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Author:  Paul [ Tue Jun 12, 2007 2:38 am ]
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great to have the story back Badman.- Grand Moff Conway

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So, is this officially resumed now? :)

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Editors note: Yah. I will post more when I get around to it/feel like it/have the time. SO maybe once or twice a week.

"General Solo, we have enemy ships entering the system!" came a voice form the sensor station, and Solo simply closed his eyes. His force had been running from a group of Destoryers that seemed hellbent on chasing them down for almost three days now. Every system they went to, the destroyers followed. It was starting to get on his nerves, but he had a plan now hopefully one that would work.

"Alright. Helm, plot us a course out of here. Send it to all other vessels. Gunnery, charge up starboard batteries, and fire at your targets. Lets give them one hell of a show." Solo said, and he stood up carefully. ON the planet below them were several ancient mining facilities that no one had set foot in for years. But he thought that if he showed that he wanted them gone, the Destroyers would take notice, and decide to stick around for a bit to investigate. It was a logn shot, but he was running out of ideas.

"General, enemy vessels are coming about.... They are moving to an exit vector." the sensor officer said,a dn Solo looked over at him quickly.

"What? Are you sure?" He asked and the officer, a younger looking Sullustan, nodded again.

"Yes sir. They are now on course heading three-seven-point-four-four. Away from us, back towards Imperial space." the offcier said, and solo frowned.

"They must be recalling all forces. This just maybe the break we need." Solo said, and from a different part of hte bridge, a smaller human steped forward, a smile on his face.

"You are correct there general. I request permission to launch my quadron, to see if we can sniff out where the imps ar running off to." he asked, and Solo looked over to him. He had been asigned to Solos' command several days ago, with the rest of his half-cocked intelligence squad. They had seen a lot of action in the past few months, and had a habit of running through vehicles faster then Rogue squadron ran through targets. But Solo had to admit, they were good.

"Granted. Take those new A-wings they sent you. But try to bring them back in one piece this time." Solo said, and the man laughed a bit as he left the bridge. Solo knew that that meant. He sighed, dn looked over to his second in command, an elderly Barabel that had been with the rebellion longer than Solo had.

"Ovr'ak, remind me to send in a request for a new squad of replacement A-wings for them. The Drakes are going somewhere they shouldn't be again." Solo said, and Ovr'ak hissed a bit and nodded.

"Yesss, General. Shall I see to it that I ammend the request to note that Drake leader was told to be carefull?" he asked and Solo shook his head.

"Why bother? If they get the job done, command will keep giving them vehicles. Maybe their next ones will be a bit sturdier. Those B-wings they came here with were tough little ships." he said, and the Barabel nodded.

"Asss ordered." he said, and he turned to walk from teh bridge. As he did so, Solo turned to the helmsman, and sighed.

"Plot us a new course. Take us to...." Solo stopped, adn wondered to himself where his new command post was. As fast as he set up command centers, the Empire came through and lit them up.

"Sithspit. Take us to Ord Mantell. We shoudl have some forces there we can link up with." Solo said, and he moved to sit down again in his command chair. He wacthed silently as his small force of vessels moved out of orbit of the world, and then proceeded to make the jump to hysperspace. As he sat there, he pondered his next move.

If the Empire was recalling forces, it meant that they were planning something big. They had been keeping up with their lightning strikes for weeks now, and he had been hard pressed to keep the Second and Fifth fleets in postion. But now they would have time to rest, repair, and plan a counterstrike of some sort. And after several minutes of thinking, Solo smiled gently. He knew just how to do it also.

"Comm, once we arrive at mantell, get me a secure link to command. I need to request a few personell moves. I think its time we get back to how we used to play this game." Solo said,a dn the comm officer looked at him carefully.

"Sir?" the officer asked, and Solo chuckled.

"You'll see. You just get me that comm linkup once we arrive."


"Admiral, enemy ships are pulling out. They are retreating at random vectors. " the sensor officer said, and Tavira smiled. She turned to her left, and nodded her head.

"I told you they would run. And now we are free to bomb the base into dust." she said, and Grand Admiral Teshik nodded.

"That we are. But you will elave the base alone. Feel free to target the spaceport, however. I think they stashed several transports full of supplies there to hide them from us." he said, and Tavira nodded.

