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Author:  Stellar_Magic [ Sun Jan 16, 2005 10:48 pm ]
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Darth Avarice stood on top of the Alaran Hover Tank chewing her lip as she watched the GFFA troopers fighting desperately for the ridge above her. She glanced to her left where the forest blazed before smiling, "Order Company A of the 22nd Occupation Droid Regiment to advance and engage the enemy on the ridge to the east."

"Yes, Lord Sith, should we ready the 3rd Motorized Assault Regiment to continue the advance and flank the enemy?"

"No, order them to slow their advance, we must make certain the Aklasp are in position before we press our attack," Darth Avaraice answered smiling.

* * *

Vana Dorja's eyes slowly fluttered open, her vision was blurred. Hugging herself she felt her fingers touch a pair of point scars where once a life readout scanner had been strapped. She sat alone in a darkened room and winced as a light snapped on directly over her head.

Slowly she rollled onto her side and winced at once as a spasm of pain flashed through her, a calm almost clinical voice echoed in the chamber, "Do not move, you have suffered severe injury, if you move you may worsen your condition."

Vana lay still and closed her eyes fighting against the pain. Her mind was blank, a wiped slate as another voice that gave her chills echoed through the room, "Welcome to the land of the dead."

* * *

Lieutenant Melina Thompson trigger a burst of blaster fire that caught the first Rapora warrior charging toward her in the chest and pitched him to the ground. His comrades dropped down to covering positions as several other GFFA troopers shot blasters at their opponents.

Smiling she patted the nutrient cage of a Yslamiri that lay beside her in between the rocks. Uttering a sigh she pulled a thermal detonator from her belt, stood, pushed the activation lever and tossed it as far as she could into the Raporan Assault Transport's hold. Yelling across the intercom she dropped back behind cover, "Fire in the hole!"

The detonator destroyed the already abandoned Raporan transport, and throwing pieces of debris across the ridge. Most of the Rapora somehow managed to avoid being injured by the debris, but at the same time taking cover gave Lieutenant Thompson's battered company a much needed respite.

The Rapora hunkered down and only scattered plasma shots flashed across the ridge. At the same time one of the junior Lieutenant's ran up to her, "Melina, we've got Raporan War droids deploying on our flank, at least a hundred of them."

Melina picked up the long range comm, "General Solo."

* * *

Han Solo turned to his communications officer as Melina Thompson's voice flooded the communications, "We're heavily engaged with at least one Rapora Company with an additional company of War Droids on our flank, we need reinforcements."

Han shook his head and glanced over to Ulan, "Not good, Lieutenant I'm sending a team of jetpack equipped commandos your way, thats all I can spare."

"Roger General."

* * *

Captain Varka dropped back down as a smattering of blaster fire glanced across the rock in front of him. He hissed in vexation, "I was told this was an unoccupied ridge! Now we're in a fight!" Glancing back down the hill he saw the Droideka'kar Assault Company deploying for combat. He scrambleled down the hill toward the Rapora commander of the company, "Captain, what are you doing, those droids weren't designed for combat in the rocks."

The Rapora nodded, "I know that, we'll take the west approach and try and support you as best we can."

Captain Varka snarled, "Damn Avarice, why does she not send true infantry, even the Vagaari would be ample for this." Still fuming the warrior scrambled back to his company. Glancing up at the rocks he made a snap decision, "Fix Lanvahoks, and prepare to charge!!!"

* * *

Darth Avarice smiled as her communications officer turned to her, "The Aklasp report that they are in position."

Smiling Avarice glanced at his officers, "The 3rd Motorized Assault Regiment may resume it's advance."

* * *

Han Solo heard it first, a crackling sound punctuated by a roar like a blowtorch. He turned in time to see a massive smoking figure step into the doorframe of the command tent and lift a strange rifle to it's shoulder, "Get down!!!"

Han overturned the holographic map and dropped behind it's protection as he drew his DL-44 from his hip and fired. The bolt hit the creature dead center but seemed to flash and disappear like it had hit a blast door. His eyes wide Han dropped back down as a purplish white blast shot into his comm officer blasting apart her torso and scattering her extremities across the room. The other officers huddled behind what cover they could find as two more beasts stepped into the tent.

Ulan Shai drew his lightsaber and waited.

* * *

All along the inferno a line of Aklasp Warriors a mile long and 1,000 strong stepped out of the inferno. The GFFA troops upon the hills overlooking the enemy were stunned. It seems the enemy had turned the tables on them.

OOC: It seems that the GFFA just got it's a** handed to them. Oh and Trej, don't kill all the Aklasp in the next post. I'll want to show of some of their traits and their new melee weapon, so just kill one or two, okay?

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OOC: One wonders how small the planet is. A few pages back Vana Dorja popped right up in Solo's office, although I would have had her and most of the Empire in another region of the planet. And now it happens that the hill area was right next door to the GFFA headquarters. :lol: We'll Solo and the GFFA will get what they deserve having their troops over a rather small area. :lol: :lol: Don't worry I won't kill the beasts, as I have to think about an effective way to kill them.


