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Author:  Trejiuvanat [ Mon Feb 14, 2005 7:21 pm ]
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The Mandalorian had not an opportunity to answer. Ulan Shai jumped on the warrior with his blade ignited, in a split-second maneuver the Mandalorian avoid the weight of the warrior and with his blade flashing to life he parried the white Vong's blade.

Holding the blade horizontally before him Ulan called upon the Force to send some loose piece of equipment flying through the room. The Mandalorian ducked and roled away from the metallic bulks which Ulan hovered down.

"I sense no darkness in him," Ulan said, saluted his opponent and killed the radiant beam of light.

"I have never met him before, and his control of the Force is rather clumsy, but there is no seed of evil in him."

Han nodded at the Yuuzhan Vong who took a position at his side, and turned to the Mandalorian who had equally killed his blade and now handed the lightsaber to Solo. "Seryk", the Mandalorian answered. "I am a Mandalorian, as my grandfather was. I am also Jedi, as my Grandmother was. I have not gone through Skywalker's Jedi Academy, though I met him on Tatooine. I used to be involved with Karrde."

"A colorful story, too eccetric to be forged." Solo said as he waved the lightsaber away. "I take the army coming down from the north, is the Mandalorian Grand Army. And Fett is their General?"

Not wanting to argue about the command roles within the Mandalorian he simply nodded. "Now the big question is, what are you doing here? What side are you taking?"

"The Mandalorian are here to redeem themselves, they are here to support the Galactic Alliance," Seryk answered. "For thousands of years, they have worked to reestablish their might. Even if they won't speak about it, they have kept their strength hidden out of fear of being attacked and scattered again."

Han said nothing. Karrde had once commented on the shadowy origins of his lieutenant Shada D'Ukal, and Han could relate the Mandalorian situation remotely to the Mystrils on Emberlene. It suprised him, though the Boba Fett could have such an interesting history behind him.

"When will your forces be arriving?"

"Two hours, more or less, the terrain has been given some trouble to the hover tanks."

"Good, that's almost what we have before the Rapora come down the mountains into the valley and then we'll have our party." Han frowned. "Seryk come with me, I'll have you tell me what your grand army is composed of." Han, Ulan and Seryk walked to the holographic table of Solo, where markers of all colors suggested the location of the defending armies. "Any word from the Imperials?" Solo asked as he saw a gap in his formations.

"Very few of them have arrived, mostly troopers. Nothing from Imperial heavies." A Chiss reported.

"Typically Oreton," Han murmured.


Oreton frowned. The Rapora had begun to move faster, there was nothing holding them up anymore.

"Are you certain on the veracity of this reports?"

"They were taken by our shadow probes, I can have them take more, sir. But the Rapora are certainly speeding up thier advance."

"They have lost whatever they had in the North, and they wish to overrun the Alliance at River Base as quick as possible." Oreton considered. "No more reports are necessary. Have the shadow probes return to Crystal Base, they will not be needed anymore. The battle for Ord Mantell will be sooner than expected."

"Sir?" The soldier's speaker-filtered voice betrayed humanity. Oreton was happy to note that.

"Unlike our first expectations the Rapora will treat the battle as decisive. They have noted that we have some new allies, that might make a worldwide campaign more tiresome and difficult. It is no longer Empire and Alliance, there are Jedi coming in from orbit and the ones that destroyed the Rapora force in the North, if the Rapora cannot win this battle they might consider a retreat. If they can, if our united forces cannot halt them at the River we will not stand a chance in any ground-based battle for a long time, and might as well evacuate." Oreton dictated. He had not doubt that with their growing list of allies this battle would be decisive in the short and long run.

"Orders sir?" The soldier asked again. Confidence and eagerness fleeting through the modulated voice.


His armor was heavy, but it was the best armor in the galaxy. He had experienced it, he had been shot multiple times without suffering any damage. But alone that armor did not make him feel safe.

The vessel on which he traveled was tougher than his armor, it was the equivalent of his armor. Of his outer armor. The one made of heavy plastic and metal alloys. The one that could be equipped with a shield.

His inner armor was much different. It had no color, no weight, but much power. His inner armor made him feel safe. In his inner armor he felt peace, it was a sentiment he liked. He knew that, unlike the stuff he had been taught the love for peace was in his blood. War was a necessary evil, if one wanted peace in the end. He had been taught that, and he agreed with that.

He looked at the armored figure on his left. He probably was thinking the same, then orders came in. They had to obey them. Obedience, order were also things that he respected, that were expected from him. Fear and anger he disliked, during battle they were distractants, and they drove away the sentiment of peace.

The battle would be soon. They had to prepare, they had to defeat the enemy if they wanted to have peace in the end.

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Darth Avarice paced hottly in the command center, "Alright get me links to Fury and Tuvax if we destroy Solo here the GFFA will surely suffer a mental scar from the loss of such a hero, I want that mental scar to be imprinted upon them for the rest of the war!"

