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He seemed a god surrounded by ethereal figures, in the lighting of all holographic projections Oreton sought answers to his question. Ord Mantell had not been destroyed, even when the space fleets had escaped the RApora had insisted in launching a ground assault. And their cruiser had not bombarded the planet. All of which seemed strange Rapora behavior. Archaeological compendia and mythographies and mythologies of Ord Mantell gave Oreton some introduction to the world. A world of which few people had bothered to compile a history. And its scarce history and research had been lost during information cleansing during the Clone Wars.

Oreton sat on the massive chair in his command room, the holotransmitter shivered once then twice before the image of Commodore Dorja materialized. Sighing he remembered how many of the ships systems were damaged or barely functional.

"Commodore, is everything as expected?"

Dorja, though barely discernible smiled. "Yes sir. I believe this is my last report through open channels, we have received our first notification from General Solo. All of our forces are in position."

"All?" Oreton asked with surprise, he had known her to be efficient but not so efficient.

"Yes, Admiral. We have moved our forces to the specified locations."

"And the Rapora. They have landed." Oreton stated, triggering the required answer.

"In the northern continent, as you predicted they have initially avoided any regions with extreme temparature, they have chosen a temperate area and our scouts suggest they may move towards the tropical area within a few days. In the meantime, I am hoping to establish some secure bases in the polar and desertic areas."

Oreton frowned, temperature was ever a factor. No matter how technified the galaxy was, soldiers would always perform better in a terrain where they feel better.

"Do so, yes. But I will not have you trap yourself in miniature Hoth."

"Yes sir. We have already placed redundant communications relays, we believe the Rapora will attack the global com network within hours."

"You are on you own, Commodore. You have plenty of resources at your disposal, some of your troops are officially under General Solo's command, but there are some inofficial troops at your Command. War must be won, and we need victories. May the Force be with you."

Dorja smiled before killing the transmission.

Oreton had been clear, there were resources on Ord Mantell that only Dorja could command. The Empire had never been honest in war, as every good sabacc player it would keep its secret safe from rivals, but even safer from friends.

Dorja looked into one of the monitors before relaying some orders.


"Kid, you have some bright ideas?" Han turned at Ulan who was checking with obvious displeasure the mechanical monitors.

"Han," the Vong then turned to the Chiss General. "What's on quadrant 4-Besh-8?"

"A small wookiee colony. Some of them joined the space battle in custom made starfighters..." the General checked one of the displays. "... with no losses and twenty four kills, they landed here in the vicinity for some repairs."

"Wookiees?" Han asked as ideas were forming in his mind. A Jedi, a few wooks, some anti-Force mines. Perhaps thing wouldn't turn out that bad.

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OOC: I don't like secrets Trej

IC:Captain Sherik Varka walked slowly crouched low with a formation of Raporan infantry flanking him. There were twenty of them all together, the Vanguard of a much larger force.

His sense reached piercing through the vegetation ahead of him. Through the force he could sense the enemy far ahead of them. Smiling he crouched down beside a tree and glanced at his second in command, "Take two warriors and scout ahead."

"Yes sir," The Rapora nodded and scrambled through the brush before picking out two others and advancing. They moved ahead silently, their feet guided by the force. Then suddenly in the middle of a step the leader felt himself go numb. He stumbled forward, his eyes wide as the force was cut off from him. He scrambled forward tugging his plasma rifle from his shoulder.

Then all around him the brush seemed to exploded. Before he could react he was down eight smoking craters in his side. The other two weren't any luckier. They both died int eh storm fo blaster fire.

Sherik Vaka stood his plasma rifle ready as he heard the weapons fire, "Suppressing fire!!!"

A storm of plasma blasts burned into brush slicing into leaves and branches and burning down a tree. But even as they opened fire the soft thunk of a distant proton mortar answered them. A brilliant detonation wiped out half Sherik's command. Snarling Sherik stood, "Fall back!"


"You heard me, they set a trap, fall back!"

* * *

Han Solo smiled as he watched the holorecording of the engagement, "Well done Colonel."

"Thank you," The shimmering hologram of Colonel Sergae answered smiling. "We've pulled back and set up another trap, we'll see just how adaptable these foes are."

"Good, keep me informed." Han keyed off the transmission and swiveled on the chair to face his other visitor, "So Commodore Dorja, you've been keeping your superiors informed?" Han stood and gestured out of the command tent, "I'd like to speak to you."

"General..." Dorja hissed as Han lead her out of the tent.

"I know you've been hiding something from the GFFA Dorja." Han turned to her, "Perhaps you haven't noticed but Supreme Commander Thrawn asked me to take complete command of this force. You may choose to refuse to tell my staff information but you sure as hell should tell me."

"You always were an operator Solo," Dorja answered biting her lip, "I'm under orders..."

"Perhaps you don't recall what happened last time the Empire or the UDA failed to share information with the GFFA." Han spun on her, his hand on his blaster, "I will not have this turn into another Bastion!"

"Sir... I cannot..."

Han balled his hand into a fist, "Communications officer, give me a line to Grand Admiral Oreton." Han pointed his finger in Dorja's face, "If you won't tell me perhaps..."

"The Rapora have destroyed our primary holocomm, we can't call outside of the system."

Han shook his head, "Well in that case, you tell me Dorja or I'll bust you down to lieutenant and send you gift wrapped to Darth Avarice. What will it be Commodore?"

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Darth Fury waited eagerly. His troops were preparing to land, being the second wave after Avarice's force. It wouldn't be long before the Timeless One told him where he was to deploy his warriors.
He awaited the bloodshed.
Evahe frowned in thought. As a whole, his fleet has escaped the battle in one piece. The GFFA was overwhelmed, so it would be a while before the Third Fleet could be rebuilt. It would be much easier for the GFFA to maintain four major fleets, with the Third and the Fourth becoming one.
If Ord Mantell held for a while, all the better. It probably would, considering Han was in charge. If he held out for long enough the Fourth fleet could being praying on Raporan convoys. It would be a good way to gain experiance and buy time while not being terribly perilous. However, the repairs to the Fourth fleet could take a while.
Gorath was another matter of concern. The Raporan capture of Bakura brought them closer to it. Although it was still secret, the Rapora had a chance of finding it if they attacked in that direction. At the very least, they would cut it off. However, it was surronded by useless Outer Rim planets. A Raporan attack there would be unlikely.
The main project there was the new Eclipse. It was well begun, but it would still take a while. As the Raporan fighter project had failed, the next step was to see if plasma bombs could be fit onto a new, GFFA fighter. Evahe had no doubt they would suceed....

