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Author:  Stellar_Magic [ Tue Aug 10, 2004 9:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Rapora War (Introductory RPG)

This RPG will be set up along the following lines to introduce the Rapora:

1. The Rapora are not playable at start.
2. I, Stellar Magic, will post from the point fo view of particularly important characters to set up the chain of events leading to the Rapora Wars.
3. I suggest that you play as though its peacetime at the start, build up your characters and so forth.

To start off I'll post as Jacen Solo:

The Lomas Qux star system, The Unknown Regions, eight years after the Vong surrender.

Jacen smiled serenely as he banked his T-65 XJ 4 X-wing toward the brilliant green and blue orb below him as he reverted from hyperspace. Then in that moment an icy fist closed over his heart, malevolent hatred, cries of pain and fury exstinguished just as quickly as they'd begun bombarded his senses. Jacen felt a gasp lift from his lips as he reached out with the force, and then all at once the dark screams and torment that had peppered his mind ceased.

He'd been excited at the prospect of finally meeting the Fallanassi, after years searching and sifting through archives and bits of information, now as his starfighter circled the planet a black stain shimmered below him lit from below by an inumerable amount of glowing points of light. Jacen had seen destruction before, the Vong had been good at it, but this seemed farm more calculated, far more cruel, as the planet's now scarred surfaces slowy turned beneath him.

Jacen slowly let out a breath, "R9 start recording, I want a complete holographic record." He twisted the yoke and sent the craft spiraling downward, toward the scar, which had once been a settlment. A hiss escaped his lips as he looked down at the burning structures, and bodies, thousands fo bodies, "Please let it be an illusion, a projection." Jacen swallowed as he saw beheaded corpses and flash burned victims scattered across the ground. Reaching out with the force and his Vongsense he felt the battle the torment, the hatred. Jacen knew now what he saw was not an illusion but reality.

Witht he flick of a switch he cut in the repulsor lifts and slowly lowered the X-wing to the ground. He felt the curious flicker of other minds, some gripped by pain and suspicion, survivors. Jacen unconsciously felt his hand touch his lightsaber as he dropped down from the craft. Slowly in the billowing smoke he walked over to the nearest body and bent down.

His eyes flashed across what had been a young man, his head was gone, severed, but as Jacen looked upon him he felt his gut contract with fear and uncertainty. Something was wrong witht he death, Jacen thought as he stood and slowly walked to another person this one a woman, her tangled hair covered by the soft ash from burning plastic. He knelt and was surprised to see the woman's eyes flutter open. She groaned slowly and pulled herself upright then suddenly the woman's eyes flicked to his face, "Its alright, I won't hurt you."

The woman bit her lip for a moment then glanced around at the destruction, Jacen could see shock and disorientation, her ears were bleeding and so was her nose, signs of being knocked out and concussed by a pressure bomb, "Who are you?"

"Jacen Solo," He answered as he helped the woman upright and felt her wait collapse against him, "Whats yours?"

"Akanah," Jacen felt himself stiffen at the name, Luke's contact with the Fallanassi had begun with her. Slowly Akanah turned her head toward him and smiled slightly, "Did Skywalker tell you about me? I can sense your recognition of my name."

Jacen nodded then turned to the destruction around him, "What happened?"

Akanah's face turned grim, "I don't remember."

Jacen pulled the medical kit fromt he x-wings cargo compartment then glanced to the droid, "R9, place a holocomm call marked urgent, Luke needs to know about this."

The droid twettered its acknowledgement then bleeped a question, "Yes contact Danni too, maybe the vong still have some ships they can send to help rescue survivors. She's closest." He sighed and set to working helping those he could.

Author:  Barkoa [ Tue Aug 10, 2004 10:10 pm ]
Post subject: 

OOC: I would like to join, but need some more background info if possible. I also prefer playing the part of Barkoa, a jedi that has recently passed his final test of training and is now ready for some missions of his own. I am not sure how this could work into your story, but if you just email a quick idea of how I can come in and where you want the story to generally go, it would be appreciated!