Ulan Shai moved behind another piece of the heavy analysis equipment, his lightsaber still ignited.

"What are you?" Solo asked, without revealing coming out of his hiding place.

The two creatures, on the opposite side of the tent looked at his hiding spots. They reamined silent and unmoving. Ulan noted how some equipment made of flimsy plastic began to shrink away, until bubbles blew up. As if they were right next to a huge oven. Ulan focused at the creatures and at the whitish cloud of vapor that left behind them. They were overheating everything in their vicinity.

"You are the carbite commander?" One of the creatures asked and fired their strange arm. The purplish blast hit the fallen holoprojector behind which Han hid, the black massive table froze and took a blueish hue. Han hands which had been grabbing one of the edges of the burned, not with fire but with ice.

"CArbonite?" Han asked. "I've been in carbonite, I was one of the galaxy's most exclusive artwork." One of the creatures growled and fired again. Han now longer leaning on the frozen tables saw the effects of the second blast. Whilst the first had only superficially frozen the massive stone base upon which the holoprojector rested, the second blast had fractured the hard rock.

The smuggler threw a desperate look on the Vong Jedi, who was not paying attention to him. Instead his eyes were fixed on the stranger's weapon. Strectching out his left hand, Ulan Shai tried to call the weapon to himself. His right hand, instead was slowly pushing another device towards Han. The lightsaber.

Han took the saber in his hand, not understanding why Ulan had given it to him. Han looked around and understood the Jedi's plan. Han ignited the blade and prepared himself to make a run for it. He was ready to go when he heard the creature growl and one of their weapon fly through air into the Jedi's hands.

Not wanting to see how it turned out, Han let out a growl that would make a Wookiee wince. Solo ignited his lightsaber and began to cut a way out, away from the newcomers.

OOC: Up to you.

Author:  Stellar_Magic [ Mon Jan 17, 2005 9:35 am ]
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OOC: Um, you're thinking of the wrong weapon, the Positron Weapons the Aklasp use in ranged combat doesn't freeze their target but send a kinetic energy pulse through it exciting the molecules to the point that they disperse in a cloud of smoke, it's the melee weapons that freeze the target. Um, wouldn't Han have his headquarters close to or on the front?

IC: The Aklasp snarled as it drew a weapon that looked strangly like a lightsaber from it's side. Then with a hiss of compress air an icy white beam lanced out from it. Water began to condense around it and swirl like a miniture vortex. Ulan Shai twisted the weapon around in his hands and began to squeeze the trigger, it wouldn't budge. Frowning he squeezed harder before suddenly realizing that the weapon was keyed to an Aklasp's hand strength, one that would be much greater then his own. In desperation he though the weapon at the Aklasp and watched as the white blade of the Aklasp melee weapon sliced through the rifle.

Han stepped through ragged door and turned in time to see Ulan duck back as a brilliant white blade sliced through the table next to him which shattered into a cloud of ice crystals. Han watched the fire in Aklasp's eyes light up as Ulan dived beneath another table.

Han suddenly felt his mind stop, fire, ice? He turned and saw a simple fire extinguisher lying beside the tent. Smiling broadly he grabbed it from the ground stepped back inside, "Ulan!" The vong turned in time to catch his thrown lightsaber. Then Han turned to one of the Aklasp as it closed in and pulled the pin of the extinguisher. As he came closer Han let loose.

The extremely cold wall of Carbon Dioxide seemed to smash into the Aklasp like a brick wall. It scream in pain and thrashed about before firing blindly through the fog. The bolt missed Han completely but vaporized the communications gear. The Aklasp looked down over the fog and hissed, it's mouth gaping open revealing the molten inside of the creature. Han lifted extinguisher and blasted a spray right into the creature's face. It's body spasmed for a moment and it dropped to the floor cooking the plastic beneath it, obviously unconscious.

Ulan Shai at the same time rose from behind cover and activated the lightsaber. The Aklasp that faced him hissed in his face before smiling, "You will die Jedi."

"We will see." Ulan answered as he stepped forward and waited. The Aklasp took the que, he swung down in a strike that would have lopped off the Jedi's head, but Ulan rolled beneath the blow and lunged. His blade struck the creature's armored torso but failed to penetrate deep enough to eliminate his opponent. But the Aklasp was still in pain, it recoiled away from him as drops of molten metal dribbled onto the floor.

Ulan struck again throwing his lightsaber up toward the creature's neck. The blade sliced through the weak joint and severed it's head. The Aklasp clearly dead dropped onto the floor.

Ulan and Han tensed waiting for the last creature to make it's move.

OOC: And that is how you kill Aklasp. :lol:


With a flash the first wave of Raporan fighters disappeared in an enormous explosion. As they did the next wave of Raporan fighters were closing on their targets.

The Rapora starfighters came closing in on the Mandalorian Cruiser. Their squadrons climbing to greater and greater altitude. As they did so they divided into two elements, the two squadrons of Tornclaws broke toward the Mandalorian Starfighters pumping a hail of laser blasts at their foes, destroying many in the process.