OOC-Woo, Rebel Alliance time. wE'lL bEaT u OlD sKeWl. :?

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Hirotek sighed as he walked along the halls of the massive Star Destroyer. Crewers of the ship saluted smartly as he passed them, and he returned all their salutes in kind. He missed his won fleet, where the crew wasn't required to salute him. It had always made him feel uncomfterable. But this wasnt his ship, it was the flagship of Admiral Eveha. So for now, he would have to deal with the ridged rules that most crewers were forced to deal with. Hirotek finally came to the office he was looking for, and smiled. A pair of soldiers with blaster carbines saluted him as he approached, and one of them spoke.

"The Admiral is expecting you, sir. Go right in." he said, and Hirotek nodded. Hirotek walked up to the door, and when it opened, he smiled as he saw the interior of Evehas' office. Like most fleet commanders, his office has the standard clutter of items from his travels. But Eveha had strange tastes. There were blaster carbines displayed on the wall, some of them looking to be ancient beam weapons. Along side them, were small tapestries displaying the singing of the imperial-republic peace treaty, and the surrender of the vong. Hirotek had a feeling that Eveha had set them up like that for a reason.

As Hirotek walked towards the massive desk, Admiral Eveha looked up, and smiled.

"Ilos, it is good to see that you made it here alive." he said, and Ilos nodded.

"Likewise Eveha. It seems that your fleet managed to escape in one piece, more or less." he said, and Eveha nodded.

"More or less. We took losses, just like everyone else. If we dont find a way to minimize these losses soon, we wont have a fleet left to fight the Repora with." he said darkly, and Ilos nodded in agreement. Eveha motioned for Ilos to sit down, which he did. Ilos leaned back in his chair, and stared at Eveha for a moment. Eveha stared back, a look of wonder on his face.

"Well, when you asked to see me, you said it was important. But considering just about everything is important in a time of war, that didt say much." Eveha said, and Ilos laughed.

"Very true. I asked to speak to you, because I have a faovr to ask of you. It involves a certain squadron of fighters that I need to have rebuilt." he said, and Eveha nodded.

"I take it you are speaking of Sabre squadron? The Kuati government has spoken to me about those. hey seem to think that you took them from them unfairly, and would like to have them returned. What is the condition of the squadron?" he asked, and Hirotek chuckled.

"Well, if Kuat wants them back, the official answer to that is that they were Detroyed over Adumar." he said, and Eveha chuckled.

"And unofficially?" he asked, and Hirotek got a serious look on his face.

"Out of the original twelve, I have eight remaining, some with serious damage. I need to have four more built to knew specifications, and the remaining eight re-built to those same specs." he said, and Eveha nodded slowly.

"I see. So why come to me about this? Why not talk to Supreme Admiral Kre'Fey about it?" he asked, and Ilos shrugged.

"I did. he said the resources needed to buld them just werent available right now." he stated, and Eveha nodded.

"Which is true. So why come to me?" he asked again, and Ilos smiled.

"Because you have access to resources that Kre'fey doesnt. You managed to build an Eclipse class destroyer armed with an outlawed superlaser, without even a whisper of its existance. Next, is the starfighters that the Genesis deployed here at Kuat. I have never even seen those starfighters before. And finally, the Reporan fighters you deployed at Ord Mantell. You obviously have a lot of resources at your disposal." Ilos said, and Eveha stared at him for a moment. Eveha then stood, and walked over to the wall. He opened up a hidden panle there, and fipped a series of switches. He closed the panel, and walked back over to the desk. Sitting down, he looked right at Ilos, and frowned.

"Ilos, the resources I used to consturct all of that are quite valuable. If we lose them, we very might lose the war. I would prefer you dont mention them without precautions in place." he said, and Ilos nodded in understanding. Undoubtedly, Eveha had activated a field of some sort to prevent anyone from listening in.

"I understand that, and I apologize." Ilos said, and Eveha nodded.

"No need to apologize. You just dont comprehend the magnitude of those resources. Which, I might add, are not to be used for someones pet project." Eveha said, even though he himself had used Gorath for a few of his own pet projects.

"The re-building of Sabre squadron is not a pet project, Eveha." Ilos stated, and he removed a small datapad from his pocket. he slid it across the table, wich Eveha picked up. He activated the datapad, and began to scroll through its contents. He nodded slowly, and then smiled.

"Interesting design Ilos. But wy not just re-build the squadron as robot fighters? They were quite impressive here at Kuat. i dont see the overall need to put live pilots in them." he said, and Ilos nodded.

"They were impressive yes, but droid brians can only take a fighter so far. By putting live pilots into the cockpits, we can make them tree times as deadly. Even more so If i can get a vetern squadron to fly them." he said, and Eveha nodded.

"You do have a point there. While I do have a project involving robotic fighters, they just dont seem to be as good as a fighter flown by a live pilot. But since the Reporan can use the force, they can more easily second-guess a live pilots reactions." Eveha said, and Ilos chuckled. he reached over, and tapped a button on the datapad. A new screen appeared, and Eveha looked it over. After a moment, he laughed.

"yes, that would work, wouldnt it?" he said, and he set the datapad down. He leaned back in the chair, and thought for a moment. Even with all the resources Gorath had, quantom armor was still difficult to make. Especially in large quantities. Doing this would take a lot of time.

"Ilos, I cant garauntee that these fighters will be done soon, if I decide it is worth the effort. Quantom armor is still something that is beyond the everage war factories capabilities. it is barly within the capabilities of the almighty Kuat drive yards. You do realise how much Kuat spent to build those fighters, correct?" he asked and Hirotek nodded.

"I am aware, yes. I actually argued against their production, as at the time, I thought the funds could be better spent putting out regular warships. But now, I think Kuat may have been on to something." he said, and Eveha nodded.

"They just may have been. But to put it bluntly, even my resources are being stretched thin right now. Producing these, even just a single squad, would require enormous effort." he said. Ilos nodded, and smiled.

