game may list bombardment in the Encyclopedia files; I can't remember for sure. I don't think it does, but maybe...

Also, if you can sabotage the shields before your opponent has nothing left but that one planet, it will be easier. In that case, Vader may be elsewhere, other defenses may be off-planet, etc. The computer doesn't always replace a lost shield gen with another one. Conversely, if you can sabotage the LNRs, that makes it much safer to keep trying to take down the shields. Of course, you can't always get them out even then, especially on Coruscant where defenses are often high throughout the entire game.

I may also mention that even if your fleet bombards and the shields hold, they may not hold if you bombard again. I usually try a few times before I decide they really can't break through. This may be painful if they have LNR stations, but at the end of the game, you can replace the ships if you really have to.

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 Post subject: Re: Trouble ending the game
PostPosted: Mon Aug 03, 2009 2:24 pm 
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First I would suggest sabotaging the shield generators, which you have tried, but: don't use FORCE users (Vader & Palpy will foil - guaranteed!); don't use large numbers (i.e. one huge group), send several groups & mix the numbers, mix the decoy numbers too.

Load up on Y-wings and/or B-wings (high bombardment values :wink: ) & lots of 'em. Then try again.

Load up on heavy hitters (high bombardment values :wink: ) & lots of 'em. Then try again.

Disperse your fleet (leave most of the heavy hitters & all the Y-wings/B-wings at Coruscant) and blockade all the enemy systems you can. This will lower the enemy maintinence points such that (hopefully) things will start being "scrapped" (again hoping a Gen Core on Coruscant gets scrapped). This might take awhile; take up a hobby or finish exploring the galaxy.

Continue to do espionage missions as much as possible, on Coruscant or other (blockaded?) enemy core systems to get info on Coruscant.

Good luck.

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 Post subject: Re: Trouble ending the game
PostPosted: Tue Aug 04, 2009 5:16 pm 
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Ooo, that's sneaky Tex. I've used the maintenance trick before, but always as a general tactic, never to target a specific planet. I wonder how well that would work... I suppose it would depend on how many planets the enemy had left.

FYI: A single ship is enough to kill all maintenance production on a whole planet, so blockading a lot of systems wouldn't be hard unless you opponent still has enough fleet presence to start wrapping up your singleton forces.

Star Wars: Rebellion, A Field Manual
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 Post subject: Re: Trouble ending the game
PostPosted: Sat Aug 10, 2013 7:02 am 
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As Rebels, I use
21 to 30 AssaultFrigates with assigned Admiral (important!) :idea:
to instantly take down "protected" planets (2 GenCor (+ LNRs + troops)).
I sweeped about 50 "protected" planets with this method.

As Empire, you may use
bombardment rate 4, can be build from the beginning

bombardment rate 5

Death Star
bombardment rate 15

bombardment rate 2

Spoilers for Rebels/Alliance:
My 2 "claim all" fleets, each with:
60 capital ships, no fighters, (about 3000 Maintenance Points)
assigned admiral, assigned general
30 AssaultFrigates + 10 Gunships + 10 Nebulon + ...
30 Sullustan Regiments (cheapest, only 1 Maintenance Point
and best sabotage detection for conquered planets)
2 CC7770Frigates

My attack by "claim all" fleet:
1) bombardment military targets:
all gencors, all LNR, all troops are instantly destroyed
2) planetary assault:
enemy leader(s) are captured by my general,
6 Sullustan Regiments are put on that planet, that's is!

My milestones:
about round 0850: Coruscant blockading fleet (about 30 Capital ships),
Alliance holds 7 sectors, Empire holds 3 sectors,
3 enemy leaders captured, Emperor injured Luke becomes Jedi Knight
about round 1900: Coruscant bombarding and invading fleet (150 to 180 ships*)
*no fighters, no AssaultFrigates, assigned Admiral;
destroying 2 GenCor + LNR + KDY + troops
assigned General Luke captures Emperor and Needa,
Alliance holds 10 sectors, Empire holds 2.5 sectors,
22 Alliance leaders, 8 enemy leaders captured,
HQ Victory
about round 3500: all neutral and imperial planets of the galaxy invaded,
23 enemy leaders captured or killed,
(Luke Jedi Master),
Vader captured on last planet,
Standard Game Victory

My way:
I focused on expansion in Outer Rim Sectors and letting C3PO do "manage production".
Did very few espionage/sabotage missions. Enemy mission foiled: 99% (of estim. 2000).
I found that Maintenance Points are the most valuable and short ressource.

(I played game version 1.00.00, no modifications, Rebels/Alliance,
intermediate, HQ victory and Standard game victory, large galaxy,
Windows vista* HP
* you need to add d3drm.dll, see http://www.swrebellion.com/wiki/Rebellion:Windows_Vista)
at battle I always used "simulate results",
mostly on slow or very slow (there is much to do in the first 2000 rounds ;-)

this game is quite a challenge, good luck and endurance :wink:

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