The Kar Asp class starfighters climbed to over two thousand meters before turning toward the Mandalorian cruiser, but even then they did not dive directly on it. Then at once the entire wing released their plasma bombs which dropped free fall toward the Mandalorian cruiser.

Of the forty eight bombs released, only five would hit their target. The rest were misses or blasted by ground fire, but those five hits were enough. The first three knocked down the dorsal shield, the next two destroyed the ship's engine compartment and disabled her reactor. The mandalorians were stranded on the world.

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The sheer weight of the fire vaporized Defras. Although he had originally underetimated the strength of the Rapora convoy's defense force, it didn't seem to matter. The Salvas and Defras were no match for groups of Star Destroyers. Even the pair of Kar Lurs seemed puny. The Guardian could take on one, the Ravager Evahe had brought along the another.
"We'll take on the nearest Kar Lur. Get me Commander Hios!" The captain of the Ravager Courage soon appeared. Evahe spoke quickly, "Take your ship to enagage the second Kar Lur. Have the rest of the Star Destroyers follow you." The man gave a quick salute and ended the transmission. Evahe gave a quick nod and returned to the battle.
The Gorathian starfighters and corvettes were proving their worth. There were only so many concussion missles the Raporan starfighters could evade and they were slowly being picked off. The X-wings, E-wings,and others were being careful. They were to avoid unessacary casulties and were largely merely picking off the Raporan fighters that Gorathian craft forced out of formation. After the initial trouble with the mass of concussion missles, the Raporan pilots had decided to regain the offensive. The ordinary GFFA fighters would have to get involved after all.
The massive Super Star Destroyer shook a bit as the Kar Lur opened fire with it's plasma canons. The other one was occupied with 3 Star Destroyers and a Bothan Cruiser. A Mediator-class Mon Calamarian cruiser, along with numerous support ships, was dealing with the remaining Defras and Salvas in an attempt to clear a way to attack the convoy.
Hundreds of turbolasers opened fire upon Kar Lur. It fired back, continuing to shake the Guardian. Evahe nearly was thrown onto the ground. The Kar Lur was proving a worthy opponent, but it could only hold on for so long. Already it's shields were breaking down. It fought until the end and gave the Guardian some minor damage. However, it failed to save the convoy.
Most of Evahe's ships were already busy destroying the Raporan supply ships. They manuvered wildly but without the ability to escape into hyperspace there was little they could do. It was a mere mop up operation and it didn't last too long.
As the task force escaped to find their next target, Evahe's thoughts turned to Garik...
Fury stepped outside of the craft. He had arrived at Ord Mantell. All around him his company of Raporan warriors was disembarking. The war droids would follow.
He hissed and spoke, "Let's try to pinpoint exactly where we are. Then we can slaughter the UDA ground forces." He smiled. It had been a while since he had used his lightsaber to kill a foe...

OOC:So we'll just be taking them on hand to hand? No vehicles? Fun.

Author:  Stellar_Magic [ Mon Jan 17, 2005 12:01 pm ]
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OOC: I expect this engagement to take several posts. BS I hope you don't mind having Athien take some initiative with your force. Also, Darkie, to get Raporan Vehicles you have to use nano assembler things to build them. Most Raporan assault craft lack the room to deploy vehicles directly.

IC: The Convoy of troops headed for the Raporan fleet stretched out acrosss nearly a thousand kilometers of space. At the lead was a Kar Lur Cruiser flanked by a entire squadron of Savlas. On either side of the body of the convoy were Vaka class cruisers. At the center were an enormous number of Drefma Corvettes and Savla light cruisers loaded with troops and tons of nano assemblers. Then there were the Vagaari. At the very heart of the convoy was a Vagaari Paskla class carrier flanked by twelve of the Vagaari's new Savlanna class cruisers and almost two dozen Alaga Dreadnaughts packed with thousands of warriors.

The convoy was slowly passing through the heart of an asteroid field on its way to the final jump to it's destination, Ord Mantell. In amongst the debris six Freedom Sword class corvettes and two Freedom of Thought class cruisers waited cloaked.

The leader for the expedition was General Fel who sat in his command ship druming his fingers impatiently. His executive officer, Captain Resak, a Vagaari defector glanced at the tactical display, "We're outnumbered aren't we?"

"For now," General Fel conceeded as his fingers continued to drum slowly against the armrest, "Unfortunately if we let them get much further they'll be able to jump."

The communications officer spun to General Fel, "Signal from Admiral Evahe, his task force will arrive in four minutes."

"How long until the enemy are able to jump?" General Fel asked quietly.

"Twenty minutes sir," The sensor officer answered slowly. Suddenly his voice quickened, "Sir, we've got another convoy exiting hyperspace."

General Fel felt his eyes widen, "Show me."

The holographic image changed to show the other group of ship's that were approxamently thirty minutes from the convoy at their current speed. The instant the images resolved themselves General Fel, felt his breath go out of him, "Thats no convoy."

There were just shy of twenty ships in the approaching force, but the number of ships paled in comparison to their composition. At the center of the enemy's formation was a massive Vareme class Supercruiser. It was flanked by four Kar Lurs and six Vakas. The other eight ships were Savla class cruisers. It was clear the Rapora had recognized the vulnerability of their convoys.