"As ordered. But why not the base? It would do us no good to leave it alone." she asked, and Teshik smiled slightly.

"You are right. But we will be back here soon enough. And I want the base intact for when we take the world. The less we have to build, the faster the transition will be." He said, and Tavira smiled.

"So, we are finally going ot start taking worlds?" she asked, and Teshik nodded.

"Yes. We have weakened them enough that I think we can afford to take a few worlds. And when they move to take them back, we will stirke them hard. " he said, adn Tavira nodded slowly.

"You intend to draw their forces into a trap?" she asked, and teshik nodded.

"Not just any of their forces. I want Solo. he has been a thorn in our side for long enough." he siad, and he turned to walk from the bridge.

"I have already issused the recall orders. Set course for Yaga Minor. We will be staging the attacks from there. And this vessel needs some repairs." he siad, and Tavira nodded again. He was correct, her flagship, the powerfull Lusankya had never been fully repaired from when it had been recaptured. And it was starting to show, as several weapon banks were now offline until they could be fully repaired.

"Helm set us a course. recall all starfighters, get them on board. Gunnery, blast all derelict vessels. I don't want the rebels to salvage anything. Leave them nothign but scrap." She said, and she wathed as her force moved away from the world. She had already forgotten its name, as she did not care. All she knew as that soon, it woudl once again be in the hands of the Empire that it rightfully belonged to.

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Badman, good post. Keep up the good work dude. - Grand Moff Conway

Author:  BadSamaritan [ Sun Jul 29, 2007 6:28 pm ]
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"Corran, two from abo-" was all he heard before a cream echoed across the comm channel. Corran winced a bit as he threw his fighter into a tight upward spiral, knowing well that another member of Rogue squadron had fallen. But now was not the time to worry, now was the time to fight.

He climbed for a fraction of a second, and then sent his X-wing into a steep dive. As he did so, he looked up, and saw the quickly vanishing tails of a bair of Tie-Sabres. They looked like they were gunning for a squad of A-wings, but Corran knew the A-wings could handle themselves. He had more important things to worry about now.

"Lead, this is five. I'm all alone out here." he said, and for a moment all he heard was silence. But then Wedge returned his call, and corran heaved a sigh of relief.

"Five, had back towards the Highwind, we are regrouping there with a few pilots from High Flight. General wants us to take a crack at that Imp Star thats being lazy." Wedge said, and Corran looked out into the thickest part of the battle. General Solos' force had jumped close to imperial space and landed on top of a small Imperial task force. They had decided to take it, but as they had enganged another pair of Vic Stars had arrived, evening out the fight. But int he back sat a Imp Star Duece, not firing its guns. Corran wondered about that, but then shook his head.

"Lead, something about that one botheres me. You sure thats a good idea?" Corran asked, but before Wedge could answer a younger, huskier voice came over the comm.

"Five, grow a pair would ya? Ever since Cadomai you have been acting like a scared womprat." the voice said, adn Corran gritted his teeth. Teh voice had belonged to Everith C'pan, a daredevil pilot who was quicker with his mouth than his guns. But he knew he was right. Rogue squadron had suffered at Cadomai, losing half their numbers, including Tycho. And ever since, He had ben edgy.

"Shut it ten. When this is done, consider yourself relieved of duty." Wedge said, and Corran sighed. He pulled up along the rest of the squadron, and winced. Between Rogue and High Flight, there were only sixteen fighters. Meaning two full flights were gone. And by the look of it, most of the rogues were here. High Flight woudl be disbanded after this, for certain.

"Lead, this is Five. I am with ya. Who else is joining us?" Corran asked, and he then saw them. A full squadron of massive K-wing bombers was also hovering near the engines of the half-crippled Escort Frigate they wear hiding next to.

"Five, this is Thunder lead. You clear a path, we light'em up. That work for you?" came a voice, and Corran smiled.

"Wes, its good to hear from ya. Finally upgraded from those Y-wings?" Corran asked, and he turned again to look for Wes' fighter. He had No idea really which one was Wes, but all he needed to know was that Wes was still otu there. The Rogues had lost to many as of late, and he knew that soon many older hands would be brought back in.

