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Author:  Barkoa [ Thu Aug 12, 2004 3:10 am ]
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The droid flew out of the window. Barkoa quickly jumped after it. He didn't want to lose track of it. As it fell, it rolled into a ball, and rolling and bouncing, made its way down the side of the structure. Barkoa followed quickly, Kyp not too far behind. Before they could reach the ground, two concussion missiles were heading toward them. Barkoa was going to send them back with a push, but Kyp sensed this and yelled. "No! It's too dangerous!" and he force-pushed them outward from themselves. The missiles continued to soar through the sky and exploded far away. Even at that distance the blast could be felt.

Two more were coming. Barkoa now knew what to do, so he and Kyp worked together, sending the missiles away. More came. It wouldn't be long before the droid was out.

When it did finally run out, Barkoa prepared for close combat, but Kyp stopped him. "There's a starship approaching." He sent a quick message to it, informing them of the menace below and that it was out of missiles. A few seconds later, a ship appeared.

Author:  Stellar_Magic [ Thu Aug 12, 2004 10:48 am ]
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But the Droid wasn't out of missiles, witha pop of metal it ejected the two expended magazine's and the autolader at its rear moved to affix two more.

Before the missiles were loaded the droid swung toward the approaching headhunter it's deflector shield snapped on as Kyp rolled toward it and tried to thrust through the shield. The blade bounced off the shields as the droid locked onto its target and fired its Plasma cannons. The two golden bolts arched through the air smashing into the Z-95's forward shields. They flickered as the plasma ate into them but failed to penetrate.

Kyp watched the deflector shield snap off as the craft lined up the dual concussion missile launchers. It activated its lightsaber blades as Barkoa struck at it. The droid blocked his strike and the missile launchers canted up toward the headhunter. Kyp pulled out his comm link, "Watch out its about to fire again!"

Author:  Barkoa [ Thu Aug 12, 2004 6:46 pm ]
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This droid was really getting on Barkoa's nerves. Flipping back, he prepared for another strike. Using force-speed, he sprinted at the droid, slashing will great speed and accuracy at the droid. It blocked many, but failed to block one that snicked its leg. At that same instant it fired the missiles, but fell over slightly, causing them to miss hitting the ship initially although they turned around preparing for a second approach. With the droid's lack of mobility now, it was easy work for Kyp and Barkoa to finish it off. They both turned to see what would happen with the last two missiles.

Author:  Stellar_Magic [ Thu Aug 12, 2004 8:05 pm ]
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Kyp turned to the almost completely disabled droid as the Z-95 kicked in its main drives and disappeared into the clouds, the two missiles streaking after it. He watched in shock as the droid folded up into a ball again its lightsaber emitters switched off and pointed towards it center hull. A flash of insight gave Kyp his only warning, "Barkoa, take cover!"

Kyp lunged for the younger Jedi and forced him to the ground as the brilliant whine of a pair of lightsabers being activated filled the air, and was immediately replaced by an explosion. The droid had sliced into its own power generator which detonated in a brilliant ball of flame. The explosion's force had made it so that they'd never find a piece of the droid larger then a centimeter across.

With a second thunderous roar the Z-95 Headhunter dipped below the clouds it banked and a pair of brilliant flares shot from its rear. They curved to pursue the missiles but pulled by gravity they dipped and fell sputtering into the ground. The Z-95 pulled up as Kyp watched and broke away, the missiles still in pursuit, if the pilot could keep them from hitting the missiles would run out of fuel, if the pilot could keep dodging them that is.

* * *

The Imperial Intelligence officer walked downt he hallway his shacking hands grasping the analyst's report on the unknown craft which had attacked the listening post. There had been no survivors, he still couldn't believe the extent of the destruction caused by the attackers. Unfortunately all the Star Destroyer had been able to see were the three red brown starfighters which had fled upon its arrival.

The report would surely raise more questions then answers, all the crafts weapons had registered as unknowns, even their silhoutte had been blurred by distance, but right now any information was valuable. The officer paused by the door waiting for Admiral Baros Oteron to admit him, when the door did slide open he was greeted by both the admiral and the Imperial Supreme Commander Gilad Pelleaon. This report must be more important then he thought.

