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 Post subject: Planet maker and terrain tool
PostPosted: Fri Apr 23, 2010 7:38 pm 
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Here is some neat stuff for a remake. I found tools to create random planets, terrain, and descriptions.

Region: Core Worlds
Climate: Temperate, dry
Gravity: Standard
Moons: none
Length of Day: 19 standard hours
Length of Year: 240 local days
Sapient Species: 93% Human, 2% Kel Dor, 1% Ithorian, 4% other species
44 million
Government: Participatory democracy
Affiliation: member of Empire
Capital: Top Rif
Major Exports: labor
Major Imports: labor, technology

Knowledge (galactic lore)
DC Result
10 Galalmyn is dominated by a massive cityscape, featuring several layers of urbanization and towering skyscrapers. Galalmyn's economy is primarily driven by the export of natural resources.
15 Galalmyn has limited starport facilities, but most fuel and services are more expensive here due to their scarcity. Docking bays are equipped to handle nothing larger than a Colossal space transport. The starport is lightly patrolled and guarded by poorly trained (sometimes volunteer) security personnel.
20 A government astronomical observatory is located on Galalmyn. It is rumored to have a secret purpose.

Knowledge (bureaucracy)
DC Result
15 Laws here are fairly strict, so individuals cannot acquire licenses for Restricted, Military, or Illegal items. Increase the DC by 5 for all Gather Information checks to acquire items through the black market.

Knowledge (technology)
DC Result
15 Electronics, nuclear energy, and basic spacecraft are produced locally, but droids and repulsorlift vehicles cannot be built given their technological complexity.


World Maker, GeoControl,EarthSculptor, ...opps lost my links for pics. But it makes cool computer graphics generated alien terrian and 3D world sphere planets. Makes it easier to put together 300 or so major SW game planet pics made to order.

Galalmyn using the physics data from above

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Dry Temperate Nitrogen atmosphere
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 Post subject: Re: Planet maker and terrain tool
PostPosted: Sun Apr 25, 2010 11:27 pm 
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This is nifty stuff! I'm sure somebody can use it.

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