Author:  Stellar_Magic [ Tue Aug 10, 2004 10:19 pm ]
Post subject: 

OOC: That can be worked out, make your first post as the Character doing the last part of the Trials on the Jedi Academy on Ossus. You could also give your character a last name. You could have Luke get called away just after you finish, and I can pick it up from there. I'm very adaptable :wink:

Author:  UlicHorn [ Tue Aug 10, 2004 10:49 pm ]
Post subject: 

OCC: Just stop me if I ever take anything to far, like out of story line etc.

Si'hib Mi Idev the Twi'lek jedi and best friend to Ulic Horn was glad to have a bit of down time. She was tired as even in slightly peaceful times the Remnant and others have a knack to cause trouble and she was doing these things alone most of the time, so many things had changed very quickly for Ulic and then changed for her. But as of right now she was on Corellia enjoying a very nice vacation to a small island town near Coronet...

Author:  Stellar_Magic [ Tue Aug 10, 2004 11:01 pm ]
Post subject: 

OOC: My purpose is to move alongthe Rapora invasion plot line, and that is what I'll do using thousands of characters if need be.

IC:He was called Dreth Luad, and he had a mission. He could not remember who had given him the mission, or why he had this target, but the credits were good, and if there was anything Dreth Luad loved it was credits. Still he had to do the mission, and that meant he had to kill someone, someone sitting at a table two hundred meters away. He did not know how he knew but he knew, slowly he withdrew the Xerrol Nighstinger from its sheath and sighted in on the twi'lek woman, He tightenend down on the trigger and with an invisible blast of blaster fire, loosed the shot.

The woman suddenly blurred as if moving to fast to follow and the shot flashed harmlessly into the ground behind her. Dreth heard a clank beside him folowed by the whine of electrical pistons. A pair of brilliant orange lightsaber blades ignitend, crossed, and Dreth felt no more. Behidn him the droid that had killed him rolled into a tight ball and disappeared behind its cloaking shield, its mission accomplished it rolled steadily away.

* * *

Luke awoke with a start, the holocomm chiming. Beside him Mara stirred her golden hair reflecting a pale blue from the holocomm's light. Her green eyes fluttered open as Luke stood and wandered over to the holocomm. She sat up as Luke keyed up the call identifier, and read its source as Mara observed, "Emergencies never happen at a decent hour."

"It's Jacen," He keyed on the comm message and Jacen's face appeared on the screen.

"Uncle Luke, well I found them, but you're going to have to scramble people here right away, dozens of them are injured, thousands dead, some sort of attack and..." Jacen stopped as his face contorted with anguish, "There's someone here you may remember, its hard to believe she survived."

The image flickered to show Akanah, "It's been a long time Skywalker."

Luke nodded, "That it has, Jacen I'll call fleet command and try to get them to send some rescue ships, have you contacted Danni on Zonoma Sekot?" Jacen nodded, "Good, do you think you need a hand, another Jedi maybe?"

Jacen shook his hand, "Send Cilghal or her apprentice, what we need here right now are medics, we're all hoping whoever did this doesn't come back."

Mara stepped beside Luke, "How was the attack conducted? Can you tell?"

"I don't know Aunt Mara, there are bodies everywhere, I've seen some without heads and limbs, like from a melee weapon, and I've seen them flash burned like from heavy weaponary, strange the ground isn't slippery with blood."

"What was that?" Mara asked, an alarm bell ringing in her head.

"Thats what was bugging me, no blood, but that means..."

Mara walked over to the wardrobe closet and pulled a jumpsuit out as Luke cut him off, "We'll see you in a couple days Jacen."