"Yep. K-wings are slow, but they pack a whallop. Thunders, move out!" Wes yelled, and like a flash, the K-wings roared past the X-wings to make their move towards the main line. Corran watched as the X-wings moved along with them, and he goosed his own engines, quickly watching up and passing the K-wings. As one, the group of fighters rolled towards the main line of battle, and headed towards the sleeping Destoryer.


"Admiral, a small group of fighters has borken off. They appear to be heading towards us." came the call from the sensor pits, and Pellaeon nodded. His flagship, the elderly Corruption had been undergoing a cold start when the battle had begun. And until now, he had been forced to stay out of the fight. But now, he thought that maybe it had been a blessing.

"Hold all fire until they are well within range. Have our gunners target manually. Fire at point-blank. Lets see if we can make them hurt." he said, andhe smiled. He was beginning to enjoy this. The New Republic forces were starting to get careless. Days, of not weeks, of constant fighting was causign them to take uneeded risks to try and weaken Imperial forces. And it was costing them dearly. perhaps today woudl be one of those days.

He watched carefully as the group of fighters flew between two of his own destroyers, a safe zone for them. His vessels did not dare fire there, lest they risk hitting each other. But at the same time, it forced the republic pilots to fly without room to escape.

"Gunnery masters, fire at will."


"This is five, pull out!" Corran yelled suddenly, and Wedge immediatly yanked up on his stick.

"Break break break!" Wedge echoed, and he wacthed as the battle swriled around him. But as he did so, he saw turbolaser blasts flash past his screen, and he realised what had happened. The destroyer had been lying in wait for such a manuver. And he had almsot flow right into it. He was getting careless. As he pulled about, he checked his boards. Where there had once been ten blips, there were now nine. Rogue ten was gone.

"Lead, they got Ten. And the THunders took a beating." came a voice, and Wedge nodded, recognizing the voice of Myn Donos, an old hand in the Rogues.

"How many did Thunder lose?" he asked, and the voice of Wes Janson came back quickly.

"They got half of us Wedge. But we dumped everything we had into one of the destoryers anyways. I think we got a few through." he said, adn Wedge nodded. At least it wasn't a compelte loss. But it was still a waste overall.

"Wedge, this is Five. Recommend we-" Corran started to say, but he never finsihed. Wedge looked down to the baord, and saw the light for Rogue Five wink out. Wedge lookd up slowly, and then heard a voice come back.

"Wedge, Corran is EV. He took an ion hit and bailed." the voice said, but before Wedge could repsond, Han Solo came over the comm system, his voice full on not only anger, but of defeat.

"All forces, pull out. Head back to the launch point." he said, adn Wedge closed his eyes. They were retreating once again. And once again, the Rogues would be leaving people behind. Tycho had crashed at Cadomai, Gavin had never made it out of that system as well. And now Corran was gone. The Rogues were losing numbers faster then ever.

"Alright guys, we're done. Lets get out of here." Wedge said, and he slapped his S-foils into a cruise postion. He gunned his engines, and he saw the rest of the rouges and thunders following him. Within minutes, they were once again in hyperspace. Once again in retreat.

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Great to have the story back Badman. I love seeing the rebel scum hurt lol. - Grand Moff Conway

Author:  BadSamaritan [ Mon Jan 14, 2008 8:43 pm ]
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(Editors note: First and foremost, Blizzard can go * itself for ever making that abortion of an MMO called World of Warcraft. That game ate my soul for well over a year, and I am finally free of it. Secondly, a certain friend of mine is now paying the price of his idiocy for taking all my notes, and ruining most of them. And finally, lets get this show on the god damned road!!)

Wedge looked over the proposal, and then sighed a bit, a smile on his face. He looked up from all the datapads, and acorss his small desk to Han, who had watched him read them for almost an hour.

"You are serious about this. You want to break part of the fleet off, send it into Imperial territory, and leave them wihtout any support except for what they can steal?" he asked, and Han nodded.

"Exactly. Straight on tactics are wearing us out, and the Imps are getting bolder. We need to get them looking over their shoulders again. This is the best way to do it." he said, and Wedge looked down and picked up a single data pad. Looking it over again, he looked back over to Han.

"You sure about these ships though? They are brand new, right out of the yards. If we lose them, the Council will have your head. Not to mention it will be a while before we get anymore, with the shape Kuat is in." he said, and Han shrugged his shoulders.