General Fel knew that with Admiral Evahe's help the odds were roughly even for both sides. Still it would require luck to obtain a victory over the reinforced enemy. Suddenly the communications officer turned her face smiling, "I've got a message from Commodore Athien, she's offering her assistance, she'll be in system within moments."

General Fel smiled, "Tell the Commodore that she may have just won the engagement for us."

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Ilos marched along the quiet corridores of the Gorath weapons center. Mazzoc walked along side him, explaining the use of each section of the facility. So far, he had been very much impressed. The production facilites on the planet were top of the line, and moving quickly to produce more weapons for the war. He had asked what some of them were, not recognozing all of them. And he had nodded in understanding when both Mazzoc and Ioor had informed him that they were not at liberty to discuss all the projects. But Ilos had recognized the Gorathian starfighters in one section. he knew that those starfighters were quite important to the war effort.

"General, I have noticed something that bothers me. I know that the majority of the facotries here are automated, and understand why. But what I have not seen are defence systems. If a fleet should appear, what forces do you have to keep them from bombarding the planet?" he asked, and the general grinned.

"We have very advanced sheilds that can snap up around the planet quickly if they are needed. And we alos have several very large weapons emplacements to blast ships out of orbit. Other than those, we basically rely on the corvettes and the starfighters fro protection." he said, and Ilso nodded.

"Which is all good, but what if troops manage to land? I haven't seen hide nor hair of ground troops or defences." he said, and Mazzoc barked a laugh.

"Admiral, this entire facility is a defence system in of itself. Let me demonstrate." he said, and he pulled a msall comlink from his pocket. He touched a few buttons, and for a moment, nothing happened. And then, out of nowhere, machine components moved, walls fell, and Ilos found himself staring at half a dozen war droids, and a series of blaster cannons in the walls. He nodded in approval.

"We designed this facility to pretty much run by itself, if need be. Each room has one set of defences, or another. if ground troops do land, they will have a long bloddy battle ahead of them to take the facility." mazzoc said, and Ioor nodded.

"And in case they deside to bambard, we have the planetery guns to fire back with. More then enough to smash an orbital fleet within an hour. Not to mention socres of missle and torpedoe launchers to end of starfighters and transports." Ioor said proudly, and Ilos smiled. Not even Denon or the Maw installation had this level of defensive capabilities. And given the advanced weapons that were being built here, he doubted he truly understood the full capabilites of the defences.

"But Admiral, Eveha mentioned that you had a project that you required our help with. With what you have seen so far, do you think we can be of any service?" Ioor asked, and Ilos nodded.

"Yes, I do believe that you can help me." he said, and he pulled a datapad out of his pocket. He handed it to Ioor, who took it and began to look over the contents. He smiled at what he saw, and nodded.

"Well, it certainly warrents a try." he said, handing the datapad to Mazzoc. Mazzoc took a look at the datapad, and laughed.

"Admiral, if this is all you require of us, I think we can help. Come to the main offices, and we can discuss this in a mroe comfterable area." he said, and Ilos smiled. After all of his recent failures, maybe somethign was about to go his way.


Seryk watched as the single small missile flshed out towards the incoming starfighters. he wondered what a single missle was going to do, until it struck the ground. His eyes widened as he saw the ground erupt violently, quickly swallowing some of the enemy sqaudrons. A few more followed thier brethren to a firey death, but the rest managed to evade the massive blast. He watched the survivors for a moment, until the sound of Fetts voice cut through his seeming awe.

"Seryk! Gwet your squadron ready, they are going to make a run at the cruiser!" fett shouted, and Seryk snapped back to attention. He bagan to manuver his squadron, but found he had waited for to long. The enemy starfighters had already began to rake the mandalorian squadrons with laser fire. Several of his own pilots fell in the opening barrage. Hearing the screams over the comm snapped Seryk back to the war against the Vong. He suddenly remembered all the pilots he had led to death all those years ago.

"Scatter! Avoid their fire, then engage at will!" he ordered, and his squadron quickly followed their orders. As he began to point the nose of his starfighter up at the oncoming fighters, he saw the guns of the cruiser open fire, along with the ground artillery. he followed the fire, wondering if they were targetting the starfighter as well. But then he saw the plamsa bombs. He watched as most of them were blasted out of the sky, or missed thier targets completely. But then he saw the explosions on the cruiser. He watched as the first few brought the shiled of the mighty warship down, and then the last two strike the hull. He watched inhorror as the ship slowly fell to the ground, crashing hard.

"All starfighters, get the enemy fighters, now! We cant let them make any more runs at the cruiser!" Fett ordered, and over the comm, Seryk heard dozens of pilots roar out a mighty battle cry. Seryk joined them, and plunged his starfighter at full speed at the reporan fighters. One starfighter fell under his guns, quicly followed by two more from his squadronmates. But when he checked his sensors, he knew that the repora had evened the odds almost. This was going to be a tough fight. He just hoped that they would last through it.