Author:  Trejiuvanat [ Tue Aug 10, 2004 11:57 pm ]
Post subject: 

In eight years the wounds of the war had barely healed, in one and every world of this galaxy the Yuuzhan Vong were hated and despised for all the damage they had done, therefore only a handful of Vong had left the security of the Klasse Ephemora system, where Zonama Sekot reconciled the Yuuzhan Vong with the galaxy and the Force.
In eight years the wounds of milennia of ignorance and half-truths could not be healed. Despite the efforts of Harrar and Nas Choka to carve out a new Yuuzhan Vong society on Zonama Sekot, the process was lengthy and a heavy. But true to the fierceness that had characterized them as warriors they perseverated in their seemegly endless task.
But he had left Zonama Sekot a long time ago. As a Jedi he had other duties to attend, other challenges to face.
Ulan Shai shut his blade down and used the Force to push the remote to the small closet. He let out a last tired breath.
"Did you have enough, Fiery One?" A female voice came from the dense jungle.
"Yes, thank you Master Rar." Ulan answered as he followed his Twi'Lek Master into their temporary habitation on Yavin.
With Ossus being a huge center of attention for the Galactic Federation, Master Skywalker had decided to have Ulan train on a more calm world, one where the presence of life would overwhelm him, but that would hint at the double legacy Ulan was part of.

OOC: Just an introduction. Try keeping the thread clear from too many OOC messages, you can always use the other Rapora Wars RPG thread for most OOC messages asking Stellar what to do, I trust he'll be checking that thread often enough.

Author:  Barkoa [ Wed Aug 11, 2004 1:55 am ]
Post subject: 

Barkoa used force-speed to sprint the last 3km, then as he approached the giant pyramid-shaped structure he force-jumped to the top, making 20 storey jumps each time. Sweat poured off of his face, his muscles ached. The last 4 hours he had been racing to finish all of the jedi trials. As he ascended to the apex, he saw them, the council. Luke, the orchestrator of the jedi academy on Ossus stood expectantly, smiling warmly. Barkoa reached the top and, panting, walked up to them. He kneeled.

"Very good," chimed the master in his melodious voice, "you have completed the hardest stage of your training. You are now a jedi knight. You are the first Chiss I have trained as a jedi, and you have proved your species well. You will prove to be a useful ally. My final advice to you is to stay focussed, and to never succumb to the power of the dark side. I am to run an errand on Dantooine, and I'm not sure when I'll get back. I suggest you find another jedi and, after a good rest, continue some mild routine exercises."

With that he forced jumped off, dropping hundreds of feet before landing in the open cockpit of his X-wing. The ship soared off, leaving the atmosphere. Barkoa slowly made his way back to his room to rest. He'd done it! He was now an official jedi knight! He couldn't wait to start his first mission.

Author:  Stellar_Magic [ Wed Aug 11, 2004 1:51 pm ]
Post subject: 

OOC: For Plot continuality, reverse the order of my last post and Barkoa

IC:[i]Jacen lifted his eyes upward as the rumble of a ship entering the atmosphere filled the air. Above the distant glow of a pair of vessels blazing from orbit appeared, slowly the flames surrounding the vessels flickered and died, leaving them visible to the naked eye. The first vessel was one which Jacen had becomne quite familiar with, the Wild Karrde, its hull flickering from the remaining flames of reentry as it banked slowing even more. The other was an alin craft, its design organic, its speed and handling made it a prized vessel by all who had handled one, it was a Sekotan skip.

The Wild Karrde slowed to a halt and keyed in its repulsors and descended to the world's surface, its ramp already lowering before it had touched the ground. The Sekotan skip screamed past then banked to come to a halt beside the Corellian Action IV transport. It decended to the surface as Talon Karrde clambered down the ramp accompanied by a Jedi, sheathed in the normal brown robes of the order. As she pulled back the hood Jacen recognized her, Cilghal one of the few Jedi gifted with talent in the art of healing. Her Calamarian face twisted into a somber smile as she saw Jacen then became distressed at the destruction she saw all around her, "Its worse then I'd imagined."

"I haven't seen destruction like this, since the Vong invasion," Talon Karrde said, his hands toying with his mustache, "We can fit maybe two hundred aboard...if there are that many."

Jacen nodded, Karrde was right, so far he'd only found a handful of survivors. Then Jacen's eyes flicked to the Sekotan skip as Corran Horn clambered out of the craft, "What are you doing here?"