"And? Who else are they going to find to lead the fleet? Oksvald is running scared from the CSA fleet, Ackbar is tied up on Coruscant dealing with the senate, Iblis and the First fleet are moving to deal with some issue in the Koornatch. I am the only person they have really to handle the whole fleet." he said, but Wedge shook his head.

"Han, there are more and a handful of Admirals in the fleet that would love to take a stab at running this. You are hiding something, aren't you?" he asked, and Han sighed.

"I am, but that is not your concern. On the record, at least. off the record, the Council trusts me because I am one of the few commanders they have that will do what I have to do without caring about how my name comes out. No matter what happens, I will always be Han Solo, hero of the Rebellion." he said, and Wedge nodded slowly.

"The council wants you, because you remain clearheaded about the final picture, no matter if getting us there can get a bit... ugly." he siad, and Han nodded carefullly.

"You got it, basically. My tactics may be risky, but I use them because I know that they must be done. A green commander will try and impress the Council by winning outright, which will not win this war right now." he said, and Wedge leaned back in his chair.

"You intend for this to be a suicide mission?" he asked, and Han pointed at him carefully.

"Wedge, you know how I hate that phrase. If anything, I want a commander in charge that knows how to play this game. One that will keep the force alive and moving long enough to cause trouble." he said, and Wedge sighed.

"I'll pack my stuff." he said, but Han shook his head again then then stabbed the finger into the desk they sat at.

"No, you will stay right here, running the Rogues and helping me. The guy I am bringing in stays off the radar quite well. And he knows how to command. " Hand said, and he slowly stood up.

"Who is it?" Wedge asked, and Han smiled a bit.

"Once he gets here, you will know. He is the kind of guy to demand attention. Just look at his...." Han stopped, and then chuckled a bit before continuing on. "Yacht. Lets go with that." He said, and he turned to walk out of the room. As he was about to leave, Wedge suddenly stood up, and shook his head.

"Han, you are not bringing in who think you are, right?" he asked, and Han turned to him and smiled.

"Of course not. Just tell yourself I am putting Lando in charge." he said, and Wedge simoply sighed, and sat back down. He placed his head in his hands, and shook his head slowly.


Corran looked around carefully, studying his surroundings. He knew this was not how things were supposed to work. He shoudl have been in a small cell, in prisoners uniform, awaiting interrogation. Instead, he found himself in what looked like standard imperial quarters. Granted, there was nothing more than a small bed and a fresher station to keep clean, but it still wasn't a cell. He wasn't even sure of how long he had been here, as he had been out cold since ejecting since the last battle, and had no memories of anything since then.

But most disturbing was his new appearence. His hear had been cut to more imperial standards, and he was clothed in a sort of Imperial uniform he could not identify. But most oddly, Whistler was with him, albeit deactivated. He was simply at a loss as to what was going on, but he certainly hoped that he would get answers soon.

Quietly, the door opened, and Corran stood up, unsure of what to be expecting. As he watched, two helmetless Stormtroopers entered and flanked the door. After a few seconds, another man entered, wearing the same uniform that corran found himself wearing. The man looked him over for a moment, and then nodded.

"Lieutenant Korvash, follow me to the bridge if you will." the man said, and he turned and walked out of the room. When Corran failed to follow him, the man looked back into the room, and pointed to him.

"Let me repeat myself. Lieutenant Korvash, follow me to the bridge. That is your name until further notice. Understood?" he asked, and corran slowly nodded, quite at a loss for words. As he walked out into the hallway, he once again began studying his surroundings. The hallways looked like the standard hallways from any Imperial ship, but each of the doorways seemed to be under a sort of lockdown.

"I will keep this brief. You are aboard the Imperial vessel Shadowburn. However, we are not part of the Imperial fleet at this point in time. We are attached to a section of the Empire known only as Delta. And as of late, we call ourselves imperials by name only. We managed to steal you away from the Admirals interrogators for reasons which you shall soon know." he said, and Corran quickly took this information and churned it in his head quickly.

"You are no longer Imperials, but don't wish to defect. A revolutionary group?" Corran asked, but the man shook his head.