With a shimmer the glowing holo the cloaked figure of the Timeless One appeared in the communications center. Avarice felt her heart leap for her throat as he lowered his cowl to reveal a clearly angry face, "Darth Avarcie explain your delay in securing Ord Mantell!"

Darth Avarice felt a cold fist close over her iron heart, "The enemy has put up more resistance then expected. They've been reinforced..."

"You have failed me Darth Avarice," Timeless One hissed and Darth Avarice clenched her heart and knelt to the ground.

"I confess it," Avarice yelled as a pain flashed through her temples. She crumpled, "Please master...forgive me!" As she crumpled to the floor she felt the pain begin to ease as the Rapora in the center starred at her dumbfounded.

Suddenly all at once the pain disappeared as the Timeless One began to smile, "It is true that you are not solely responsible for this failure. Crush the enemy forces, I expect news of your victory within the day," He paused, "If you fail..."

Darth Avarice grit her teeth, "I will not fail." The hologram faded away as she stood, "Get me Tuvax and Fury, NOW!!!"

* * *

Han Solo walked along with his wife and aides through the command center, "Alright, so where have the enemy deployed?"

Lieutenant Melina Thompson tapped a key on the holotable at the center of the room to display the entire field of battle. She smiled slightly at General Solo before begining her presentation, "The enemy has four major battle groups, three mixed Rapora-Vagaari troops and one unit of 'Firewalkers". The units we believe are broken up into three seperare commands, each one of roughly equal strength. The Rapora have also started cooking again, from overflights it appears they're building a unit of droids, what type we're not sure." Melina keyed a button which zoomed in the map on the enemy, "They've deployed along the hills which line the river valley, so far the enemy have not brought up the 'firewalkers' to the front, we've spotted farps for raporan fighters and vagaari craft."

Han nodded, "Alright, have the mandalorians deployed as requested?"

"Yes sir," Lieutenant Thompson answered glancing up at him, "Are you thinking about sending a liason?"

"Of course, Katarn?"

"I can handle some mandalorians," Kyle answered as he strolled into the center with a hand on his hip, "Of course thats if they don't try and kill me for beating the crude out of Fett." Kyp Durron and the rest of the jedi had entered the chamber and were waiting.

Han smiled, "Alright here's your assignments: Kyp you'll liason with the Imperials, Zekka you're going to work with the commandos Thompson will be your immediate superior, Lowbacca you're with the commandos as well, Horn I need you with our fighter squadrons and Leia you're with me."

"As if you could send me anywhere else," Leia snickered.

* * *

The Aklasp fighters dropped into range of the Chiss weapons and missiles guided by infrared seekers shot toward the enemy. The Aklasp ships kept on coming. As the missiles closed in the fighters suddenly reversed direction. One of the missiles skipped off the green graviton shield of a fighter and spun off into space. Another detonated on impact with the green barrier. The Aklasp reversed and came on, not bothering to fire back until they were at point blank range. Three chiss fighters evaporated from the concetrated barrage of blue weapons fire.

Johann swore as his wingman detonated under the direct fire of one of the enemies. He broke hard away from the flash of light and gas and settled in behind one of the squid shapped fighters, he flicked his weapons control to missiles and set to burst fire, a setting used only for starships normally. As the targeting computer got a lock he tightened down on the trigger, "Block this!"

Six missiles rushed out of their boxy missile launchers and smashed into the enemy fighter, detonating one after another. The shield receded impact by impact, backing up toward the hull as the last missile impacted blowing into the hull and blasting a chunk of the hull. The hit looked like a lava eruption as the starfighter spun out of control, obviously out of the fight.

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OOC: Sorry about the double post, but I'm transferring a character from this plot to the subplot RPG.

IC: Luke Skywalker sighed as the sonic thunder of the Jade Scimitar entering the atmosphere echoed across the valley. Within moments the ship appeared followed by a host of other transports marked in New Republic colors. Luke felt the start of a smile crack across his lips at the sight, it was the first real smile he'd shown since they'd arrived.

Anyone could see that Skywalker was not at his best, his eyes were red rimmed with exhaustion and fatigue. His skin was almost unnaturally pale as he slowly walked to the landing field. Danni Quee limped into view as the first medical transports dropped to the ground. As the medical teams rushed out she yelled, "Follow me, we've set up soem collection points!" She took charge of the teams before he could reach them. With a hiss the ramp for the Jade Scimitar slid to the ground and Mara and Ben clambered down the ramp.

"How many ships?" Luke asked blankly as he stepped up to her.

Mara sighed, "Over a hundred starships, more will be arriving as we speak, has annyone spoken to Sekot?"

"No," Luke answered coldly.

"Luke, the council..." She stopped midsentence as an image of Vergere rose from the ashes behind Luke, "Luke..."