Corran sighed as he glanced to the bodies, "Luke wants to know who did this, we can't allow this sort fo genocidal act to continue elsewhere. I've got investigation training so Luke wants me try and piece things together. With both me and Mara on the case maybe we can find out whats happened."

"First things first, help me get the survivors loaded," Jacen answered turning toward the burned out shell of a building they'd transformed into an aid station.

* * *

Jedi Master Kyp Durron stood at the circular table around which the High Council sat. He cleared his throat, Luke had asked him to relay the report, "We have a situation that may be brewing in the unknown regions. Luke Skywalker is currently on his way to a system in the region. Due to respect for the local’s customs we will not reveal the exact system, but Jacen Solo has been more then willing to provide a holographic record of what has occurred.â€

Author:  ADarkJedi44 [ Wed Aug 11, 2004 3:24 pm ]
Post subject: 

Grand Admiral Evahe Litok stood on the bridge of the Super Star Destroyer Guardian. Eight years had passed since the Yuuzhan Vong invasion, eight years since a major crisis. Indeed it was a time of peace, the galaxy had been united against the Yuuzhan Vong and now it remained united in peace. Granted, the Alliance was fragile and could easily be broken, but it was progress.
The mighty shipyards of the GFFA could easily produce enough ships to destroy any known foe. The GFFA fleet had been reduced in the years of peace, but it was still formidable enough to delay long enough until the full capibility of the GFFA was reached. It was quiet, and Evahe had little to do. There were no major foes that required the fleet to defeat.
The Jedi order was more or less repaired from the damage it had taken during the last conflict and was always growing. The galaxy was still very much scared from the Yuuzhan Vong invasion, but after eight years it wasn't quite as visable. Nevertheless, there were still rumors of Yuuzhan Vong raiding groups and Evahe never doubted them. Doubtlessly many of their warriors would follow their code of honor and fight the GFFA until their death.
Evahe had fought them enough to know that. He hadn't been much back then, just another captain. But after the war he had quickly rose in the chain or command. He had proven his battle skills and with so many heros retiring, he had eventually made it to the top. He was now the Supreme Commander of the Fleet.
Yet there was still trouble in the galaxy, problems always arrising. Nothing that required the fleet of course, but the Jedi were always quite busy....

Author:  Trejiuvanat [ Wed Aug 11, 2004 4:49 pm ]
Post subject: 

Admiral Baros Oteron stood in the bridge of his Imperial Star Destroyer Right to Rule, gazing at the stars in front of him. He appeared serene, after all there was little reason to worry these days. With the full incorporation of the Empire into the Galactic Federation of Free Alliance in the aftermath of the War, the Imperial warmachine had now finally become a peace-keeping force, and most of the Star Destroyers that had weathered so many battles had been taken out of comission, some had been even used to rebuild parts of Coruscant, as rumors went.

The Imperial Fleet, was not weak, not at all. Kuat Drive Yards had recovered some of the best designers of its age, with the peace. New Star Destroyer designs and upgrades were being developed, though not implemented. At least not officially. Right to Rule, Chimaera, and Relentless, had been among the few vessels that featured the latest technology.

"Admiral, we have an incoming transmission from Bastion," Captain Dorja informed, her voice with a tint of surprise. "It's Pellaeon."

"Good." Oteron answered and stepped on the holotranceiver. In the small holoprojector of the communication centre, the figure of Pellaeon appeared. Despite his advanced age, the Admiral seemed as sharp as ever, though he had a few political rivals, the people of the Empire admired Pellaeon deeply. The newer generations usually held him as the living symbol for the Empire.

"Grand Admiral," Oreton said and bowed.

"There is no need for formalities, Deros." Pellaeon paused and took a deep breath. "Although I have a mission for you."

"A mission?" Oreton asked, from the grave tone in the older man's voice it did not seem as if the mission was an usual escort run.

"Yes, one mission for which a Star Destroyer might be an overkill, but I do not enjoy surprises. And there are little things that will surprise a Star Destroyer. We have lost contact with a small, barely significant and notably secret outpost near the Unknown Regions, on a world called Demblu. A scout ship sent in the past few days has not returned. You will investigate."