"That may be true, but I think they would be worth it. For reasons that should be more than obvious." he said, and Eveha nodded.

"Painfuly, as it seems. I will have to think it over." he said, and Ilos nodded. It was about what he had expected from Eveha, but at least he had tried.

"Thats all that I ask Eveha. Get back to me when you have made you decision." he said, and he stood up from the chair. Eveha stood with im, and reached out his hand.

"I will do that Ilos. Good luck to you on your mission." he said, and Ilos took his hand and shook it.

"Same to you Eveha. Right now, we need all the luck we can get." he said, and he turned to walk out of the small room. As he did, he wondered to himself if maybe he had overstepped his boundries in asking Eveha for this favor. He knew resources were limited. But he felt that his plan was a good one, and warrented a chance. He walked down the halway, and headed towards the shuttlebay. He needed to get back to Athien, so they could continue planning their attacks against the Repora. He also needed to talk to the new commander of the shipyards, to see if he could get another project of his moving. He had a feeling it was going to be a long day.

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The Raporan landing ships slowly desended towards Ord Mantell's surface.
Tuvax sat in the command post of the leading cargo. The Vaagari pilot turned towards Tuvax.
"Sir, the vegetation is too dense for use to land."
"Tell the fighters to clear us a place."
The pi,ot turned back towards his post and spoke into his microphone.
Two fighters overtook the transport and charged towards the ground. They pulled uzo at the last moment releasing two plasma bombs each. Ass they detonated the trees were ripped appart and sent flying in the air.
A few minutes later the cargos landed as their doors opened 4 Droidkas exited through trapdoors on Tuvax's ship and started patrolling and securing the area.
When Tuvax exited the ship followed by two warriors the Vaagari had nearly finished setting up a command post.
Tuvax entered the tent and turned towards the communication agent.
"Put me in Contact with Lord Fury."


Garik landed his Gorathian shuttle in the Hangar of Evahe's Destroyer. He had been called a few minutes ago and asked to come.
He decended the ramp of the shuttle and walked out of the hangar.
When he arrived at Evahe's office the gards let him in. Evahe was standing staring out the viewport.
"Thank you for coming so quickly Garik." he said returning Garik's salute
"May i ask why you needed to see me?"
"I was talking to Hirotek before calling you. He has interessting ideas, but he needs help to apply them." said Evahe as he poured two glasses of Correlian Ale
"Sorry?" asked garik as he took a sip from his glass
"Hirotek was interessted in the extrodinary amount of ressources and weapons we are managing to supply to fight the Rapora"
Garik nearly choked on hearing these words
"He wants to know about Gorath?!"

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IC: Sorry to keep you waiting.

Vana Dorja locked her gaze with the aging smuggler. She had met him during the Vong War and had seen him once or twice after that. For herself she considered that peacetime would make the legendary Corellian age faster than he did in war situation.

From his demeanor she knew that Solo considered her untrustworthy, and duplitious as he probably considered everyone else in the Empire.

"You will have to gift-wrap me and send me to their landing site, Solo."

Solo frowned at her defiance. "I should have you in a cell, Dorja, but I think I'll lelt you keep your secrets for now."

"You are getting softer with age?" Dorja taunted him.

"But I might still change my mind," Solo warned her.

"This place was one of your favorite gambling places, General consider this as a gamble." Dorja allowed her voice to soften up, whilst still not cordial it was far less threatening.

Solo turned at her with the intention to say something else, to which only Dorja smiled. "You would be surprised how details of your early life is employed this days. We had lots of your unofficial biographers asking for your file in the Bastion Library. "

Solo snorted. "What do you have down here?"

Dorja straightened. "We have a large garrison in place, our main force has been fortyfying some key areas and transportation routes. Also we built some out-of-the-way spaceports, it will not be enough for a large evacuation, but should be enough for stealthy operation. In one of them is where the bulk of the Wookiee Starfighters landed after the battle."

"Secret spaceports, huh? I wonder what else you have smuggled out of here?"

"Or the other way round. We have also some special communication lines in place, as we believe the Rapora will want to isolate our different groups."

Solo nodded, "You should go then to your troops, I never was one to communicate aptly with stormtroopers."

"Thank you, General I will not let you down." She extended her hand and revealed what seemed an overly modified comlink.

"Just so you know where to find me, once the local comm relays are out."

When she was gone Solo just looked at the door of the command tent, from which Ulan Shai emerged. "That's the second gamble I make," Solo let out.

"What was the first?" Ulan asked.

"You." Solo answered and moved into the tent.

Ulan looked at the Vana Dorja who boarded her command speeder and drive away.

"You are known to be a good gambler," Ulan murmured and Solo stopped in the entry of the tent.

"You are right, perhaps I'll get an Idiot's Array and win this hand."

OOC: I like my secrets. :p

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OOC: Then consider this my retribution. :twisted: Warning, long post!

Vana Dorja's shuttle leapt upward from the landing pad, a pair of wookie starfighters moved quickly in to flank it. From high above the Raporan Supreme Commander smiled, "Darth Laras, you may proceed."

"Thank you my master," The holographic image of the Timeless One's new apprentice, Vera Laras answered. The shimmering hologram faded as the transmission ended.

* * *

Vera Laras smiled as she glanced to the sides of her cockpit at the two Kar Asp starfighters that flew along side her, "Two, Three, we're going in, target the escorts I'll take the shuttle." She turned to the secondary comm and flicked it on, "Darth Avarice, you may open fire."

* * *

Darth Avarice smiled as she recieved the signal, "With pleasure, all guns open fire on these coordinates!"

Behind her the battery of Salyar artillery pieces came to life, their barrels tracking to the south and their barrel's sliding open to reveal the plasma charge and sphereical projectile being ready to fire. Then all at once the batteries fired.

With a flash eight antiproton shells were flung beyond the horizon trailing glowing orange plasma.

* * *

Vana Dorja settled into the copilot's seat and sighed, denying information to Solo could be a mistake, and she knew it. Yet she had her orders, and they were crystal clear.

Suddenly with a tremendous bang the assault shuttle shook. Sparks flew from half a dozen of its consoles as several others shorted out. Vana felt her eyes widen as a shell detonated in front of the cockpit tearing away what remained of the craft's shielding.