"Master Skywalker," Vergere's icy soft voice floated across the air. Luke slowly turned, "Your time here is at an end, I will take care of Zonoma."

"Sekot?" Luke asked stunned.

"You must attend your own, as I must my own, they need you," Sekot said quietly, "The Rapora must be stopped, the evil they perpetrate must be ended."

Mara sighed as she pulled a datapad from her vest, "We've been given a mission Luke, you remember Kyp's first diplomatic mission?"

Luke felt his mouth drop open, "No..."

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OOC: Sorry this took me so long, ive been working hard at getting my car running again. May the sith fall upon whoever decided computer run engines were a good idea....

IC: Seryk sat next to Katarn in the speeder, both of them staring ahead silently as they raced towards the mandalorain forces. Seryk was wondering mostly how Fett would react to having katarn as a laison. He had always heard rumors that katarn had bested Fett a number of years before, but he had never known that the rumors were true until today. Which made Seryk think that Solo did not entirely trust Fett, and wanted someone who he thought could handle himself close to Fett, just in case. Seryk just hoped that he was wrong. Even he knew that all sides had to trust one another completely for this war to be successfull.

"You dont need to worry, Solo trusts Fett. Its the rest of the mandalorians he is worried about." Katarn suddenly said, and Seryk turned to him, wondering how Katarn had known what he was thinking.

"You need to learn to control those emotions of yours. The flow off of you far to easily. And in a battle against a Reporan warrior, he will use that to his advantage." Katarn said, a smile on his face. Seryk turned to look forward, and decided not to responf, for now. He had already faced sith warriors, and had bested them on one occasion. Katarns worry almost insulted him, it was like having a nanny.

"I do want to know, however, how the mandalorians managed not only to hide themselves for so long from everyone, and how they also managed to raise an army of this size. A feat like that, especially under the nose of the empire, is astounding." Katarn said, and Seryk simply shrugged.

"They didn't hide completely. They have had their hands in a great many things throughout the galaxy, if I am correct. They were behind the creation of the gladiator-class starfighter, for one. And thats just one of their many money-producing projects throughout the galaxy. I am under the impression myself that they have a large financial empire spread throughout the galaxy, feeding them the latest in technology. Think of them as a gevermental Black Sun." he said, and Katarn seemed to ponder this information for a moment. He then nodded, and smiled.

"That is a very vaild point. The Black Sun syndicate managed to hidethemselves very well, even from most of the top echelons of the empire. A species of warriors hiding to ensure their own survival would most certainly have perfected the technique." he said, and Seryk nodded in agreement. But before their conversation could continue, they came across the main command center for the mandalorian forces, and Seryk could see Fett walking towards them already. Katarn and Seryk hopped out of the speeder, and Seryk actually felt a small ripple of emotion roll off of Fett upon seeinf who their liason was.

"Kyle Katarn. I always knew Solo had an interesting since of humor. But we can deal with that later. For now, you will come with me to the command center. Seryk, get to your troops. The enemy forces are on the move, and will be here relatively soon. I will need you to lead your troops from the start. Understood?" he said, and both Seryk and katarn nodded smartly. Fett turned on his heels, and began walking back to the command center, with Katarn in tow. Seryk watched them for a moment, and then turned and began a fast jog to his troops. The sudden urge for combat was flowing into him now. And as much as he knew it went agains the jedi code, he didnt care. For right now, he was a mandalorian.

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"What design are those fighters?!"
The question remained unanswered. No one on the bidge replied, they merely shook their heads. The craft engaging the Chiss Clawcraft were completly unknown, and they were good. From the performance, they showed some similarities to the unknown cruisers at Ord Mantell.
Evahe turned to General Fel as he broke the silence, "They show similarities to the ships at Ord Mantell. That could mean those same ships will soon arrive. However, we must continue the battle. Inflict as many casulties upon the Rapora as possible."
Evahe nodded and returned to the main battle. All was going as expected. The GFFA had engaged the Rapora head on while the UDA capitol ships continued their runs. Numerous holes began to open in their lines while the Rapora struggled to defend against both forces. A few plasma bombs might have made a difference, but the Gorathian technology had done its job. Their Vagaari shields were certainly missed, Evahe thought as a UDA attack disabled a Kar Lur.
"Get me in contact with the captain of the Equality."
Within a moment, the tall captain stood before Evahe. He was aging, but experianced. His ship was a Ravager, due to his experiance.
"Captain Vargo, destroy the disabled Kar Lur nearest to you. There should be little resistance, as the Kar Lur is falling out of formation. Any attempts to break formation and save it give the UDA some good targets."
"Yes, Admiral," He replied with a nod.
The Ravager broke from the GFFA formation and went after the drifting Kar Lur. The Rapora were at the breaking point. A little more time and.....
"Sir! We have detected...."
The UDA forces had retreated before being engaged. Fury was busy preparing his force for the inevitable next attack. He merely needed tthe go ahead from Avarice...
He hissed at the thougt of her. He should not be taking orders from her.
"Master, Darth Avarice...."