"Yes, sir. " The Admiral responded and the transmission cut off. Oreton raised an eyebrow, the Grand Admiral had seemed scared, fearful, Demblu must have been a Chiss outpost, or one of Thrawn's. Oreton wondered and continued with the battle exercises, later they would visit Demblu.


Author:  Stellar_Magic [ Wed Aug 11, 2004 4:54 pm ]
Post subject: 

Corran Horn wandered the ruins, his eyes down at the bodies which lay around him. Their clothes burnt, their eyes wide with fear. He'd seen death many times, but it had never been something he'd grown used to, and the sight of such slaughter brought back memories from the depths of his mind. He shoved those throughts aside as he bent down next to one of the victims. Her arm had been severed, her stomach sliced open from a blade which had sliced through her garments and cauterized the flesh beneath them.

Slowly Corran glanced to a victim beside her, a man whose chest had been burned open by a blast of heat, Corran could see some blood beneath the man, a different weapons, but the same result, violent death.

"Corran, look at this," Jacen called from where he stood beside one of the burned out structures. Corran slowly stood and stepped beside Jacen and gazed down where he was pointing. Three distinct imprints in the sand shown, further along there were three flattening imprints which became a three pronged line in the sand. Jacen arched an eyebrow at Corran, "What is it?"

"I've never seen anything quite like it."

"I have," A familair voice answered from behind them.

Jacen spun, "Aunt Mara!"

She smiled slightly at Jacen then nodded at the track, "It looks like the trail from a droideka." She pointed to the three definite imprints, "It was unfolded here, then folded up and went in that direction."

"But whats a droideka doing here?" Jacen asked.

Luke stepped beside his wife, "Thats a good question, Mara, you think we should we call our friends on Nirauan."

"Parck?" Mara asked surprised, "Well maybe they'd know something, is Ben still onboard like I asked him to be?"

"I think so..." Luke answered.

"Mom, look what I found!" Ben Skywalker ran toward them his hands gripped tightly around a shiny piece of metal.

Mara glared at her son, "Didn't I say you should stay aboard?"

"Yes, but..."

"Didn't I say I'd lock you up in the cargo hold if you came out here?" Mara continued.

Luke dropped his voice to a whisper, "He takes after you, remember." She laughed and tried to remain a stern face toward her son.

Ben wasn't convinced, "But look what I found." He held out his hand and dropped the lightsaber contained there to the ground with a slight thud.

Luke couldn't believe his eyes, a lightsaber lay there, its ends obviously emitters for the beam, but it was double bladed, and curved, none of his students used one such as this. Corran picked up the saber in his gloved hands, "Who wielded you?" He asked the saber almost hoping for an answer.

Ben glanced around at the desolation, "Dad, who did this?"

"That is what we're here to find out."

* * *

The world had been a barren sphere for all its life, but that did not make its worthless. A lone imperial listening post was there, or had been. Now all that remained was a black scar across its surface. Debris from a short and sharp conflict in space was visible, the shattered wings of claw fighters, but there was no debris from the attackers. They'd arrived in overwhelming force. All that remained were a quartet of fighters which banked over the plant and angled upward, their brown hulls glinting in the sunlight. Seconds before they jumped the angular form of a Star Destroyer appeared, its hulk barely visible with the naked eye. But the Star Destroyer spotted them at once, and took a single holo in the twelve miliseconds they had remained.

Author:  Barkoa [ Wed Aug 11, 2004 9:32 pm ]
Post subject: 

Barkoa woke up late in the afternoon. The lengthening shadows filled his small room. How long he'd slept, he had no idea, but he was now well-rested and ready for action. Walking down the hall, he noticed it was very quiet.

Where is everyone?

He walked along the halls and checked each room, noone. He then made his way to the apex of the pyramid-shaped structure. There was no sign of anyone or anything. He was starting to get worried.

Author:  Stellar_Magic [ Wed Aug 11, 2004 9:53 pm ]
Post subject: 

Kenth Hamner stood at the base of the Arena, beside him Kyp Durron impatiently shifted his weight from one foot to another. He glanced at Saba and nodded as the chamber slowly quieted, the Jedi were all here, all of those that had been called to the meeting it appeared.