* * *

The wookie pilot's scanners were blanketed from the discharge of energy from the shells. Without scanners they were forced to rely on their eyes to see the next threat. Neither one of them saw the Raporan fighters as they sped up behind the flight at treetop level. With a flash a missile careened from the cluster mount which hung beneath the lead fighter.

Ten meters from its target the missile split into eight warheads. By now the pilot had seen his target warning light flash before him. But it was to late, as he tried to break off the warheads found their mark shredding the fighter.

Laras smiled, "Nice shot two, three take out that fighter."

"I'm on it, missile away!"

The other wookie fighter kicked in the accelerator and shot by the Assault Shuttle's bow chased by the missile. With a flash the cluster munitions reached out and clipped the fighter's engine complex, smoke filled the air behind it and the repulsorlifts failed. Seconds later it crashed into forest below.

* * *

Vana was fumbling for the comm when a female voice came from the speaker, "Imperial shuttle power down your engines and surrender or we'll power them down for you."

Vana flicked on the general broadcast setting, "This is Shuttle Theridan we're under attack, requesting immediate assistance!" Then there was nothing but static.

* * *

Laras fumed in her cockpit as she dipped below the shuttle. Keying on the repulsorlifts she pulled the nose up and fired shredding the shuttle's repulsor lifts.

* * *

Vana felt the deck drop out from under her and saw the trees rush up as the shuttle fell. With a gasp she gripped restraints and tightened them. Then with a crash the shuttle ripped through the trees and began sliding across the ground. Then an shear cliff face rose up before them and the shuttled hit with a sickening crunch and with that Vana Dorja slipped into unconsciousness.

* * *

Darth Avarice nodded to the field commanders that stood around her command post, "You may begin your advance."

Outside the command post the artillery swiveled around as they were retargeted.

* * *

At the front lines of the GFFA force, Lieutenant Melina Thomson sat cradling a blastech. Beside her the Company leader peered out into the woods. He frowned, "Hear that?"

There was a whistling sound down the hill. Frowning Melina clambered up beside him. Then a low rumbled began. Melina pulled out her elecrobinoculars to gaze down the hill. Then she saw something that took her breath away.

Like an enormous red brown monstor a trio of three legged walkers stepped into view. Their armor glinting slightly as their claw shapped weapon racks swiveled about tracking targets. On the connections between the outward legs and inner leg a whole squad of eight Droideka'kar hung from a rack. On each side of the walkers a squad of Droideka'kar battle droids rolled forward led by a single Rapora Warrior.

Behind the walkers a quartet of enormous hoverbed transports edged out of cover. Their rears were covered with rack upon rack of Droideka'kar battle droids. Then over a rise a trio of Raporan styled hovertanks glid into view, their bulbous rear ends obviously displaying hatches for Raporan Warriors to disembark from within.

Melina felt her breath freeze, "We're going to need reinforcements."

* * *

Vana Dorja's eyes fluttered open and she moaned softly. As she reached to release her restraints she felt a spasm shoot through her arm. Slowly she let her head roll down to see her own arm clearly crippled and probably broken. She wiped her left arm across her forehead and felt blood there. It didn't matter though she thought, she had to get out.

She pulled herself out fo the chair and glanced to where the pilot would have been. Instead of the man all she saw was the mangled controls of the craft enclosed around where he would have been. Gasping she staggered back to the hatch and popped it open. She staggered outside and fell on her face as a jolt of pain shot up her leg. Pulling herself upright she noticed that her ankle was bent at an odd angle, clearly broken.

Suddenly a gloved hand covered her mouth and the snap hiss of a lightsaber filled the air. The humming blade had appeared under her chin. Her blaster was ripped from it's holster and tossed away with the force.

Laras smilled as the Raporan drop ship dropped to a hover in front of them. She hissed in her prisoner's ear, "My master wishes to speak with you, Vana Dorja."

With that she kicked her captive into the hold and the waiting arms of a squad of Rapora. Vana turned to see the auburn haired woman slip away as the doors hissed shut in her face.

* * *

Melina dropped down behind the cover of a boulder as the her comrades made themselves ready all around her. Captain Julings glanced along the hasitly assembled company defenses before glancing out at the advancing enemy. He raised his hand, "Wait for it!" "Wait for it!"

The Raporan troops stopped. Suddenly the rolling Droideka'kar droids snapped out into combat formation. Captain Juling's face turned white in that moment, "Oh...sith."

The Rapora opened fire, systematically blasting the ridge. Half the company disappeared under the murderous fire. Captain Juling's location seemed to explode as three heavy plasma bolts blasted into where he was. Concussion missiles from the Droideka'kars smashed into the hillside.

Melina stood and fired her blaster as the E-webs opened up. the Droideka's shields began to waver under the assault but the Raporan assault vehicles immediately countered firing into the E-web positions. Melina grabed for a dropped PLX Missile Launcher as the firing continued. She swung the weapon onto the walker and fired. The missile shot out toward the walker but detonated a full meter from the vehicle as it hit the shields. Further down the line another Missile lanced out and blew apart one of the repulsor sleds.

Melina leveled the Missile launcher once again and targeted the repulsor vehicles. She pulled the trigger again and again loosing a mad volley of four missiles. The first tow hit their intended target, destroying the droidcarrying repulsorsled. The other four shot into the formation of battle droids. Several disappeared into scarp from the impacts.

Melina knew they couldn't hold, not without armor support, "Retreat!" She yelled to the survivors, "Fall back!" As Melina ran back, and got clear of the hill a roar filled the air and eight orange tinged shelled dropped into the ridge. With a series of flashes the entire ridge was seemingly thrown into the air. Debris fell over a thousand meters from the shells as the Raporan Artillery destroyed the hill that had been the GFFA's first defensive line.

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Ilos Hirotek was a stubborn man when he chose to be. When he didnt get his way initially, he always found a way to get it in the end. He had never been foiled by anyone in that regard. Until now. The new commander of the Kuat shipyards had managed to halt his plans almost before they had begun. And Ilos was furious. And he had no qualms about showing it. Especially to some upstart desk jockey like the general in front of him.

"What do you mean, all of it is gone? Where did it go?" Ilos asked, anger evident in his voice. General Yogtha, the new commander of Kuat, simply sat in his chair, a smug look on his face. It was obvious the general was enjoying seeing Ilos angered.