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The two cruisers shot toward the engagement, their forward firing energy weapons powering up, the Polaron Beam cannon's nozzle that was at the head of the ship began to glow a fain blue as energy was diverted to the weapon at the ship's nose, shrouded by a number of forward facing mandables. Then with a flash it fired sending a beam slicing through space and into the side of a UDA cruiser. As it skipped across the ship's side the vessel shattered like glass before detonating. The second ship loosed a volley of six glowing blue torpedoes for the nearest target. The shots hit the Ravager class Star Destroyer Equality blowing through the port shields and ripping through the star destroyer's side. The craft began a slow tumble as the reactors began to fail, then as the first escape pods began to jettison from the ship the Polaron cannon from the second cruiser ripped through it and moments later the destroyer was nothing but free floating atoms in space.

Commodore Athien watched in horror as the two enormous cruisers which had appeared on her sensors roared into the fight, their starfighters already ripping through her fighter screen, "All units, condition red, microjump in any direction, disengage!"

The Aklasp fighters shot toward Athien's command ship and broke toward the engines sending blasts of positron energy through the shields. As the ship rocket the engineer hissed in frustration behind a cascade of sparks, "Engines offline!"

Athien gripped her command chair as the fighters blasted into her vessel's rear again, "Engage Phase Cloak!" The last shots from the fighters passed harmlessly through the cruiser as it shimmered out of existance.

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OOC: Those space battles, where are they taking place?

IC: Oreton appreciated the calm before the storm, unlike Han Solo on his secluded fortress the Grand Admiral had a prime view on the Rapora movements before the battle. Though not for long, the terrain quickly lead them away from the Rapora and kept them along the course of the River Emante. The Rapora had halted before coming out of the mountains, they were waiting for their heavier vessels to be offloaded from their transports, Oreton had spotted droids, Rapora, and firewalkers.

In the opposite side of the field, with a backdrop worthy of a prizewinning landscape holo, the Alliance army prepared. Starfighters hovered within range, spying on the last Rapora moves. Oreton expected the command room of the Alliance to be as busy as hell.



"How much until we enter the plain?"

"Less than an hour, that last bit of terrain is tricky. We could take an alternate path, which would take us too close to the Rapora."

"Geography is our friend," Oreton commented. "We keep our direction and those mountains will cover us long enough."

"They have leveled mountains before," a lieutenant noted.

"If they want to do so, their weapons will be range and sight of Solo's artillery."

"Sir," a soldier apologetically began to say. "He comes with orders from Solo."

"Durron is it not?" Oreton asked as he analyzed the Jedi before his eyes. the man nodded.

"I think you will find that one of our regiments will greatly be improved by your assitance."

Durron smiled, he had felt them earlier, on his way in. He would not ask about them now, he never aske dmuch. That was what Leia, and Luke and others did. Right now he knew that those men, had an unique opportunity to fight the Rapora.

"Gladly Grand Admiral," Kyp said.

Another ally. Oreton watched a small holomap appear before him. The first Raporan units were marching into the plain. The path through the mountain The Alliance fighters were regrouping, speeders, tanks and soldiers from the Alliance all turned to the West were the Rapora Army was coming from.

The Empire's forces, with the river on their left kept would move for another ten minutes before they actually entered the Emantian Plains.


"What about him?" Leia whispered as she noticed that Ulan Shai had not received any special assignment. She wondered if he had any problem with Han, or the other way round. Either way it seemed that the Yuuzhan Vong was staring at the aging General.

Han's eyes looked up a chronometer and then looked to the holographic map of the terrain. "The kid will direct my Jawas into battle."

"Han? Jawas?" Leia asked, she knew Han's plans well enough that she could actually expect real ones.

"They are not real," Han answered as he read the look on her face. "Ulan I think its time, the Rapora are moving in. Use the Jawas at your discretion, you know the drill."

Ulan nodded and was out of the command room.

OOC: Leave the Jawas to me, I've planned something special for that.

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OOC: The Space battle is on the main hyperspace route from Adumar to Ord Mantell. A unit of GFFA and UDA ships engaged and batter a Raporan Convoy and a Raporan task force until the Aklasp ships crash the party. Anyway back to Ord Mantell.

IC: Darth Fury and Darth Tuvax stood in the command center. Avarice could feel their impatience their urge to strike at the enemy and smiled, "Now, I know you're all eager to strike upon the enemy. Especially you Fury, the UDA embarassed you somewhat didn't they." Avarice leaned back in the command chair and keyed the holoprojector, "We'll be making a general assault on prepared enemy positions. Our first stage of operations will be a series of wild weasel strikes and barcap missions to eliminate enemy air and space defenses. Then we'll send in our reserve squadrons of Kar Asp to strike upon the enemy artillery. After that the first wave will have returned and been resupplied to provide immediate Close Air Support. We will advance behind a rolling barrage provided by our artillery. Fury, you'll be attacking the UDA, Tuvax, you'll be hitting the Imperials. I'll be against the GFFA and Mandalorians. Any questions?"