* * *

Mara and Corran's search had come up empty for several days now, after Ben's delivery of a lightsaber, little more had been found. Now three days later Mara got lucky.

She'd been following the tracks of an unknown alien, which had left strange three toed impressions in the ground, two facing forward, the third reversed, when she'd spotted a slight glow from under a pile of debris.

Slowly gingerly Mara sat the case of forensic equipment beside the pile of debris and pulled out a pair of gloves. She pulled the debris off and found herself facing a black claw, its tip stained with blood, beside it was another toe almost completely buried by sand and debris. Mara turned to Corran who was picking his way across the debris field, "Corran, come see this!"

Corran swiveled to Mara and half ran up beside her. He stopped when he saw the claw, "What the?" Mara nodded as she started pulling more debris off the mound.

"I think we may have one of the attackers here, that whole wall collapsed on top of it," Mara said as she pulled a large piece of metal free and tossed it aside then she stopped as she saw the source of the glow, "Well hello."

The glow had come from a small read out on what appeared to be some kind of weapon. It was longer then her forearm and had a strange ball shaped which was part of its stock. A trigger and hand grip were visible halfway along the weapon. At the weapon's end there was a large bore emitter. Directly below it was a mounting clip. She glanced at Corran as she pulled the lightsaber they'd found from her belt and tried to fit it onto the clip. It expertly snapped into place, "Lets get Luke, I think its safe to conclude this wasn't a Jedi's blade."

Author:  Trejiuvanat [ Thu Aug 12, 2004 9:54 pm ]
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Admiral Baros Oreton stood expectingly in front of the boarding ramp of the shuttle, the slight hum of the hoverchair confirmed the arrival of the important personality he had been expecting. Grand Admiral Pellaeon, hovered towards him, although his body seemed tired, the ancient man wore his white uniform impeccably. His eyes and the stern expression on his face revealed that the mind of the tactician worked as cunning and fast as ever.

"Welcome to the Right to Rule, sir." Oreton said as he shook the Admiral's hand.

"Let us skip protocol for once, Baros," Pellaeon ordered gravely, and BAros consented.

"Join me in my office."

En route to the office the two naval commanders discussed happier things, their own personals impressions and successes. Already within the office the atmosphere changed drastically. Oreton detailed the complete annihilation of Demblu Base, and the debris of Chiss Clawcraft, the Admiral described completely what had been on the ground as he projected some holos of the base from orbit, and from the ground. Lastly he mentioned the vessels escaping the scene.

"Do you have holos of them?" Pellaeon asked.

"Yes sir," Oreton replied as he played one of those. "I sent a copy to my Intelligence Staff for them to figure out, the results should be here any moment now-". Oreton turned at the door and opened it, a uncalm Intelligence Officer entered and saluted clumsily, he handed a datapad over to the Grand Admiral and put a datacard in the projector, a digitally enhanced playback of the escape replayed over and over again.

"What did you find out?" Pellaeon asked after a quick overview of the report.

"We..." The Officer took a deep breath. "We confirmed them to be starfighters, sensor reading were not precise as they vanished too fast. Energy outputs are about the same of a Mark IV TIE Defender, their hyperdrive technologies seems to operate just like ours, so we could assume that they come from our galaxy. Their vector would lead them anywhere between Nirauan and Endor, that is if they do not change course." The Officer had said it all without breathing.

"Take a breath, Lieutenant." Oreton advised.

"What were the results from the soil analysis?" The Admiral asked.

"Heavy bombardment with plasma weapons, from the damage extent we can say it is equivalent to a low orbit two-hours bombardment from a Victory-II-Destroyer."

"Could the three starfighters have done all the damage?"

"Impossible to determine, without clearer data on their weaponry. It would seem unlikely, but the Yuuzhan Vong have proven that unlikely does not mean impossible." The Officer responded.

"I understand that, but we cannot rule out the possibility that their main vessel had already left and those few starfighters were their exit escort?"

"No, sir." The alliviated Lieutenant said.