"No. We are loyal to Pellaeon. But not the Empire. There is a difference." he said, and Corran nodded. Thoughts swirled through his head, and he wondered if perhaps the Empire was not as united as they had thought. But before he could ask another question, the man stopped, and turned to look at him carefully.

"Listen carefully. You ar here for a reason. If you resist, or try to escape, my men will shoot you down, and we will send you back to standard Imperial Intelligence. We tell you what you need to know, when you need to know it. Follow these rules, and we will see to it that you make it back to your wife alive, assuming circumstances allow. Understood?" the man asked, and Corran nodded, finding his mind suddenly whirling with thoughts.

After seeing him nod, the man turned, and walked through a door to what was obviously the bridge. Corran followed, and looked around carefully. He could tell know that he was aboard a Carrack clas cruiser, thanks to the cramped and oddball bridge layout. After he took in the sights of the bridge for a moment, he noticed that all the crew members were wearing the same uniform that he was. As he looked around, a man at one post looked up, and spoke quickly.

"Captain, we are coming up on Home Six. Reversion in thirty." the man said, and the man who had brought Corran to the bride nodded.

"Excellent. Once we revert, follow course seven-oh-oh-six-one, and transmit package Alpha-Four." He said, and the man turned to Corran and smiled a bit.

"What you are about to see, no member of the New Republic has ever seen, nor have they ever heard of it. You should feel honored. " he said, and the man tunred back to the viewport. After a moment, Corran nodded, and took a step forwards.

"I will, once I know what is going on, sir." Corran said, and the man turned to look at him again carefully.

"You catch on very quickly. it is best that you treat me that way until we get you settled in a bit more." he said, and the man turned back to the viewport. After a few more minutes, the ship reverted back to realspace, and Corran stared out of the viewport, looking out at the world in front of them. It seemed to be devoid of life, but judging on every other part of this trip was more than it seemed, he doubted that the world was uninhabited.

"Lieutenant, welcome to your new home." the man said, and Corran nodded.

"Thank you, sir. I certianly hope I enjoy it." Corran responded, and then man chuckled a bit.

"I doubt you will. But it is for the best. Now, Lets get to the shuttlebay. I need to introduce you to your new CO within the hour. He will debrief you on where we are in this situation." the man said, and he turned to leave the bridge. Corran followed smartly, and let the man lead the way out of the bridge. As he did so, Corran had to wonder what was going to happen next.

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OMGWTFBBQ! It's back! 8O

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Pash Cracken stared out the canopy of his starfighter, and he watched the trio of new cruisers move in formation to join up with the rest of General Solos' force. He flew his starfighter closer to the vessels, admiring their lines, and noting where the gun emplacements were on the hull, along with launch bays for starfighters. As he did so, he heard a voice come over the comm, and he snapped his mind back into where it shoudl have been.

"What class are those ships, sir? Never seen one before" came the voice, and Pash smiled. The voice was from Kav'Ch, the latest addition to his rebuilt squadron. A relatively green pilot from Ryloth, he had scored high enough in the sims for Pash to have givien him the chance to be in his squadron. But Pash had a feeling he woudl have to school Kav on some of the rarer vessels that were making their way into the fleet.

"Those are Nebulon-H cruisers, top of the line from Kuat. They are also our new home, so get to know them." Pash said, and he went back studying the ships carefully.

Far longer than the elderly Nebulon-B frigates that had been the backbone of many rebel and New Republic taskforces early on in the war, these vessels erased many of the problems that had plagued their older brothers, including the spine that was a favorite target for larger vessels on both sides. It also held more starfighters than the -Bs, and had a far more powerful weapons package. But what had bothered Pash about the ships was the fact that for the most part, they lookid like they had been built by the Mon Cals, because of their overall ovoid shape and smooth hulls. Pash felt that wold cause Imperial vessels to pour more fire into the ships, causign them to die just as fast as the older versions. But for now, he could only hope he was wrong.

"General Cracken, please bring your flight in for the briefing, and to meet your mission commander. He is getting impatient." came another voice, and Pash smiled a bit.

"As ordered, General Solo. Clear the bays, we are coming in hot." Pash responded, and he turned his A-wing hard to port, and goosed the engines to the max. Flying fast over the hulls of the new frigates, he lef his flight towards the Star destroyer than had arrived a few hours before the Frigates. Another relatively new vessel, it had just been transferred to Solos' command from elsewhere in the fleet. but as Pash approached the mighty vessel, he noticed that many of the weapons banks sat empty, and a few of the turrets he did see looked worn out and heavly modified.