"Im not at liberty to tell you Admiral. All I can say is that all debris from the battle has either been salvaged to help refit warships, or taken away for study." he said, and ilos sat back in his chair and fumed for a moment. His plans for the Vagaari had rested on being able to build realistic replicas of Reporan warships. And for that, he needed debris from the battle. But that obviously wasnt going to happen. But perhaps there was another approach.

"Under whos orders was it moved? I had already given orders to have it all rounded up and stored here. Who countermanded them?" he asked, and the genereal simply shrugged.

"Sorry Admiral, but I cannot devulge that information. What I can say, is that who did it, does not place much trust in you, or your schemes. And frankly, neither do I. Your battle plans have just as much a chance of failing, as they do of succeeding." the general said bluntly, and Ilos had to restrain himself from commenting about the fact that the general had only gotten his position because he was to incompetent to lead troops. It was a well known fact that Shipyard command was basically punishment duty.

"Well then, who do I speak to to find out? And dont tell me that you aren't at liberty to tell me general." he said with a growl. General Yogtha sighed, and shook his head. He was growing tired of this.

"Sorry Admiral, no can do. All of that information is under a need to know basis. And you dont need to know." the general said, and Ilos cracked. Even he had his limits. For this entire meeting, the general had been throwing barbs at him, and he was done with it. He was not going to let this general make a fool of him in the very office he used to occupy. Ilos stood quickly, and grabbed the general by the front of his tunic. With a strength that most wouldnt have seen him having, Ilos yanked the general out of his chair, and over the desk. Ilos threw the general to the floor, and walked over to where the general had landed.

"General Yogtha, I belive I detect a hint of insubordination to a superior officer in your voice. And in a time of war, thats seen as treason." he said coldly, and the general slowly stood up. The general brushed off his tunic and stared coldly at Ilos.

"You are mistaken, Admiral. I am simply following orders." the general said, and Ilos snarled.

"Whos orders?" Ilos barked, and the general sighed.

"I already told you, I am not at lib-" the general began, but Ilos never let him finish. Ilos grabbed him again, and proceeded to throw the general across the room. The general crached into the out bulhead whcih served as one of his walls, and fell to the floor in a heap. Ilos walked over to wear the general had allen, and bent over him. Grabbing him again, ilos hoiseted the general up along the wall.

"Now, who gave the orders?" Ilso asked, and the genereal stared at him for a moment, seemingly considerign not telling him again. But then his intelligence got the better of him. No to mention his self-preservation instincts.

"Cal Omas gave the orders. He said the study of our enemy was more important than some admirals schemes and insane tactics." the general said quickly, and Ilos sighed. He turned and dumped the general back into his seat, and thought for a moment. It would figure that Omas would do something like that.

"The study of our enemy? The last time I heard talk like that, the Vong were marching across the galaxy, and Borsk Fey'lah was saying them." Ilos said through gritted teeth. He hated it when politicians got involved in wars. In his mind, they should just sit back and let the warriors do the fighting. But he knew that was never going to change.

"Thank you for your time general. Maybe next time, you will simply answer questions you are asked, correct?" he asked, and the genreal simply nodded.

"Good. Now, i will be on my way." Ilos said, and he straightened out his tunic. He turned, and walked out of the office, the anger he had felt simply gone now. He knew that more than likely, high-command would have something to sya about him using the general as a practice dummy, but right now, he didnt care. He would be gone to Dresnak soon hopefully, where high command wouldn't be able to reach him.

Outside the office, Athien stood waiting patiently, a smile on her face. Ilos knew that she had heard the entire exchange through the door. It didnt bother him. Nor did it appear to bother Athien.

"I see you got your answer." she said, and Ilos nodded.

"Yes, to bad it wasnt the one we needed. We will have to overhaul our plans again. It seems that Cal Omas has other plans for the debris." he said, and Athien sighed.

"They never learn, do they? Poloticians need to know when to back down, and let the military run the show." she sia,d and Ilos nodded in agreement.

"Very true. You think they would have learned against the Vong. But obviously, we arent that lucky." Ilos stated bluntly. Athien nodded, and theny bagen to walk towards the hangerbay. On the way, they talked breifly about how they were going to proceed now. They had spent a lot of time on those plans, just to have them crumble. It mostly a nuisance however. Thjey had talked about back-up plans in case they wre needed. Whcih they now were. As they entered the hangerbay, they saw standing there a familiar, and freindly face.

"General Ioor, its good to see you." Ilos said, smiling. Ioor smiled in return, and nodded to them both.

"Likewise Admiral. I have news that may bring a smile to your face. From Admiral Eveha." Ioor stated, and Ilos smiled heartily. Perhaps this day wasnt a complete loss afterall.

Author:  Trejiuvanat [ Thu Jan 13, 2005 6:20 pm ]
Post subject: 

Three Rapora warriorrs surrounded her, despite the dim green lighting in the hold she could make out the figures of their face, the reptilian skin. The inhuman eyes that looked at her intensely. She did not move, it was too painful to try, and a single move could be malinterpreted and end her life sooner than she expected.

Her brown eyes analyzed the cargo hold slowly trying to look into every different vertice of the room, trying to analyze the movement of the vehicle she was in. Still shocked because of the crash, she could not rebuild those last seconds, nor the direction the fighters came from. Rapora landing sites were scattered near the equator of the world, and Vana knew that she must be taken there.


Oreton sat in his command chair analyzing the new information. Cold air was flowing into the chamber, something the inequivocably lead him to believe that something had gone amiss.

Any minute now he expected one officer or another to report a grave blow to the defense of Ord Mantell in his office. His eyes shifted from one datapad to another waiting for the catastrophe to arrive.

"Grand Admiral," a lietenant stormed the room, the tone that of a subdued shriek.

Oreton looked at the young woman, her brown eyes confirmed that the news were bad.

"Half an hour ago a skirmish between Rapora and GFFA Forces was reported, parallel to it a group of starfighter shot down the shuttle Commodore Dorja was using to transport remove herself to the Imperial Headquarters."

"Thank you, Lieutenant." Oreton answered as his left hand instinctively moved to his brow. Without Dorja there was no one competent enough to coordinate the Imperial Operations on the planet.

"Captain please come into my office," Oreton softly spoke into the comlink.