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The group was led by Mazzoc to a lounge which also contained a worktable and a holoprojector. Mazzoc served everybody a glass of Correlian brandy while Garik pluged the datapad to the holoprojector.
Once every body was seated in the comfortable sofas who surrounded the projector, Garik switched it on.
An image of a bird of prey appeared in mid air.
"So Admiral. You want us to build you four birds of prey?" asked Mazzoc sipping his drink "Couldn't any other shipyard do this?"
"Not Preybirds of this kind." answered Hirotek as the specs of the ship came on the holo.
"Nice specs. You seem to know what you want." noticied Mazzoc with professional look
"I need for built from scratch and 8 overhauled."
Mazzoc smiled
"Well General I shall contact our stocks and check that we have what you need I shall also send a ship to bring the 8 ships who need to be overhauled.
I the mean time i suggest you enjoy i hospitality."


Tuvax and his group slowly approached the communication center which was their target. A quick visual scan informed them that the building was defended by 4 set of automatic blasters as well as guards on the roof.
"Positions" ordered Tuvax
He and four other Warriors climbed in the branches of the trees surrounding the clearing in which was the building.
The guards on the roof were protected in a bunker like cover but the most important was the turrets. They could cause serious damage if they got a target.
simultaneously the rapors threw grenades. The warriors then guided them with the force until they were right next to the turrets.
I a great flash of light the automatic defenses exploded.
Tuvax roared and charged followed by the rest of the group.

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OOC: Sorry about the weapon mismatch. I would have thought that with Han corrdinating the defense forces of the planet he would have kept rather away from the front. Mad, I will hijack your char for a few lines, the comm post will definitely fall, but Tuvax may learn a few lessons out of it.


Tuvax halted the charge as he saw the defensive turrets turning to open fire on the charging Rapora. The grenades had exploded away from the metal turrets, dealing exclusively cosmetic damage to the turrets. Tuvax wondered what had happened, they had thrown them through the Force and he had guided them through the Force.

"Into the forest, regroup." Tuvax snarled as he impulsed himself from the floor up to one of the lower branches of the tall trees. The Rapora that had run into the clearing close to the bunker halted and turned away as fast as possible, some made it back to the relative safety of the dense jungle, but some died to the fire.

Tuvax hissed in anger. All of a sudden he felt to fall off the branch on the ground. He turned his head up and spotted thin walkways leading through the higher branches of the trees. Camouflaged Imperial troopers sniped from there to the Rapora. Worse yet, Tuvax could not feel them through the Force.


Lieutenant Darko Maitinnen felt good, his defenses were holding up. The ysalimiri that protected the area had confused and halted the Rapora, and his snipers from up in the trees continued to pick on individual Rapora.

Ysalimiri had been scattered everywhere, up high in the trees, where snipers and a few wookiees harassed the Rapora and down in the few underground galleries.

"Send out the Growltroopers," Maitinnen commanded. The few wookiee warriors that were assigned to this base had been dubbed Growltroopers. Wookiees had built the cat-walks in the trees, and had helped design the base. The Empire had given them, protective black armor and powerful sniping weapons to pick at the Rapora, they would exit through a series of hidden lifts, that opened in void trees and from there harass the Rapora. Maitinnen smiled.

The base would possibly not hold against larger mechanized units, but such units would have a difficult time coming through the dense forest, and it would be a considerable delay for the Rapora. He felt satisifed, if the Rapora wanted to destroy his outpost they would need to slow down their advance, which was his mission, after all. Even if the Rapora destroyed the turrets, it would take them a while enter and safely navigate the underground corridors. Lieutanant Maitinnen smiled at the Ysalimiri in the nutrient frame that adorned his command room.

But unlike the Imperial Officers three decades ago, Darko Maitinnen did not fear the Dark Side of the Force.

OOC: Feel free to kill Maitinnen and Co, Mad.

Author:  Stellar_Magic [ Wed Jan 19, 2005 7:56 pm ]
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OOC: And fromt eh ashes of the past comes...Shren!!!

IC: GFFA Intelligence had kept her for two months now, trying to pull every bit of information she could reveal from her mind. The debriefing had been painstakingly long, but now it was over.

Jacen Solo drumed his fingers impatiently as the Intel officer compiled the last pieces of data, "Now what are we suppose to do with her?"

"A UDA officer is coming to pick her up, apparently their Supreme Commander wants to speak with her." The officer answered slowly.

* * *

Han watched as Ulan ran forward and swiftly decapitated the last Aklasp. As the creature's body collapsed Han ran a hand over his brow, "Do we still have Holocomm capability?"

One of the officers glanced over the equipment and nodded, "They destroyed the in system comm but we can still call out of system."

Han swallowed slowly, "Open a link to the High Council, we're going to need their help."

* * *

The GFFA troops that were attacked by the Aklasp broke and ran, their officers running along with the enlisted men from the seemingly unstoppable creatures.

Melina Thompson watched her comrades flee the strange aliens as a scream from her front forced her to look to her own defenses. Suddenly she froze, her position was now untainable as the Rapora charged forward with their sabers humming, "Everyone fall back!!!"

* * *

Darth Avarice watched the GFFA forces crumble, "All units, are to push forward as best they can, we've got them running, lets keep them running."