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OOC: Im waiting for you to make the first move stellar. Until then, Ilos is ready for some action!!!

IC: Ilos watched the scrrens on frnt of him, and smiled. Knight squadron was flying in the sims again, but this time, they were re-enacting the battle for Csilla, which was a resounding defeat or the GFFA and the Chiss. As he watched, knight squadron engaged a Reporan cruiser and its fighter escort at poitn blank range, and Ilos was pleasently surprised to see that KNight squadron was able to evade alomst all of the cruisers fire, and concentrated on wiping out the fighter escort. Once an opening had been creatd, two of the preybirds moved in, and dropped a pair of plasma bombs onto the cruiser, removing it from the fight. Ilos nodded, and turned to Ioor, who was watching the simulation with him.

"I think they may be ready to meet their co-pilots. And then, I need to get back to my fleet. What do you think?" he asked, and Ioor smiled.

"Well, they have proven themselves to be exceptional pilots. These may be simulations, but the odds you throw them up against are horrible. But they come out on top ninety percent of the time. And when they dont come out victorious, they manage to take a outragous amount of enemy vessels with them. So yes, I think they are ready. I want to see how well they preform in a real battle." he said, and Ilos nodded. He flicked a switch, enableing him to talk to the squadron pilots.

"Well done knights. But I think its time for you to meet your co-pilots. Ill end the simulation, and you will meet me in the main hanger bay. Unerstood?" he asked, and a series of confirmations came from the squadron. Ilos nodded, and then turned to leave the room. Ioor watched the sim for a moment longer, and then turned to follow Ilos. While he knew this plan was sound, he just hoped there wasnt some flaw in it that they hadnt seen. A lot of resources had been spent on this. And if it failed, Eveha would have Ilos' head, and his, on a silver platter.


Ilos and Ioor stood in the hanger bay, waiting for Knight squadron to appear. Behind them, the Preybird fighter squadron was being prepped for launch, along with a heavily armed fast attack gunship, which would be carrying him. He did not want to take any chances on their trip back to UDA space. Finally, the Knight squadron pilots began to filter in, all of them having removed their flight suits in exchange for more comfterable clothes. They lined up in front of Ilos and Ioor, and once they were all present, Ilos nodded.

Alright. Now, we all know that the Repora are force sensitive, and this gives them a edge in combat. Being able to read your opponenets mind, and know his thoughts, is something any piolt would kill for. So we have decided to remove this advantage from them. At least when it comes to this squadron." he said. Behind him, a dozen mechanics came walking around the fighters, each of them carrying a small cage. Inside of each one was a ysalamiri, the only known creature to nuetralize the force. Ilos looked to Knight squadron, and noted their reactions. Most of them seemed unimpressed.

"Admiral, with all due respect, we have teken on the Repora before without the help of those creatures. And we have won almost every time. What makes you think that having them would help us?" Col. Eldrik asked, his voice going a long ways to hide the fact that he felt insulted being asked to use ysalamiri.

" Well, when the Repora first engaged these fighters at Kuat, they had AI brians, meaning the Repora knew they were droid starfighters. And therefor, had limits based on their droid brains. With these Ysalamiri, I hope to make them think the same thing, and underestimate you. If it works, it will prove to be a costly mistake on the part of the Repora." he said, and Eldrik nodded.

"And if it doesnt work, and hey dont fall for it?" he asked, and Ioor shrugged.

"Then we wasted some time getting the creatures here. Nothign more. You cant say its not worth a shot." he sai,d and Eldrik nodded reluctantly.

"Alright, we will be leaving for Dresnek within the hour. It will be a long jump, so make sure you will be comfterable for it. And while i dont expect any problems, I want us to be alert, just in case we get ambushed. Understood?" he asked, and Knight squadron all nodded. They saluted Ilos, and turned to leave the hanger. Ilos watched them go, and then turned to Ioor.

"If I didnt know better, I think i insulted them." he said, and Ioor smiled.

"So? Your an admiral, they're fighter jocks. They know their place. If not, Im sure we can finaggle the Rogues or the Yellow Aces out of Kre'Fey somehow." he said, and Ilos chuckled a bit. He knew Ioor would have a military look on it, but Ilos knew better. He knew that fighter squadrons they gave respect to their commanders, deserved respect in return. He just joped that he hadnt made a mistake.

"Well, either way, this has all been worth it, hopefully. Are my things onboard the Quicksilver?" he asked, and Ioor nodded.

"Yes, including the data on some of the projects you requested. I dont know why you would want info on them though. Being scuttled projects." he said, and Ilos laughed.