The Grand Admiral continued the session, asking for further reports and results from laboratory and then dismissed the officer.

"A group of unknown ships, from the Unknown Regions, attacks an unknown Chiss-Empire Listening post, with unknown weaponry, for reasons unknown." Grand Admiral Pellaeon sighed. "The cyclic Belkadan."

Oreton said nothing. The situation was pretty bad.

"Baros, do you think the Starfighters alone could have done it?"

"I do not know, sir. It seems very unlikely, especially for a craft with the energy output of a TIE Defender, but we cannot rule out the possibilities. The question is whether, we should we share the information?"

"Disinformation and lack of trust, severely hampered our war-efforts with the Yuuzhan Vong threat, Baros, I am determined not to let it happen again," Pellaeon breathed heavily. "I will need a copy of all the information you have, to give it to Captain Dorja and send her to Nirauan and Csilla. You on the other hand will go to Denon and Ossus."


"Yes, whatever it is. The Jedi are most likely to have worse luck than anyone in the galaxy and run into this threat, plus their are in close contact with Zonama Sekot, and that planet is full of surprises."

"Yes, sir, but before let me invite you to a cup of tea."

"And I shall gladly accept, Baros." Their conversatin retook their earlier tint, after a few hours Baros saw the Grand Admiral leave the ship and then he started the flight to Denon, Capital of the Galactic Federation.

Author:  Stellar_Magic [ Thu Aug 12, 2004 10:46 pm ]
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OOC: Good post Trej

IC:Luke waited, his legs crossed in the shadow of Corran's Sekotan Skip. Akanah huddled beside him quivering slightly, slowly she glanced at Luke as Ben wandered around the skip toward them, "So you got married?"

Luke smiled slightly, "Well thats what happens after awhile, after having a couple failed relationships, eventually you find a good one."

"I'm sorry," Akanah said softly glancing at the ground.

"I know, in your place I might have done the same," Luke smiled as Ben kicked a rock across the ground, "You remember anything about the attack?"

Akanah shook her head, she glanced at Luke, "It's fortunate that your apprentice showed up when he did, we couldn't have survived for very long without his help."

Luke smiled slightly, "Well Jacen has been trying to track you down for a while."

"Why?" Akanah asked.

"I wanted to learn from you," Jacen said as he stepped around the Sekotan Skip. He glanced at Mara and Corran as they walked over to them, "Any idea what they found?"

"Nope," Luke answered with a yawn, "I forgot how time consuming investigations are."

Mara stepped up beside them and set a large black bag in front fo them, she quickly unzipped it and removed the old lightsaber they'd recovered earlier, she thumbed it on and twirled it, "Corran analyzed the crystals in the emitters, their both carbon synthetic, which means none of our jedi used this saber. We all use natural crystals." She shut it down and set it on the ground beside the bag and removed the larg rifle which they'd just recovered, "And this is unlike most anything I've seen before, at least on all our jaunts across the galaxy."

Mara spun it around so the bulbous end pointed to the ground and pushed a button. Blue electricty shot around the bulb and sparks slightly as it hung above the ground, "The rear end is designed to act like a stun baton, a powerful one at that."

Mara spun the rifle about and pointed tothe metal clip at its end, "This thing is designed so that that lightsaber can snap on and act like a bayonet, somewhat inovative." She lifted the rifle to her shoulder and aimed it to the ground, "The main weapon is whats really unusual, its a plasma rifle instead of a blaster." With a pull of the trigger a brilliant gold bolts blasted into the sand. Akanah in that moment screamed and covered her ears, she began to babble in a language Luke couldn't understand.

"Akanah!" Luke yelled gripping her hand as she rocked back and forth. She wouldn't calm and stood, her gaze flicking across the desolation, Luke opened to the force and felt a wave of fear wash over him from Akanah, a terror unlike anything he'd felt before.

Slowly he drew the fear from her and she calmed, only then did Akanah speak again, "They murdered us, we bid them peace, we tried to hide but they found us all the same, even with the illusion. We thought evil didn't exist, but they were pure hatred, pure power, they were evil Skywalker, you have to stop them."