Another holographic X-Wing plummeted to the ground under the stern look of General Solo.

The enemy weaponry had already leveled one of the hills that had served as the forward defense line. Solo desperately tried to rearrange his forces, something that proved increasingly difficult.

"Thomson to Gold Base, we have five more Raporan Walkers coming in from the southeast, they are advancing towards us."

The holographic map flashed as it was updated with the tentative location of the advancing walkers. Solo looked at the map intently before turning to the Chiss Colonel.

"Any word from the scouts?"

"No sir, they are grid searching the approximate area of the crash site but still have not found Commodore Dorja's shuttle." Ulan shook his head as Solo interrogated him with his gaze. "Order them to return, they won't find anything."

Solo nodded and gave the order to return.

"What's the location of those Y-Mines?" Solo asked and one of the controllers added another colored layer on the holographic battle.

"They are pretty far away from them," Solo noted.

"They were placed at the more reasonable paths through the hills. We had not expected them to blast their own passes." Ulan answered.

"We will have to bring them to those mines," Solo said for himself.
"Order our forces to fall back, and set parts of the forest behind them on fire." Solo dictated as Ulan continued to analyze the erratic retreat of the GFFA troops.


"All creatures fear fire. Humans, Vong, Rapora. Plus it's a distractant and an unnecesary slow down, if they have noted that our forces have begun to withdraw there should be nothing to make them avoid our little pass through the hills." Solo said. As if on cue the Brown colored Raporan forces halted before the burning forest, and their slow walker began to take the path through the hills.

"Now we send our Ewoks with stones and clubs against them." Solo smiled.


Vana Dorja woke up all of a sudden by a strong impact, a fierce Rapora warrior threw her out of the cargo hold. They had given her a short-lived freedom of movement. She fell on a muddy patch and as she struggled to stand up she put her left hand on her face a small pill entered her throat, the sour flavor tasted sweet in her mouth. She knew the poison was working, as the blurred image of a auburn haired woman fade to black and her lump body fell on the floor.


One of the panels in Oreton's chamber went black. Alone in his chamber he held a seemingly eternal minute of silence.


He woke up, not because it was time to wake up. It was still night around him. He woke up because he had been ordered to. He obeyed orders.

The watery salt-nutrient solution drown a word in his throat, as cold air filled his lungs. It was time. He knew not why it was time. But the black silhuette on the entrance confirmed his suspicion.

Author:  Stellar_Magic [ Thu Jan 13, 2005 10:46 pm ]
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Darth Avarice hissed between her teeth as she stood before the wall of flame that the GFFA had left behind, "So the GFFA think's that this will dictate us." She smiled as she turned to the Aklasp commander, Norgath, "You'll continue the advance here, the enemy will not anticipate such an action. We'll flank on your right and demonstrate in front of the enemy."

"Yes Lord Sith, I understand. We are to suprise the enemy by using our unique anatomy. I have oftened enjoyed out witting such carbites." The Aklasp's mouth twisted into a smile and a crackle of flame hissed out from it's mouth, "Leave it to us."

Darth Avarice nodded slowly as the Aklasp warriors moved into the inferno then turned to the Raporan commanders, "Very well, Captain Varka, you will use three Kar Loafeh Assault transports to redeploy your personnel to the ridge to the east which the enemy has just abandoned. I think you will find that they have cleared it enough to allow you to set up your weapons."

One of the Raporan staff officers ran to her his mouth curled into a snarl, "My Lord Sith, a Mandalorian Cruiser has just decloaked to the north. It's offloading troops."

Avarice smashed her fist into the table, "Damn Mandalor, dispatch a wing to immolate that intruder."

* * *

Luke Skywalker stepped through the field of debris to the small field hospital that had been set up in the wake of the assault. Slowly he stepped by the rows of mangled Ferrorians and Vong. Those few with medical experience tended the wounded, but it was clear there were far to few for the job.

Behind him Mara sighed, "Luke, I'll head back to the ship and try and summon help."

"Who?" Luke asked quietly as he stepped past a literal pile of dead bodies, "The Chiss have problems of their own and the GFFA will be to far..."

Mara hissed between her teeth as Luke's dispair washed over him, "This isn't your fault." She sighed gain, "I'll head for UDA space."

Luke sighed, "Go, do what you can." He knelt down next to the cot which held Danni Quee, "I'll do what I can here."

* * *

Cal Omas rubbed his eyes as Admiral Kre'Fey finished his presentation, "Is that it then? Ord Mantell is an Anvil for the Rapora to beat on while we figure out how to defeat them?"

Admiral Kre'Fey sighed, "Thats all we can do right now. All fleet units have been ordered to begin raiding the enemy, but as of yet they've failed to generate results."

Cal nodded, "Any word from the Skywalkers?"

"No," Admiral Kre'Fey answered.

"So now we wait."

* * *

Vana Dorja was drug from the Raporan shuttle and tossed to the ground in a heap. She quivered once as the pain from impact shot through her and lay still.

Dimly she heard a deep familiar voice, "You may go, leave me with her."

With their claws clicking across the hanger floor the Rapora retreated to another room. Slowly Dorja turned and saw a face staring down at her, "Hello Vana Dorja, your father once served me and soon you will do the same." She knew then who it was she saw, the Timeless One, the Emperor Reborn.

* * *

Han Solo was bent over the holographic map chewing his lip, "I don't buy it, their shifting their focus far to willingly." He straightened slightly and nodded to Ulan, "You know what I think?"

"I do not," Ulan answered frowning at the map.

"The Rapora have divided their forces I think. The main force is moving to the pass, the other force, I'm not sure what they're doing." On impulse he flicked the comm to one of his commanders, "Lieutenant Melina Thomson, retake the ridge to your south, our 'ewoks' will be set to reveal themselves anymoment so hurry."

* * *

Melina Thomson led what remained of her company up the ridge, she knew that it had just been abandoned, Alliance equipment lay scattered across the ground. Nodding to herself she turned to the three remaining officers, "Gather any equiment you can find, especially missile systems."

Then she heard the sound, a high pitched yell from the pass and knew that the 'Ewoks' had just let themselves be known.

* * *

The 'ewoks' weren't really ewoks at all but automated weapons systems, no more intelligent then a datapad their systems were based on a simple laser trip line across the yslamiri mined valley. As the first Raporan walker crossed the first 'trip' a recorded screaming like those heard on endor filled the air and the 'ewok' fired.