"Havent you heard? According to Cal Omas, Im the 'Mad Admiral'. So why wouldnt I want info on reject projects?" he asked, and Ioor laughed.

"Good point. But, I must be going now. I have things to attend to. Good luck to you Admiral. I hope to see you soon." he sai,d and he held out his hand. Ilos took it, and shook it briskly.

"Same to you general. But if ou dont see me soon, assume the worst." he said, and Ioor walked out of the hanger. Ilos stood there for a bit longer, then walked over to his transport. He boarded it, and moved to his exceptionally cramped seat. He then relaxed as much as he could, and took out one of the datapads that Ioor had given him. he began to read through it, wondering how some of the projcts listed could be used. But after a while, Ilos got tired of reading them, and placed them back into thier pouch. he then leaned back, and closed his eyes. As uncomfterable as his seat was, sleep came easily to him.

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The Guardian came out of hyperspace in orbit around Denon. The rest of the Fourth Fleet soon followed. Evahe took a quick glance of the world from his viewport. The massive and untouched First Fleet was scattered around. It was a truly impressive force, commanded by Kre'Fey himself.
Time for another meeting with the Advisory Council. Evahe gave a quick sigh.
The massive doors opened and Evahe took his seat. He acknowledged a few scattered members but wasted no time with any formalities. He took a glance at Cal Omas, but he seemed distracted. Evahe sat back and waited as scattered members of the Council whispered to each other...
Fury had never been one to be patient. As the time passed by, he waited restlessly. The Kar Asp raids would take a while. His troops were ready, they would not be embarassed again. The three pronged attack would shatter their enemies. Fury reached for his lightsabers. He was ready.

OOC: Might add a bit more later.

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Darth Avarice smiled coldly as she paced the command center and stepped out into the sunlight, "Begin the countdown!"

"Yes sir!" The communications officer answered as a timer started up before the holomap, "All squadrons you are mission go..."

The roar of over a thousand sublight drives descending from altitude rocked the air. Avarice smiled, "Let the battle begin."

* * *

Han Solo felt his jaw drop open as thousands of red blips appeared on the holographic map. They were descending straight for his forces from the enemy starships orbiting high above. As he watched an additional wave of starfighters lifted off from the enemy's positions, "Sound the air raid sirens, everyone to the bunkers! Launch all fighters, Horn hold them off as best you can I know some will get through!" The rising green blips of GFFA, UDA, and Imperial fighters sped toward the enemy. They were dwarfed by the storm of red blips that were descending toward his formations.

Gripping Leia's hand he turned to her, "This will not be good."

* * *

Horn felt himself being sucked into the heavy grey cushions of the command couch of his X-wing. His fighter rose upward as the rest of the squadron formed up behind him, "Golden Spears, check your weapons, and let us hope the force is with us."

Rolling Horn pulled toward the bank of rolling white clouds that hung two kilometers beyond the Rapora's lines. As he pushed the throttle forward the golden blast of antistarfighter cannon blazed up toward him. Gritting his teeth he switched to proton torpedoes, "Alright, go to torpedoes, lets get as many as we can at maximum range."

"Roger lead," Corran's wingman answered as he rolled into guard position.

Corran glanced at his sensor monitor and swore before glancing back up at the enemy formations, "Pick your targets, fire on my mark..." As he spoke a beeping tone filled his cockpit, "Fire, evasive action!" Twelve blue torpedoes lanced out from the GFFA fighters toward the unseen foes over six kilometers away.

A Raporan Tornclaw fighter squadron ripped through the cloud bank, with a flash the cluster missile launcher beneath the crafts' noses loosed a volley of eight missiles from each starfighter. As the missiles shot toward their target and the launcher dropped from its mount, its missiles expended.

Horn cursed as he broke hard and glanced at his displays. Over sixteen missiles were chasing him, each one independently targeted on his craft. He threw his starfighter into an impossible turn as the torpedoes found their marks, but the Rapora had taken evasive action and only four of their fighters fell from the barrage.

The X-wings weren't as lucky, chased by eight missiles almost half of Corran's squadron were vaporized from the volley. With the cries of his dieing wingmates horn watched the missiles detonate short of his craft, "Control, they've got Tornclaws leading their formation. I can see Vagaari fighters...wait. I can see a squadron of Kar Asps, they're loaded with plasma bombs it looks like. I guess the Tornclaws and Vagaari are flying cover, those Asps are the threat." Frowning he glanced at his wingman, "Stay with me Two, we're going to get em, follow me close and cover me."

* * *

The UDA Brigade was deployed along a slight ravine, their ground troops filling the banks of the ravine as the walkers waited crouched behind what cover was available. The antistarfighter batteries were well back surrounding the field artillery. It was the perfect deployment the Brigadier General thought as he looked up to see a storm of dots above him headed his way, "So now it begins."