Author:  Trejiuvanat [ Wed Jan 19, 2005 11:30 pm ]
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"You better do it fast Han. I don't think it'll take the Rapora long to disable the long-range transmitters." Ulan suggested.

"I know," Han murmured and stood over the body of the dead creature. "Load the creature into a command speed and bring him into the research labs at the Capital, tell whoever is in charge that I want a complete analysis of the creature. Don't forget to take his head," Han said. still shying away from the dead creature, even if its temperature dropped rapidly the heat was almost unbearable.

Ulan tried to move out some of the equipment he had destroyed during his fight with the creatures. Doing that he found a small comlink, with the Imperial insignia carved into it.

"Han?" Ulan asked as he gave the comlink back to Solo, who stared at the object. As he recognized the marking he remembered it being the object Dorja gave to him.

"With Dorja down, who'd be in command of Imperial Forces?" Solo asked one of the Chiss. "General Rakhvess had been reported as her second in command, do you want me to open a link to him?"

"No," Solo answered. If it was someone who would be available on standard channels she would not have given him the comlink. Han put it back in his pocket, and made sure that it would not get out. There was one possible way to find out who was on the other side of that comlink, but he did not have time for it, Ulan reported that a weak-link had been opened with the High Council.

"Councilor, I'm afraid you won't like the news I have for you."

"I never do," Omas answered. "Speak, general."

Author:  Stellar_Magic [ Thu Jan 20, 2005 5:15 pm ]
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"The Rapora have brought allies to Ord Mantell it seems. My headquarters was just attacked by a group of three of them, they're like nothing I've ever seen."

Kyp Durron felt his eyes narrow, there was something more to what Han was saying, he was afraid, "Can you describe them?"

"I've got something better, we're sending you a holographic image of the creature. They seem to be made out of metal..."

Cal felt his eyes widen, "Captain Solo, do you mean a droid..."

"No, whatever this thing is its biological, but its not like any other form of life I've encountered, the thing seems to be entirely metal. It's innards are molten metal, it's skeleton is like armor plate, and its body radiates heat like a blasted furnace."

Han frowned slightly as the transmission shimmered slightly, "I don't know how long this link will hold. They're impervious to blaster fire, I expect to be overrun very quickly because of these things. We need every Jedi that can be spared just to slow them down. Ulan Shai is already here, can you send anyone?"

Kyp Durron glanced at the other Jedi in the room, "If the situation is as dire as Han says we have no choice."

Cal leaned back and glanced at Admiral Kre'Fey, "How vital is Ord Mantell?"

"If we loose it the Rapora could easily cut the Hydian way," Kre'Fey's hairs bristled at the thought, "We need to hang onto that world as long as possible if only to prepare the rest of GFFA for war."

Cilghal's eyes focused on Kyp and Cal, "We are guardians of the peace, if we do not participate we will have failed to fullfil our charge." Cilghal glanced at the others in the room, "If this is so vital, one of us should go to liason between the Jedi and the other forces on the ground."

Suddenly the doors of the chamber swung open and a worn figure stepped into the room. Her green robes were covered with cinders and dust, but the hollow look in her eyes sent a cold chill through the rest of the chamber. Kenth Hamner moved to stand but the new arrival waved him down, "I'm not hurt Kenth."

Kyp glanced at her and suddenly through the force recognized her, "By the force..."

Mara Jade Skywalker sighed, "Zonoma Sekot has been hit by the Rapora. The planet has fallen silent and thousands are dead." Cal Omas felt his jaw gape at her as she continued, "They need supplies and medics to treat the injured or thousands more may die."

Leia Organa Solo stood at the entryway to the chamber, "We owe Zonoma for its part in the war with the vong, now is our chance to repay that debt."

Kyp glanced up at them, "Where is Luke?"

"He's on the planet, we arrived after the attack. The Ferrorans were taken completely by surprise as were the Vong." Mara's fists clenched, "Danni Quee is alive, but Tahiri and the others are still missing, they may be among the dead."

Cal sighed, "So it seems we've got two crisis one on Zonoma Sekot and the other on Ord Mantell."

"Luke can lead the cleanup at Sekot," Kyp said simply glancing around the room, "And we don't have the resources to mount a full scaled rescue. We can help, but the GFFA government itself is the only organization with enough resources to help them."

Cal nodded, "I'll push it onto the Advisory Council, they may balk but in the end they'll be forced to agree."

Han's shimmering hologram glanced over to where Leia stood, "Hi hone, now who's going to head to my rescue?"

Mara shook her head, "I'm heading back to Zonoma."

Kyp stood, "I'm willing to lead a team of Jedi to Ord Mantell."

Leia nodded, "I'll go with you, it seems that Cal won't need me to badger the Senate in this Crisis."

Kenth Hamner stood, "I've just sent out a call to all unassigned Jedi, they should be here within the next few days." He smiled slightly, "It'll be quite an entourage Kyp. Katarn is free, as is Corran Horn, Lowbacca, Zekk, and of course, Jacen Solo, once he's finished transferring the prisoner to the UDA."