"Eternal Dream, this is General Cracken Alpha flight requesting clearance to land." Pash called, and after a moment a voice came back, but spoke in broken common, and far harsher than he would expect from a Naval bridge.

"Alpha flight, you cleared to land in main bay, wherever you can find room. Watch the paint." the voice said, and Pash frowned a bit. He would have to have a talk with the landing bay commander about whoever that was. But as Pash guided his starfighter into the main bay, his eyes widened at what he saw. Instead of a fighter bay filled with top of the line starfighters and mechanics working on them, the bay was filled with run down freightors of various types, and the fighter racks were mostly empty, outside a squadron of uglies and a few random X- and Y-wings.

"Sir, what kind of ship is this?" Kav asked, and Pash sighed gently as he moved his fighter to land in a corner that seemed to have enough room for his flight.

"A special kind. Keep your sidearm on you at all times, and hide your credits. This will be an experience." Pash said, and in the back of his mind, he had to ask himself was Solo was thinking bringing this ship anywhere near the front lines.



Corran studied the landscape of the planet they were flying over carefully, and he felt his hope of escape sinking quickly. The entire world seemed more dead than anything esle. There was an atmosphere of sorts, but he landscape was seemingly void of life. but as they had flown down, he had spotted several cities that looked long since dead.

"In case you were wondering, their was once life on this world. Whoever they were, they wiped themselves out centuries ago in a massive war. The cities you see are the only remnants left of their species. The bio-weapons they used actually managed to kill every living thing on the planet." the man said, and Corran nodded.

"I assume the world is safe to inhabit again though?" he asked, and the man nodded.

"Oh yes. The atmosphere is clean, and breathable by humans. All traces of the bio weapons have long since vanished. But the soil is simply dead, so no plant or animal life can survive here. It is the only world that we know of where an indigenous species randered their own world completely dead." he said, and Corran nodded. After a few more minutes, Corran noticed a massive installation in the distance, and he motioned towards it.

"That looks like it doesn't belong here." he said, and th man nodded.

"You are correct. We built that, then abandoned it. It is desgined to look like a failed mining installation, which is what records on several worlds will tell you. Along with the fact that there are no deposits of valuable minerals on the world worth mining, and that the world is under a level 7 quarantine due to biological threats. Not even pirates come here anymore. So it is perfect for Delta." he said, and Corran looked over to him carefully.

"That is the second time you have said that name. Who is Delta?" he asked, and the man looked oer to him.

"Delta is Admiral Pellaeons top secret intelligence agency, not to mention his elite bodygaurds. We are not part of the Imperial Intelligence Agency, nor are we part of the Imperial fleet. We operate independently from both, and work with neither unless is suites our needs. We mostly ensure that the Moffs stay in line, and we keep tabs on New Republic fleet movements from within the fleet itself." he said, and Corrans head snapped around when he heard that.

"You hae agents in the fleet itself?" he asked, and the man almsot laughed.

"Of course. Just like you have agents in ours. All is fair in love, war, and Intelligence gathering." he said, and he then moved to look out the windscreen once again.

"Of course, assuming you make it back to the Republic, anything you tell them about this place will send them in circles trying to locate it. We have hidden this long from them, so i am fairly certain we can hide longer." he said, and Corran nodded.

"I figured as much. If you hadn't thought that, you never woudl have told me all of that. Or, you don't expect me to live through whatever you have planned for me." Corran said, and the man shrugged his shoulders.

"Either way, we remain safe. But I do hope you survive all of this. I have followed the Rogues for years, and I am a rather large fan of them. I woudl hate for them to lose you." he saidk, and Corran turned to look at him carefully.

"YOU are serious." he said, and the man nodded his head.

"Of course I am. Just because we are enemies, does not mean we cannot respect each other. Not stap in, we are about to start the landing approach." he siad, and Corran moved to the back of hte small shuttle and sat down in the chair there, noting that from here he coudl not see out the viewport, and woudl be unable to even identify where the entrance to the base was

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Pash shook his head, and then looked up to Han carefully, a look of determination on his face.