Author:  BadSamaritan [ Thu Feb 24, 2005 12:12 pm ]
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Seryk was thining to himself patiently about how his life had changed so suddenly, when the alarms all around the Mandalorian encampment went off. he looked around, wondering what was happenening, when Fetts voice suddenly came over the main boadcast channels.

"All anti-air batteries, fire at will! I repeat, fire at will! Make them think twice about targetting us. All other forces, prepare for ground engagment. It wont be long now." Fett ordered quickly, and Seryk looked around to see dozens of anti-air cannons open fire, firing wildly into the sky. Seryk looked up, and saw the swarms of enemy starfighters that were diving down towards them now. And he knew that the fight had finally begun.

"Cammander Roygher, what are your orders?" came a slight voice from behind him, and Seryk turned to see his second in command. Seryk thought about it for a moment, and then shrugged.

"We dont have any weapons capable of hitting them. We just have to hunker down, and let the big guns worry about them. Thats all we really can do." he said, and his second in command nodded. Seryk could tell that he was annoyed at not being able to fight his enemies. Seryk felt the same way. But without starfighters or anti-air batteries under his command, there was nothign that he could do for now.

Seryk walked over to his command vehicle, and stared at the commucications systems. It was then that he noticed the odd signals being sent out over a rarely used channel. he studied it for a moment longer, and tapped a few buttons on the console.

"Hey Boba, what are these signals being sent on Channel zero-one-alpha-seventeen?" he asked, and Fetts voice came back quickly, and harshly.

"Battle information. Dont ask dumb questions." Fett ordered, and Seryk nodded. he should have known that. But then he noticed where the signals were being sent. They werent being sent to Solos' headquarters, but they were under a general broadcast. He tapped a few buttons again, and saw that there was no sensitve information being sent out. Just current locations of all known enemy forces. Seryk looked up, and saw swarms of allied and enemy starfighters begin to engage each other. The massive anti-starfighter cannons in the mandalorain formations also opened up, ripping through the skies. But all Seryk could wonder, was why Fett was sending that information out like that.

Author:  Stellar_Magic [ Thu Feb 24, 2005 2:55 pm ]
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Hovering just above the battlefield and just short of space the Mandalorian Cruiser Warrior's Heart recieved the information. Hidden beneath its cloak and yslamiri it began to fire down onto the Rapora positions from They'd only get a few shots before the Rapora would triangulate their position and force them to move. Those few shots would have been enough if the Rapora hadn't anticipated the possibility of such an assault.

Down on the ground the field Shield Generators the Rapora had deployed activated creating an enormous bubble of energy under which their troops were safe. The shields had been switched on after the first shot had hit the ground just in front of Avarice's Headquarters.

Now the Rapora fighters were nearly on their targets. Squadron after squadron swooped down on their targets focusing on the center of the volleys of enemy Anti-starfighter fire. As they approached tree top level they loosed their plasma bombs.

Boba Fett swore as plasma bomb blew apart one of the anti-starfighter tracks, "Keep up your fire, were are you fighters?"

One of the communications officers spun to him, "Sir, the enemy have deployed shields over their positions the Warrior's Heart reports they cannot penetrate their defenses."

Fett shook his head in disgust, "They went turtle, so be it..."

* * *

Corran Horn smiled as he dropped his starfighter in behind a squadron of enemy fighters, "Alright boys, I can see you, can you see me?" The Rapora began to maneuver but kept on the same course. Suddenly as they flew over the UDA's primary Anti-starfighter batteries they formed a line and broke to swoop down on their targets.

Corran swore, he wasn't yet in a good firing position, "This is Horn they're wild weasels! We'll need to nail them before they destroy our defenses." As he spoke he matched words to action as he squezzed the trigger and sent a volley of laser fire into the enemy.

Author:  Trejiuvanat [ Thu Feb 24, 2005 4:48 pm ]
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Oreton frowned. The holoprojector now reported the presence of hundreds of Raporan vessels coming in the from the atmosphere. Far too many for the GFFA, UDA and Mandalorian Fighters to handle. To level the chances he decided to reveal his ride out of the planet.

"Captain," Oreton said.

"---ious here, trans--ssion is br--king," the distorted yet familiar voice of Onolvav came through.

"Lieutenant, can you stabilize the transmission," Oreton ordered his communications officer.

"I would have to redirect most of our probes, and the Rapora could trace them back to the Imperious."

"Do it," Oreton ordered.

"Captain, we need urgent air support." Oreton spoke loud into the comm. "Uncloak and deploy all fighters."

"Confirm uncloak," Onolovav's voice came back. Slightly reluctant. "We do not have a fighting chance against what they have in orbit. If things go awry, there will be no chance to escape the system."

"If I don't get those fighters, the possibility to escape the planet is out of reach, I will have to handle my escape in another way. Obey, captain. Once all are launched, hyper to the edge of the system. "


Leia focused on the holoprojector.