Kyp smiled, "If the Rapora knew we were coming they might just pack up and leave."

Mara shook her head slowly, "I doubt you all will return."

Author:  Trejiuvanat [ Thu Jan 20, 2005 5:58 pm ]
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Han turned one of the switches down, not wanting he had learnt some bad news. Han exchanged some words with the comm officer, suggesting to begin packing up, but try to reach some of the retreating GFFA commanders.

"Ulan?" Han turned to the Yuuzhan Vong warrior who stopped his words with his two palms.

"I have heard, makes you sad to hear that the world we chased for milennia and cost the live of trillions, was lost so easily," Ulan whispered. Han moved closer to the Vong, who looked at Han before continuing. "One of the reasons I came with you was because I feared that Sekot would be attacked. When I was their captive, they were so interested in me, in Sekot."

Han frowned, looking at his ally. The warrior that had beheaded two of the unknown Rapora warriors seemed so fragile. A fragility Han would have never imagined in a Yuuzhan Vong, the words of the Jedi rang in Han's words. From the tone he believed he percieved a faint echo of regret, of betrayal.

"I recall only few moments of my captivity, the rest is darkness. I know I met their leader. The man behind all this madness, and that his power seemed infinite. Han, I don't know if it was me who killed Sekot. He could have forced me into revealing the location."

Han looked with sympathy at the Jedi. For a race that is terribly feared across the galaxy, to show such weakness of spirit was fatal. Worse yet, Ulan did not have any certainty if he had been succumbed or not, and doubt gnawed at his strength even more.

"Ulan, I don't know much about you. I didn't even know you had been in the hands of the Rapora. I only know this, you are a Yuuzhan Vong and a Jedi, you cannot dwell on your grief and doubt when others need you. So come, we have plenty to do."

Ulan looked at Han.

"We have still to figure out who's on the other side of Dorja's comlink, and we have to train up our Jawa army."

Author:  BadSamaritan [ Fri Jan 21, 2005 3:33 pm ]
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Ilos walked the halls of Gorath, a frown on his face. Mazzoc had called him to one of the many hanger bays near his small room, saying his starfighters had arrived, along with a present from Athien. He had not been expecting the fighters to arrive so quickly, nor for Athien to send something else with them. Thoughts crossed his mind quickly as to what she may have deemed worthy of sending to Gorath. And frankly, he had no idea what it would be.

He walked into the hanger bay, and saw in front of him a massive trasnport, and beign unloaded from its bays were were the last of the Sabre starfighters. But he expected that. What he didnt expect, was the squadron of Chiss Clawcraft that were parked next to it. He walked over to Mazzoc, who was talking with what looked like a Human pilot.

"Ah, Admiral. Your here. I would like you to meat Col. Eldrik, of the UDA starfighter corps. He and his squadron escorted the transprt here, and asked to speak to you personally." Mazzoc said, and he then walked away to go deal with the unloading of the starfighters. Ilos looks over Eldrik for a moment, and then nodded.

"Well, you asked to speak to me, so here I am. We are on a tight schedule, so I will have to ask you to hurry." he said, and Eldrik nodded.

"I understand admiral. My squadron and I were ordered to escort this transport here from Dresnak, and then we are ordered to follow your command." he said, and Ilos raised his eyebrows for a moment. He could not find one reason as to why He would have been given a Chiss squadron, unless Athien thought that he needed pilots for the Preybirds.

"I was also told to give you this." Eldrik said, and he handed Ilos a small datapad. ilos took the datapad, and activated it. When he did, a picture of Athien appeared.

"Admiral Hirotek, I spoke with my father about your plans to put live pilots into Sabre Squadron. He said that you would want a good group of pilots for them, so he has given you command of Knight Squadron. They are a vetern sqaudron, and have already faced the Repora on several occasions. They should suit your needs well. Good luck, and Hurry back." she said, and the datapad turned itself off. Ilos looked back up to Eldrik.

"Well then, get the rest of your people over here, so I can get a good look at them. And so I can explain what you are going to be piloting." he said, and Eldrik nodded. He turned around crisply, and walked back to where the rest of the Chiss squadron was standing. mazzoc came back over, and sighed.

"Honestly, I dont like them being here. They are more of a security risk than I think its worth. And I think Ioor would agree." he said, and Ilos nodded.

"While I agree, they are here now, and there is nothign I can do about that. That, and do you honestly think I am going to turn down a gift from Thrawn? He may be offended by that." he said, and Mazzoc nodded.

"Valid point. I wouldnt want to annoy him either." he said, and Ilos chuckled. He then saw Eldrik walking back over with the rest of his squadron, and Ilos was astounded by what he saw. He knew that the UDA was made up of many different races, but two members of the squadron surprised him. Walking in back of the qroup, were a Yevethan, and even more astoundingly, a Nohgri.

"Admiral, I present to you Knight squadron." Eldrik said, and Ilos nodded.

"Well, welcome to Gorath, all of you." he said, and he looked to the Yevethan.

"i apologize, but I have to ask, werent your people.." he began to ask, and the yevethan smiled.