"No. I am sorry sir, but there is no way I am going to trust the lives of my pilots to him." he said, and Han sighed.

"Pash, I know you are not happy about this. But he is one of the few people that can get this job done. You know that." Han said, and Pash stood up.

"I know that sir. That still does not change the fact that he is a smuggler, a pirate, and not to mention wanted across most of the galaxy these days for many many reasons." he said, and Booster stood up from the other side of the table, seeming to be oddly comfterable in his new Generals uniform.

"Most of the New Republic leadership was once the same way, are you saying you would not have followed them?" he asked, and Pash shook his head.

"I woudl have followed them, becuase they were wanted by the Empire. You are wanted by the Empire, and many Republic worlds for crimes that far surpass what the rebellion ever did." he said, and Booster let out a powerful bark of a laugh before looking over to Han.

"He has a point. You mayhave to pull rank on him." he said, but Han raised his hands carefully and shook his head.

"Oh no, he is a General just like I am. You have to convince him. I don't feel like going all the way to Ackbar just to pull rank." Han said, and Pash looked over to Han carefully.

"Ackbar knows about this? And he approves?" he asked, and Han slowly nodded.

"I have told him about all personel changes, so yes. How else would I have gotten the Venture cleared to go to Sluis Van for an overhaul?" he said, and Pash sighed a bit before looking over to Booster.

"So, you get to destroy Republic Hardware, and risk Republic lives, and get a shiney new Destroyer as payment? Seems like a bad trade to me." he said, but Booster shook his head.

"No, the Venture will be joining us once she is up to fighting shape. And by that time, we will be needing her, as I plan to raise as much hell as I can until we get her to back us up." he said, but Pash shook his head.

"No, I still don't like it. This goes against far to many regulations, to many rules. My father will have your ship impounded and commisioned in the Navy before he lets you keep it anyways." he said, and Booster smiled and then looked around carefully.

"The Venture will always be mine. As far as he knows, the Eternal Dream will be getting a much needed refit for front line duty. Which is true, considering its now part of a debris feild several systems from here." he said, and Pashs' eyes sharpened quickly.

"You would use the name of a ship that died protecting the galaxy from the Empire? Thats low, Solo. Even for desperate times." he said, and Han nodded slowly.

"I know. But just because Ackbar approves, does not mean your father will not try to give me trouble for this. Also, because you now know the intricate parts of this plan, you are now sworn to secrecy about it. This mission is top secret." he said, and Pash sighed a bit, and looked back and forth between them.

"I may not approve of this, but now I can't really see any other choice. Booster, I will go along with this. But if at any point I think you are endangering any of us foolishly, you have my word that I will pull my fighters out and head to Sluis Van to personally vape this ship." he said, and Booster suddenly got a very hard look to his face.

"You do that boy, and I assure you that not even your father will be able to protect you from me." he said, and Pash walked over to him and nodded.

"Good. Just so long as we understand each other. I will go tell my pilots to pack their fighters, and write their goodbye letters. I hope we will not need them." he siad, and Booster nodded.

"As do I, general." Booster said, and he watched as Pash turned smartly and marched out of the room. Booster then turned to Han and raised his eyebrow.

"Ackbar? He woudl never approve of me taking your ships." he said, and Han shrugged his shoulders.

"I told Ackbar that the man in charge of this operation has large experience in using guerilla warfare, leading forces with limited resources, and took part in the Thyferra campaign. He assumed I was speaking of Wedge, and I just failed to correct him." he said, and Booster chuckled a bit.

"And by the time he finds out, we will be buried behind enemy lines, and you will be unable to recall us. Very smuggler of you Solo. Good to see you still have it in you." he said, and Solo chuckled.

"Oh, I still have a few tricks up my sleaves. Not the least of which is smuggling you to the front lines, and your toy here into Sluis Van." Han said, and Booster nodded.

"Well, thats good to hear. But I need to transfer to my new command. And you need to get back to work, because my sources tell me the Imps are planning something big again, along with Kayne and his CSA ghost ships." he said, and Han nodded.

"Thanks for the heads up. Good luck to you Booster, you will need it." Han said, and he walked out of the room quickly. After he walked out, Booster walked over to a comm unit on the wall.