As a weapon went it was amazingly simple, an enormous metal rod with a pair of fins grafted to its ends. The improvised missile was flung from mag rail and smashed into the side of the walker. The walker's crews, surprised by the ambush, failed to keep the vehicle upright and it crashed to the floor. The Rapora were already peppering the launcher with blaster shots, but it was pointless. The weapon was a single shot arm, and the Rapora would quickly discover it wasn't alone.

Other missile launchers lined the route, some throwing reactant fuel, others launching proton torpedoes, and yet others detonating seismic charges to creat land slides. All in the spirit of the smallest of heroes from the Rebellion.

* * *

Melina Thomspon smiled at the racket in the pass, the Rapora were being slowed. While the 'ewoks' wouldn't cause many casualties they served their primary purpose of slowing the enemy and keeping them bunched up in the passes center over the Yslamiri mines.

With a whine three Raporan assault transports shot overhead and Melina looked upward with surprise. The Rapora were coming to take the hill.

Author:  Trejiuvanat [ Thu Jan 13, 2005 11:23 pm ]
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Oreton rubbed his hands, and considered increasing the temparature of his office. He decided against it, as the images of flames on one of the monitors made his body warm up with anger. Anger at the Rapora for their seemingly insuperable strength, anger at the GFFA and the burning of the forest. Even if, Oreton had not doubt about it, he would have ordered the same barbarity. Oreton smiled, as he decided that the forest fire made an extraordinary funeral pyre for Vana.

The tall flames danced with the wind obnoxious to the movements of the Rapora and GFFA Forces that battled in the area. Through the flames, Oreton believed he saw other creatures advancing, slow but steady. Ignoring the flames, as the flames ignored them. The image quality then became blurry and unclear as smoke and heat made even the GFFA scouts abandon their posts. Oreton made note of the creatures.

Oreton analyzed the strenghts of the forces deployed in that area. The GFFA, aided by Solo's unpredictable tactics could hold enough to make a more organized retreat. Some of Oreton's walkers could make a difference in holding the hill area much longer, but once the fire died it would be an open battlefield and the GFFA troops would be in serious disadvantage. And the fire-walking creatures were still an unknown factor, walking through fire was an uncommon attribute in most races, showing such resistance to heat was to be noted.

"At least I know you exist," Oreton murmured. With a voice command he called upon the database, and started some research into what could this creatures possibly be, and how to counter them.

Author:  Mad78 [ Fri Jan 14, 2005 12:44 pm ]
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"I have been authorised to take you where you wished to go."
A smile appeared on Hirotek's face.
"Good! Lets go."
"And i am sorry but I have authorisation to only take you." said Garik, pointing at Athien.
Hirotek seemed just about to argue but Athien beat him.
"Don't worry about it. Hirotek I will meet you on the fleet." she said before walking away."
Garik turned to Hirotek
"Okay lets go."
Garik led Ilos to the night black Gorathian shuttle.
A few minutes later the two men were seated in the cockpit of the ship, Hirotek obviously enjoying the leather seats.
Garik started up the engines and they blasted out of the hangar. The Admiral, obviously impressed by the speed of the shuttle seemed a little taken aback.
The ship rapidly entered Hyperspace.

Tuvax slowly made his way through the undergrowth of Ord Mantell. Their target, a Imperial base was no more than a kilometer away and they had not yet encoutered any resistance.
Suddenly Tuvax sensed something. The whole group of warriorsstopped.
"What is it my lord?" asked on of the reptilian warriors.
"What do you sense ahead?" answered Tuvax
The warrior concentrated himeself for a few seconds, scanning the jungle.
"Nothing my lord."
"Place four warriors in the trees. They must fire once they have located the enemy."
The warriors obeyed, four of them climbing silently up the trees and preparing their plasma rifles.
Tuvax clutched his lightsaber and advanced. At the last moment he lept in the air, avoiding the 4 laser bolts who crossed at the place he was a second ago.
Before the snipers could take another shot, the plasma rifles roared and the jungle went silent.
The rapora group then moved along to the target.

The shuttle exited hyperspace in the Gorath system.
Garik turned towards Hirotek.
"Understand Admiral you are about to witness on of the most secret things in this galaxy."
"Seems rather undefended for a secret system."
Garik pressed a few buttons on the communication console.
"General what a nice suprise!" answered Lor with his customary good humor "How are you today?"
"The Admiral Hriotek would like a demonstration of Gorath's defensive power."
"Imediatly General."
Suddenly three intercetion corvettes uncloaked next to the shuttle and the moon base started pouring out fighters who came and formed an escort."
Garik did not bother commenting.
The shuttle landed in the hangar reserved for important arrivals. Mazzoc was there wainting with a large smile on his face.
"After you Admiral" said Garik.

Author:  ADarkJedi44 [ Fri Jan 14, 2005 4:28 pm ]
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The clumsy craft slowly began to land. Fury was not comfortable inside such a defensless craft, but landing in his Sith Infiltrator was a bit unessacary. Time past quickly for him, as he concentrated on focusing his rage. He was eager to begin. His army of Raporan warriors was assigned to deal with the UDA ground forces on Ord Mantell.
The ship stopped moving and Fury realized it had landed. He had barely noticed, so deep in his concentration. The human Dark Jedi stood and took a glance at the group of warrios with him in the landing craft. The time for bloodshed had come.
With Garik busy, Evahe had deployed his forces to raid Raporan reinforcements heading to Ord Mantell. Garik would form a second task force as soon as he returned. The time passed slowly. It seemed the task force was waiting for something that wasn't coming and Evahe felt the need to retire for the day.
It was then that the first Raporan convoy came out of hyperspace. It was protected by a Kar Lur, three Salvas, and six Defras, at least. There was over a dozen Raporan freighters in the convoy. Evahe smiled as the sirens onboard the ship wailed, he felt the familiar thrill of a battle.
He walked around barking out the usual orders, "Shields up! Launch our fighters! Move to engage them head on!" It was all a reflex to Evahe.
The Raporan task force did not look particurly menacing. Standing on the bridge of the Guardian, Evahe felt secure. The interdictor/Star Destroyer Admiral Ackbar had the Raporan convoy trapped. It was only a matter of time....
The gunships, frigates, and corvettes moved to escort the swarm of GFFA fighters. A few of them were Gorathian in design. A wing or two of Raporan fighters came out to challenge the massive GFFA force, a feble act of defiance. The main body of the GFFA fleet moved as one solid mass, intent on smashing the convoy without taking unessacary casulties.
Evahe watched as the starfighters engaged each other. The Raporan fighters were superior, but they were terribly outnumbered. The prescence of Gorathian fighters only worsened the situation.
As he watched, the massive Super Star Destroyers guns began to fire...