Author:  ADarkJedi44 [ Thu Aug 12, 2004 10:49 pm ]
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OOC: Alright Trej I'm gonna skip the formalities and just get to the part where I learn what happens.

Evahe watched the holo of Cal Omas disapear. A lot had happened since he had left for the diplomatic cruise. An Imperial outpost bordering the unknwon reigions had been destroyed and a GFFA task force with the purpose of exploring the unknown reigions had also been destroyed. The image of the mysterious fighters was also disturbing.
What could they possibly be? Nothing else had been seen like it. Was it just some pirating group...or was it a bigger threat? Whatever it was it needed to be investigated. If it was a mere pirating group forces could easily be deployed to stop it...but if it was a larger threat. Then the full force fo the GFFA might have to be brougt to be bear.
Evahe slowly walked back to the bridge, thinking of what to do on the entire way. He knew just what to do. He had the perfect commander for the job. He needed to contact General Ioor aboard the Mon Mothma

Author:  UlicHorn [ Thu Aug 12, 2004 11:06 pm ]
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Si'hib Mi rolled the fighter but to no avail those missles were fast and had a lock on her. She attempted to into the ground with a sharp turn but again the missles had her and she couldn't shake them. Not in a Z-95 anyway. "One shot at this." she said she slowed the ship and prepared to punch out. She punched the button and then kicked the steering yoke up sending the ship down as she went up. Sure enough the missles followed the ship and it exploded in a glorious blaze. Sib sighed as she drifted slowly towards the ground, she hoped a jedi wound find her before whatever fired those missles did...

Author:  Stellar_Magic [ Thu Aug 12, 2004 11:20 pm ]
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OOC: Well things are about to get even more complex :D

IC:A thunderous explosion rocked the across the plains. Mara spun her eyes wide in shock as a fireball rose from where she'd been working. Corran had already broken into a run toward the fireball. Mara followed suit knowing what they'd find.

She skidded to a stop fifty meters away, where the creature had once been was a ten meter wide crater, there was nothing left, nothing at all. She glanced at Corran, "A remote bomb?"

"Yeah, some sort of plasma weapon, someone didn't want us to get a good look at them."

Mara nodded, she remembered how imperial commandos had sometimes carried such devices on missions. Her commlink chirped, "What!"

Luke's voice answered, "Emergency transmission from Cal, it seems the Imperials have some information for us. We lift off for Ossus in thirty minutes, tell Corran to keep in touch."

"Will do," Mara replied as she grit her teeth, what next?

* * *

Chiss Embassy: Coruscant

Jagged Fel sighed as he wandered around the embassy for the Chiss consortium. He ignored the disdainful glares he recieved from many of those which worked here, being a memeber of the Empire of the Hand still wasn't popular in the consortium's diplomatic ranks. Still these were people that respected him even so. He stepped along the white staircase to the military attache's office. The two clear doors slid open immediately and General Drask stepped up to him and shook his hand, "Commander Fel, a pleasure to meet you."

"And you General, my brother had nothing but utmost respect for you," Jagged answered as he let go.

General Drask nodded solemnly, "First let me offer my condolences on your losses to your family, I know how difficult it must have been, can I offer you some refreshment?"

"No, thank you. We all did our duty, you know that, I know that, still it is always painful to loose a relative in combat."

"I hear you may soon be adding another pilot to your family," General Drask said lightly.

Jagged's eyebrows nearly disappeared beneath his hair, "I'd say that such comments may be premature." To himself he added, I haven't asked Jaina about this yet.

General Drask smiled, "So Commander, how may I be of assistance?"

Jagged squirmed in his seat, his orders came from on high on this issue, "The Empire of the Hand would like to expand our relations with the Chiss Consortium. Only a few of our pilots have served with you and our command feels that exposure to other cultures including yours may help further our alliance."

General Drask smiled slightly, "I suppose you have heard that several of our neighbors have been attacked by unknown forces. You know that we will never be drawn into one of your wars until we are attacked."

"Yes General, still we hope that strengthening our alliance will deter such aggression from taking place."

"Very well then, I'll transmit your request to the families, along with my recomendation of support."