New bright blue blips appeared on the projector. The newcomers were coming from orbit and moving to intercept the Rapora Starfighters.

Han was surprised, he looked at an orbital display and the Sovereign Star Destroyer blinked into existence. "That son of a Sith," Han exclaimed and wide-eyed looked at Leia. "Oreton had Imperious sitting ducks in orbit all these days."

"I wonder how he kept her so well hidden," Leia murmured to herself. "How many fighters?"

"Two wings. One hundred forty-four," a Chiss officer reported. "Shielded Interceptors, Scimitars, Defenders and two squadrons of Delta-Boats."

"He is sending all his detachment," Han frowned. "Imperious will be making a run for it."

There was a shortlived silence in the commandroom. "The Imperial Fighters have engaged some of the Rapora in high atmosphere, they are keeping many of them away. The gross of the Imperial Fighters will be here in less than three minutes." The Chiss reported.

"Base One, this is Spear One. We have some wild weasels up here, they are trying to take out our anti-air turrets."

"On with business down here. Have our ground-to-air artillery reinforce those anti-air turrets."

"When will the Imperial ground units arrive?"

"Approximately five more minutes."


The sky seemed to be blackened by the swarms of starfighters chasing each other. TIEs and X-Wings collaborated to take out the Kar Asp bombers, while DeltaBoats tried to weaken the ground shields of the Rapora. The fragile defenses of the GFFA base were holding, for the time being. Oreton knew that Solo had not yet played his cards, rather he chose to see what the enemy would do first.

The Mandalorian Cruiser was relying on a handful of their squadrons and the Imperials TIEs to slowly draw out of combat. Their firepower was not enough to take out those shields, and their ultra-heavy bombs might do their allies as much damage as it would do the Rapora.

The Alliance had redeployed its forces and make them less vulnerable to the air attacks, whilst the anti-air artillery was moving to protect key zones.

Somewhere in between, the heavy-hearted confirmation of the Imperious's withdrawal was received.

"The Rapora shileds are still holding," one of the officers reported. Move us into the battle fields, order back three TIE Defender squadron to escort us into the open.

On thier left the river continued its course to the ocean, while the mammoth Imperial ground Forces began to flow into the open battle field. Assault Transports of all types, old and new move onward into the once-green battlefield. Soldiers and gunships began to redeploy themselves, as they had done so many times in drills.

Author:  Stellar_Magic [ Thu Feb 24, 2005 11:09 pm ]
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Darth Avarice smiled as she watched the enemy begin to redploy, "Confirm the status of their artillery?"

"Mounted, they won't be able to deliver accurate counterbattery fire."

Avarice felt a pulsing urge flow through her, "I want a TOT mission on the UDA brigade, all our artillery."


Avarice spun on the communications officer, "Follow my orders...await my signal to commence firing."

At her command over a hundred Raporan Antimatter Batteries targeted an area of less then twelve square kilometers centered on the UDA's command center. Avarice smiled before issuing the command. Suddenly with a brillaint series of flashes that lasted less then a second a volley of antimatter shells shot through the sky at a low trajectory. One round caught a Raporan starfighter before reaching its target but all the rest found their mark.

In less then ten seconds the fighting capacity of the UDA Brigade was cut in half as the area it had been deployed in evaporated from the detonation of so many shells. Their commander killed and most of their heavy equipment destroyed, the survivors dug into the ground desperate to get under cover before another volley of shells came in. None came.

* * *

In the GFFA command center Han felt his heart stop as the report came in. The once impossing force the UDA had deployed was now all but destroyed, and his flank was wide open to attack. Furthermore he knew he'd made an error, "Order all artillery units to hold their position and stand by for counterbattery fire."

Han sighed, "Lieutenant Thompson redeploy your commandos to support the UDA get them organized and make sure they can fight again, you've got Zekk and Lowbacca with you?"

"Yes sir."

"Be sure to use them," Han answered coldly.

* * *

Smiling at the results of her ammendment to the plan Avarice turned to the communications officer, "Inform Darth Fury that he may commence his advance ahead of schedule. He will march on the shattered formation and destroy it turning their flank."

"Yes sir."

* * *

Corran Horn watched another Raporan fighter die under his guns, suddenly a pair of Interceptors screamed past, their green lasers blasting at a distant target, "Never thought I'd be this glad to see imperials." Suddenly a squid shaped craft unlike anything Corran had ever seen shot past him after the squints. With a single shot at each target it destroyed the two before Corran could issue a warning. Then the fighter spun around and pulled upward. As he watched it joined its wingmates, twelve of the craft circled overhead, hunting.

With a cry of resignation he turned toward the fighters, "Control, this is Spear One, are you showing a squadron of twelve unknowns?"

"Yes lead, we're showing two more squadrons as well as the one nearest you."

"Designate them as enemies and hope they aren't as deadly as they look," Corran answered.

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