Kenth sighed, the announcement he was about to make would certainly make the majority of those inthe room unhappy, of course he would have been as well, "The High Council has been forced, because of the ongoing investigation into genocidal activities, to order the suspension of all Jedi missions without special permission from the council. All Jedi are to remain on Ossus until the situation is resolved, or there use becomes desperate." Murmurs had broken out among the assembled Jedi, Kenth let the volume rise, they would have to get out their frustration. Suddenly a hand raised above the crowd, "Kyle, do you have a question?"

Kyle Katarn nodded and stood, "Why are we being suspended exactly, what have they found at the investigation?"

Kyp sighed, he'd voted against this measure but decided he was obligated to go along with it, "We're being suspended because the investigation has recovered evidence that a Jedi, or multiple Jedi were responsible."

There was a wave of silence in the room as the frightful nature of the revelation dawned on them, "Um, excuse me, but does anyone know where Barkoa is?"

Saba hissed, "Didn't anyone inform him?"

Kyp gritted his teeth in frustration, "I'll find him." He stormed out of the temple's chamber and expanded his senses, Barkoa, where are you? You have to be here on Ossus, you haven't been sent on a mission for us.

He wandered down the halls and stopped as he saw the shadow of the young Jedi Knight cross the floor, "Barkoa there you are!"

Barkoa spun, "Master Durron, I can't find anyone!"

Kyp sighed, "They're in the assembly chamber, you know the chamber in the center fo the pyramid's base." He stopped as a rolling rumble filled the room. Instinctively he went for his lightsaber. His senses caught no sign of immediate danger. The rumbling stopped and was replaced by the clank of a droid unfolding. Kyp spun as his danger senses flared.

Before him a droid shimmered into existance. It looked like a droideka, but with several differences. A pair of concussion missile launchers were clamped to the droid's shoulders. The twin blasters on its arm had been replaced by a repeating blaster, a plasma cannon, and what appeared to be a lightsaber emitter.

With a clanck the missile launchers leaned back and an autoloader slapped a magazine onto the launchers. With a hiss a pair of lightsaber blades blazed into existance and the repeating blasters opened up.

Author:  Barkoa [ Thu Aug 12, 2004 12:11 am ]
Post subject: 

Both Barkoa and Kip had sabers in hand and were ready for action. Barkoa's double-bladed blue sabers filled the hall with a blue glow, contrasted with the green of Master Durron's. A Droideka with a concussion missile launcher?!!? This is gonna be interesting. He thought. The blast radius of a concussion missile was huge, and they couldn't afford letting the droid launch any. They also couldn't let it stay alive. They had to lure it outside.

Barkoa sent Kyp a quick message using the force. He knodded in approval, and gave a knowing smile. He too knew the difficulty relating to the missiles. Barkoa was the first to move towards one of the pyramid's open windows. The droid moved forward, following the bait. Kyp knew what Barkoa was planning. When the droid was close enough Kyp force-jumped over it. Barkoa then force-jumped straight up, and Kyp unleashed his most powerful force-push, sending the droid flying outside. Barkoa was the first to follow it out.

OOC: I'll finish in a bit.

Author:  UlicHorn [ Thu Aug 12, 2004 12:27 am ]
Post subject: 

Si'hib Mi was piloting a Z-95 fighter, from the academy on Yavin 4, into Ossus's atmosphere. She'd recived a scattered message from one of the jedi, it was one she didn't know to well but she'd heard Kyp's voice and figure something was up. It'd been awhile since she'd seen Kyp, but she'd know him for awhile as she was in the second wave of jedi just following the first class back when the academy was started, she too had graduated like the others before her but she missed the atmosphere of Yavin 4 espescially after what the Vong had done, but that was not important right now. "This is Si'hib Mi, can anyone down there read me? I'm trying to find out what's happening," she said over her comlink. "Someone down there has to have a comlink on down there!"...

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