"Thank you General," Jagged replied and headed for the door as his comm beeped, "Commander Fel here."

"Jagged, its Jaina, could you take a little trip to Ossus, Luke wants you to be there for the next High Council meeting."

"Sure, well as long as I have a little free time to check out the local food."

"I'm sure Luke well let us off in that regard," Jaina answered, "See you in an hour, love you Jagged."

Jagged answered with a commlink click and felt his cheeks burn red, maybe he should ask her soon.

Author:  ADarkJedi44 [ Fri Aug 13, 2004 10:11 am ]
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OOC: Sorry about the OOC post, but I have one thing to say. Why the heck are we using Z-95s thirty years after Endor? There's been eight years of peace, that's more than enough to give every Jedi an X-wing!

Author:  Mad78 [ Fri Aug 13, 2004 11:45 am ]
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OOC: Since Merick Ioor is going to die in the battle of Sluis Van I shall be his nephew.

IC. Garik Ioor gazed at the wrecked world of Coruscant. He had been affected the command of the Mon Mothma in order to protect this desolate place.
Garik couldn't help feeling a bit ridiculous commanding such a gigantic ship when his long gone Uncle had fought the Empire aboard a modified Strike Cruiser.
Garik had always wanted to ressemble his Uncle. He still remembered when he used to visit himn and that Merick would share with him his passion for Strategie and commanding. Garik had followed his Uncle's steps. And entered millitary school.
Many instructors agreed that he had inherited his Uncle's tactical skills and he quickly climbed in grade. His acsension was also helped by the many friends that Merick had introduced him to on some of the very rare occasion were Garik had been invited onto Merick's Cruiser.
Garik could still remeber when he had met such heros as Jan Dodonna, Admiral Ackbar or even Evan Rechtmann.
The General's thoughts were interupted by a bip from his Comlink.
"This is Flight Control, General. A YT-3000 has hailed us and demands permission to land... And a communication is waiting for you in your cabin."
"Thank you. I shall go to my cabin. Tell the ship to land and that I shall meet them once I have finished with this message."
Garik left the bridge and took a turbolift to his cabin. He served himnself a drink and sat down to receive the message.
An image of the Grand Admiral Evahe Litok appeared. If Garik had not known it was a prerecorded message he would have stood to attention.
"Hello General. I am calling you because I have a mission for you." now this could be interessting "I believe you are one of the only ones that could handle the mission. But I can not say more. A YT-3000 should arrive soon. It carries one of my most trusted officers, he will replace for the duration of the mission. You are to return with the YT. I shall inform you of the mission once arrive. I am impatient to see you my old friend." The message ended. This was going to be extremely interessting.

***an hour later***

The YT-3000 took off carrying Garik to the still unknown mission.
A few hours later the ship landed in the Hangar of the Grand Admiral's SSD. As the ramp of the Corellian ship lowered itself. Garik saw that the Admiral was there ready to greet him.

Author:  ADarkJedi44 [ Fri Aug 13, 2004 12:30 pm ]
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Evahe smiled and moved to shake the General's hand.
"General Ioor! It's good to see you again. I'd love to chat with you but there is no time for that right now. We could have a serious problem. I still belive it's only a pirating group but...well we'll talk about it later. I can't tell you everything I know in front of everyone."


"I came as you asked, sir."
Evan took a sip from his Corellian brandy and raised his head at the General.
"Good, I can tell you all that I know now that it's just us two. We've lost contact with once of our task forces charged with the job of exploring the unknown regions and...."
Evan paused for a moment.
"And what sir?"
"Well, an Imperial outpost in the unknown reigions has been destroyed. I've seen holos, the destruction is complete. It is quite a sickening picture in my mind. There are also holos of the fighters which might have done it, I will show you them later. Listen, I still think it's just some pirating group and not a major threat but it needs to be investigated. Which is why I called you."
Evan paused again. Ioor just sat there, clearing thinking over what he had just heard.
"I'd like to go investigate myself, but as the Supreme Commander of the GFFA Fleet, my disappearance might cause some trouble. You will be given a task force of ships and are ordered to look around in the unknown regions. Don't bother any of the species there, but make sure to get a good look around. If there is a big threat there, we need to know before the begin a major campaign..."