"Wiped out by the Vong? For the most part, yes. But Supreme Admiral Thrawn sent rescue ships to our world when he heard what had happened. He picked up all the survivors, and transplanted us to a new world. Our people are now located in a single city, on a single world. I was a pilot who fought against the Vong, and was offered a spot in a starfighter squadron. I took it, to try and repay the UDA for saving my people." he said, and Ilos could here the pride in his voice. Ilos nodded, and then looked to the Nohgri. But before he could speak, the Nohgri raised his hand.

"Please Admiral, do not ask why I fly for he he used my people. I have my reasons, which I prefer not to speak of." he said. Ilos stared at him for a moment longer, and then nodded.

"Alright then. I suppose I should breif you on what is going to happen. If you will follow me, I will explain everything." he said, but then he noticed the Ensignia on the pilots uniforms. He though he recognized it from somewhere, but he couldnt quite place it. But he did have an idea, which could be confirmed with one question.

"Tell me, what fighter wing were you attached to before being transferred to my command?" he asked, and in unison, the thirteen pilots bellowed out the answer.

"One Eighty First!" they all yelled, and Ilos nodded. Not only did Thrawn give him a vetern squadron, he had a feeling he had been given one of the best squadrons in the UDA.

"I thought so. Now, if you will follow me." he said, and he tirned to lead the pilots out of the hanger. He had to brief them on his plans, and then start training them top fly the preybirds. And he had limited time in which to do it. But he had a feeling it wouldnt take to long.

Author:  Mad78 [ Sat Jan 22, 2005 1:00 pm ]
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Tuvax leapt avoiding the blast of a grenade who had appeared from nowhere. The snipers were somewhere in the trees and had appeared from nowhere.
If Tuvax did not locate their entery point soon his hole unit would be eliminated.
Using the force he attracted the lightsaber of a dead warrior to his hand and waited.
He jumped at the last moment avoiding a shot. The sniper had made a mistake by revealing his position. Tuvax leapt and landed on a nearly invisible catwalk crossing the trees. In front of him was the sniper, a gigantic wookie in a black armor. The Wookie roared as he charged Tuvax claws ready to cut through flesh like butter. Tuvax struck with his two blades simultaneously severing the Wookie's head. The giant's body fell to the ground as a hidden door opened in a tree and two stormtroopers steeped out with their blasters blazing. Tuvax roared and charged.

Maitinnen was sitting in his Command chair sipping a correlian brandy when the comlink turned itself on.
"Commander! The Rapora have penetrated the underground passages." said the voice of a stormtrooper.
"Where are they now?"
"They have passed relay point 1 and 2 and are rapidly closing in on our position."
Maitinnen threw his glass against the wall.
[i]Things were not happening as they should[i]
"What are we to do?" asked the soldier's voice
"Hold your positions. We must delay them as long as possible.

Tuvax and his warriors charged along. The Imperials had not counted on their capacity to smell the blood of the soldiers.
The group arrived at a barricade. Sending back the fire of the stormtroopers and cutting anything in their way.
They stopped when they arrived in front of a metal door.

Maitinnen watched as the dorr of this office was slowly cut open by a blazing red lightsaber.
The door flew open and in stepped a Rapora warrior. His face was covered in tattoos and one of his feet was artificial.
"You must be the Leader of this Taskforce" said Maitinnen
"You have no need to know that Human" hissed Tuvax
"Yes I don't. In any case you shall die, just as I will" answered the Imperial as he put his hand above a control on the side of his desk. "This hole complex is rigged with explosive."
Maitinnen hand came down on the button and... stopped in mid air.
Tuvax smilled
"You underestimate the power of the Dark side"
Maitinnen arm let out an aweful crunching sound
"And now you will die"
The Imperial clutched his neck as Tuvax suffocated him using the force.

A minute later Tuvax walked out of the room. He turned towards his second in command.
"Clean up the bunker and place plasma charges. We have finished here"

Author:  ADarkJedi44 [ Sat Jan 22, 2005 3:29 pm ]
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Fury watched as his army was assembled. The nano assemblers created massive vehicles. The UDA forces would know what to expect, but they would not be able to hold out. There was only a light forest. It would not prove to be too much of a barrier. Darth Fury smiled. He would enjoy the battle.
It was time to move out.
The Guardian came out of hyperspace with the Fourth Fleet behind it. The normal chaos of battle engulfed the ship. It was a comfortable feeling, but the size of the Rapora fleet distrubed Evahe's peace of mind. He had expected it to be merely a bigger convoy, it was surprisingly well escorted.
He walked around the bridge giving out the usual orders as the alarm sirens went off. The Fourth Fleet had massive power, no doubt, but it was nearly alone. The small UDA force has certainly underestimated the Rapora. It was too early to retreat, but it was not out of the question. He needed to get in contact with the UDA, but they were cloaked. It would be best to wait for them to contact the Fourth Fleet.
The Rapora were not caught off guard. Their fighters were soon flooding out to meet the GFFA forces. Evahe knew his fighters could not rush out offensively. Instead, they'd fight defensively. The Gorathian craft would prove valuable.
"Sir, we detect more ships exiting hyperspace..."
More Rapora?

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