Author:  BadSamaritan [ Sat Jan 15, 2005 10:30 am ]
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Serk smiled as he watched the massive cruiser unload troops and supplies onto the ground. it was an imopresive sight, to say the least. But as he flew tight formation with the rest of his squadron, the voice of the cruisers captain came over the comm system.

"Squadron leaders, sensors are picking up incoming hostiles from the south. You are oprdered to move and angage them while we launch the rest of the fighters. Protecting the ground troops is our top priority." the captain said, and Seryk responded quickly, as did Fett and the other squadron leader already in the air. Seryk pulled to teh south quickly, and watched on his sensors as More starfighters launched from the hanger bays.

"Seryk, have your squadron move to a high altititude, then dive down on top of them. We will keep them busy while you get ready." Fett said over the comm, and Seryk responded quickly.

"Fett, these arent imperial pilots. They wont fall for that tactic at all." he argued, and Fett laughed.

"I know. But they will respond the way we want them to." Fett said, and Seryk winced. In the back of his mind, he thought Fett was seriously underestimating the Reporan starfighters. Seryk had already faced them once. He knewq what they were capable of. But something told him there was more going on then he knew about. he pulled up, and his squadron followed quickly.

Seryk watched as the two remaing starfighter squadrons moved to engage the Reporan fighters. Seryk expected the Reporan starfighters to easily take down the Mandalorians, but was surprised to see that the Gladiator class starfighters dance around the reporan starfighters with ease. But some of the mandalorian starfighterts still fell from the sky. Seryk glanced at his sensors, and nodded.

"Alright, lets flip and dive at them." he said, and he put his words into action, his squadron following suite. They dove down towards the dogfight, and as they approached, he watched the reporan starfighters scatter like the wind to avoid being attacked from above. Seryk wondered for a moment why Fetts' squadrons werent following them. Then, Seryk saw nothing but red.

Powerfull turbolaser blasts filled the sky surrounding them, catchign several of the reporan starfighters immediatly. The remaining reporan starfighters moved quickly to avoid the blasts, only to be caught in the crosshairs of more enemy starfighters. Seryk grinned as one reporan starfighter flew up at his squadron. Seryk quickly began firing at it, and was joined by the rest of his squadron. The starfighter exploded violently, and Seryk looked around. The reporan starfighters were all gone.

"Good job Seryk. But they wont fall for that again." Fett said over the comm, and Seryk nodded.

"No, they wont. So what do they do when they send more of them?" he asked, and Fett barked a laugh.

"Then, we will just have to deal with them the old fashioned way." Fett said, and Seryk chuckled. he just hoped that they would be able to hold off another wave, if one came.

"Are all the troops unloaded?" Seryk asked, and the captain of the Wolfsbane came over the comm.

"Yes, all troops and equipment are unloaded. What are your orders?" he asked, and Seryk could almost hear the gears in Fetts head grinding away with a plan.

"Scan all known GFFA frequancies, and see if you can find out who is leading the defence of the world. Then get in contact with them, so we can coordinate our attacks." Fett ordered, and Seryk nodded with approval. It was a sinmple plan, and sound at that. It would work for now.

"Fett, we have several more squadrons incoming from the south. I think we annoyed them." the captain said, and Fett made a sound that seemed to be half laugh, half snarl.

"Good, for a moment there I thought that they were going to ignore us." Fett said, and Seryk smiled. Je knew that wasnt going to happen. After what had happened on tatooine, he doubted the Reporans were going to take the Mandalorians lightly. He just wondered how well the ground troops would do against the repora. But Seryk knew that of Fett was any indication, the mandalorains were going to be a usefull ally in this war, both on teh ground, and elsewhere.

"Captian Jarryk, prepare a Class 1 AMW missile. Dump it right infront of the incoming starfighters. Lets give them something to think about." Fett ordered suddenly, and Seryk wondered what kind of missile he was talking about. But he knew that knowing the mandalorians, it wasnt going to be anything subtle.

Author:  Trejiuvanat [ Sun Jan 16, 2005 9:11 pm ]
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The holo-board shimmered and changed. The figures morphed from eroded hills and burning forests to dense foliage and caudalous rivers. A sidebar reported the precise latitude and longitude of an Imperial Base. Oreton raced over the unit assignement of the base, over the officers assigned to it. The list was remarkably short.

Oreton keyed another access sequence, which called upon another different database. As he had expected it the assignment list on that particular database was empty. Jungle and tropical stations had been manned with a minimum of troopers. Projected to work more as listening posts than complete garrisons. The assignment of units was meant for the Imperials to turtle, while feeding information on the invaders through special communication channels.

The first bits of information had already begun to flow into the analysis computers, and forwarded to the analyst team on station. Also the first reports of casualties. Six snipers had been killed, but not before they had killed four enemy warriors, another warrior. Presumably their commander, had evaded the shots.

Oreton would have smiled had he not lost six specialized troopers, but felt satisfied. A sniper attack from the forest was something that would make the Rapora more careful, make them move slower or stand still for a few heartbeats. "It would seem they were posing for this holoscan," Oreton laughed.

The tropical facilites had been laid out for an optimal defensive capability, with a minimum of troops. Specialized boobytraps and failsafes, would keep the Rapora busy.

Oreton looked at the holoscans again, trying to spot anything that did not seem to be a Rapora. Something like the things that walked through the forest. The thought of those creatures was terrifying, his own analysis only concluded that to walk through fire you needed to be hotter than fire himself, but not too hot to actually burn up the oxygen around you.

Brainstorming alien races, or biotechnological warmachines, was both hard and tiring, but at least it offered some distraction to the dead panel on his command chair. The panel that had been linked to Dorja's live signs.

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