Author:  UlicHorn [ Fri Aug 13, 2004 1:35 pm ]
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OCC: Good point about the Z-95's but since they're old and cheap it makes sense, anyway it's been blown to pieces so it's old news.

Sib's seat landed a few minutes later and Ossus being such a delsolte planet she started walking in the direction she felt other jedis. "But this could take days," she said noticing how far she'd flown from that spot...

Author:  Stellar_Magic [ Fri Aug 13, 2004 1:53 pm ]
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Cal Omas stood behind the table his hands planted on the table, "Under my direction elements of the Alliance fleet have redeployed to investigate occurances in the unknown regions." He glanced at Admiral Kre'Fay, "I'll let the Admiral report on the exact deployment, but suffiuce to say, if the unknown assailants that destroyed the Fallanasi strike again, we must be prepared."

Admiral Kre'Fay laid a hand on the table as he spoke, "Grand Admiral Evahe has dispatched Garik Ioor to investigate these occurances. His force is drawn from several sector fleets. There are just over a dozen warship under his command, including the newely commissioned Calamari Star Defender Compromise for Peace. Other vessels include three MC90 Cruisers, two Republic Star Destroyers, three Escort Carriers, and three Assault Frigates one of which, the Justice of Freedom, has been modified to serve as a dedicated investigation and reconisance ship. There crews are well drilled and ready for almost any curcumstances."

"Thank you Admiral, has either intelligence directors found anything on the attackers?" Heads shook around the table, "Then I suppose its time for the Jedi to present what they have discovered."

Luke Skywalker nodded and tapped his comm. Mara slid into the room carrying a large black bag over her shoulder which she laid with a thud at the center fo the table, "We dispatched Mara and Corran to investigate the attack, Corran is still at the location."

"As you saw in the Holos, the place was a mess, we found several survivors, but even so, piecing together what occured has been difficult at best,," Mara winked at Luke as she zipped open the bag, "There were at the start indications that a Jedi was behind the attacks, you've all seen the images, but here is what really caused a panic in our ranks, exhibit A." She tossed the lightsaber intot he table's center. Slowly Kyp Durron picked it up and glanced it, "Its a lightsaber of alien design, as some of you may know lightsabers use a number of natural crystals to create the focus the energy beams, this lightsaber however uses crystals which are purely synthetic."

Cilghal glanced up at Mara, "What does that mean?"

"Nothing good," Kenth Hamner answered gesturing to the lightsaber, "The only time I saw a lightsaber with synthetic crystals was in the hands of a Dark Sider."

Kyp nodded, "The Sith tradition says that as part of their training they made their own synthetic crystals."

Cal was startled, "Does that mean we have a Sith on the loose?"

"No," Mara said swiftly. She glanced across the room, "First the sheer number of victims indicates a veritable army of attackers, secondly, the last sith lord died at endor. Finally, there is this." Mara pulled the rifle from the bag and dropped it onto the table, "Exhibit B, a Plasma Rifle, with design features which are completely alien. Also we found the body of one of the attackers, definitely not human, perhaps not even humanoid."

Luke nodded, "Because the attack occured in the unknown regions I've asked that Jagged be present for our discussion."

The door slid open and Jaina Solo escorted Jagged Fel into the room, Luke smiled at him and gestured to the empty seat, "Jaina has briefed you correct?" Jagged nodded, "Alright, during your time in the unknown regions did you ever encounter aliens which used these technologies."

Jagged stopped to think, as a member of the diplomatic staff he had clearance into some of the most secret files in the Empire of the Hand, he glanced at Jaina then to Luke, "I'm afraid I have to ask that the High council consider the information I'm going to reveal confidential."

Before Luke could answer his comm link beeped, "Master Skywalker, there's an Imperial Admiral here with information for you, he says its important."

Luke glanced at Jagged, "Hold that thought, Jagged it seems that you won't be our only guest here."

Author:  BadSamaritan [ Fri Aug 13, 2004 1:53 pm ]
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In the tiny spaceport known as Mos Eisley, life went on as usual. For most sentient beings in the galaxy, the planet of Tatooine was not a place on their lists of planets to vacation on. But for the people that lived there, life may be hard, but it was rewarding to a point. The felt good that they managed to etch out a living on such a harsh planet. It had even become the retirement home for some people. Many aged smugglers, pirates, and honest freightor captains now called this place home. Most of them retired here because of the memories they had of the world. Others, because of the fact it had remained largly untouched during the Vong invasion.

But because of all the retired spacefarers, Mos Eisly was now known for having some of the galaxies oldest, most reliable tramp freightors on the market. And because of the location of the planet, the GFFA never took the time to inspect the vessels, so most of them were still just outside the lines of legality. Through one of the many used ship lots, a cloaked figure walked among the rows of ships, casting glances at them one by one, as if looking for a certain one. The owner of the lot watched him carefully, wondering why his potential customer was looking through all of the older, less reliable ships instead of the newer ones he had.

After a few more minutes, the man stopped in front of an old freighter of corellian make. It was covered in years of dust, and looked like it hadnt been moved since before the galactic civil war. The owner of the lot walked up to the man, and eyed the ship he was looking at. He himself had contemplated this ship before. It had been on the lot when he had purchased it from the previous owner. No one had even taken a glance at it since then. He had even contemplated scrapping it. But maybe now he would have a chance to sell it.

"How much?" One the cloaked figure asked suddenly. His voice was low and smooth, but the lot owner still jumped slightly at the sound of it. It was the first sound either of them had made since arriving.

"For this old thing? Not a whole lot. Its been sitting here for years, Ill be surprised it it even works anymore. And there isnt a lot about this ship thats very special. Standard engines for the YT-1200, but upgraded sheilding. Its got a pair of hidden laser cannons, and a pair of torpedo launchers if I remember correctly. The only really special thing about it is its history. Apparently it took part in a few major battles in the earlier days of the rebellion." the lot owner said, scratching his chin thoughtfully. He was surprised that he even remembered that much about the old ship.

"I'll take it." he said, and he reached into a small pouch. He pulled out a pair of jems, and tossed them to the lot owner. He cought them, and looked at them, his eyes wide with surprise. He may have been a backwater ship dealer, but he still knew durindfire jems when he saw them. And these were worth far more than the ship. He looked back to the two men, and just shrugged his shoulders. He walked over to the hatch, and punched in the code to open it.

"You can reset the code anytime from the security console in the cockpit. If i were you though, I would take this thing in for a major overhaul. It hasnt been moved in years." he said, and he watch as the the man walked up the ramp. He slowly turned around, and looked at him.

"I will consider that, thank you. And tell me, what is the name of this vessel?" he asked, a hint of curiosity in his voice. The owner though for a moment, and then shook his head. he walked over to another part of the ship, and brushed away the dirt over the name of the ship. He walked back over to the hatch, and looked up at the man.

"Its called the Bad Samaritan. Not the best of names, if you ask me." he said, and the ships new owner simply nodded. The hatch then began to slowly close, and after a few the ships engines began to whine, signaling the startup sequence. The lot owner backed away, and watched as the ship slowly rose up, and the landing gear retracted. The ship turned slowly, and then took off, curving up towards space.

Once in space, the man removed his cloak, happy to be rid of it. he brushed his long hair back behind his head, and smiled. It was good to be in space again. It was even better that he was in his grandfathers old ship. Although he did wonder how long it would take the lot owner to realize the jems were fake. But he siply shrugged it off, and began to set a course for Corellia. The ship needed a large amount of work, and who better than corellians could fix a corellian ship?

After the course was set, he launched the vessel into hyperspace, and leaned back in the chair. he looked over to a certain console, and reached over to it. He flicked one of the switched, as turned a nob, and music began rolling through the entire ship. He leaned back in his chair, and smiled, watching the lines of hyperspace roll around his ship.

OOC - This is just to start me out, Ill insert myself into the main plot when I see an opening for it. Gotta get my ship fixed first though.

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