"Ek, let everyone know the plans. Code four is in effect till you get back to me. Get everyone who is renting space off the ship, and call back all our friends. We will need all our people on this ship once she is under way." he said, and he heard the growl come back from his current bridge commander, a elderly Togorian who spoke very little basic, but ran a tight ship.

"You got it. Get the uniforms out." Booster said, and he sighed, looking down at the uniform he was now wearing. "Even if they do look like Bantha crap."

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Nice, can't wait for some action to start up.

EDIT: Every time I go to this thread and Paul's post still at the top there it scares the Bejezus outta me.

Author:  tacoJoemeru [ Thu Feb 21, 2008 9:11 pm ]
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Gotta like Han Solo acting like his own pirate self. :)

Author:  DarthTex [ Thu Mar 13, 2008 1:12 pm ]
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BS, when's the next installment coming out? :D

Author:  BadSamaritan [ Tue Dec 16, 2008 3:24 pm ]
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Corran marched stiffly down the corridor, his eyes darting from side to side carefully. All the walkways and doors they passed seemed to be darkened, but he could not tell if they were dark from lack of use, or for security reasons. The one thing he could tell, however, was that he could not feel the force, meaning that these people had either anticipated a Jedi coming here, or they had gone through a lot of effort just for his arrival. Either way, he knew that this was not an installation he would want to try and infiltrate. While it seemed devoid of actual gaurds, he had noted no fewer than a dozen cutbacks in their path that would trap invading troops in a corssfire, and even moreplaces where it looked like the walls could slide over, revealing hidden weapons emplacements. And he guessed he was seeing not even a small portion of the facility thus far.

"Lieutenant, please keep your eyes forward. While we know it is in your nature to study this facility in an attempt to escape, it shows others that you do not belong here. If they ask questions, security will be compromised, and if that happens, you put us all at risk." the man said quietly, and Corran snapped his attention back to him. He hadn't even noticed the man watching him, which meant that there were holocams watching them as they moved. Or this man was far better than any intelligence operative that he had ever met.

"My apologies, sir. I was unaware." Corran said, and the man responed quickly.

"Well now you know. You must learn quickly here, for your own sake. Also, you may call me General." he said, and Corran nodded again, filing this away in his mind. He had never noticed any sort of rank insignia on his uniform, but Corran had a feeling there was something he was missing. He decided to start paying more attention to the uniforms, to try and identify ranks. It was starting to eat at him, how much he had to watch out for here. Even when he was working undercover, he hadn't had to much to learn.

After several more minutes of walking, in which Corran finally realised he was being led in circles within circles to help confuse his senses as to where he was in the facility, they finally came to a closed door. The man turned to Corran, and stared at him coldly.

"You are about to meet the leader of Delta. Treat her with the utmost of respect, and she will do the same for you. Trust in me when I say this, she has whats best for all of us at heart." he said, and Corran nodded, not sure how to take what the man had just said.

"Of course General. But thank you for the warning." Corran said, and the man turned and walked away. Corran stood there for a moment, and then turned back towards the door. The door slid open, and Corran began to step through. As he did so, he kept his eyes forward, but was immediatly taken aback by what he saw inside the room regardless. Dozens of holographic displays littered the room, each of them displaying something different. He saw views of different portions of the galaxy, maps of Republic fleet routes, some appeared to show news feeds from across the galaxy. And still others showed massive groups of warships from both sides of the conflict in orbit of various worlds. But oddly, the two largest displays were both concentrated on differnet views of the same person, Grand Admiral Pellaeon.

"Ah, Lieutenant. I have been awaiting your arrival. Please, feel free to study all the displays. All the information on them is current, if you wish to know the state of the war." came a voice from a corner of the room, and Corran looked over carefully. There, he saw a taller female standing over what appereared to be a drink server of some sort. As he studied her, the hairs on the back of his neck stood on end, as if he knew her. Her features at this distance seemed unremarkable, but as she turned to walk closer to him, he felt his muscles tense under his skin, and the blood in his veins began to grow cold. As she walked closer to him, he could see her smile seeing his reaction to her.

"Ah, its nice to see that you remember this face, Lieutenant. I am Admiral Isard, leader of Delta. And we have much to discuss."


Gavin peered down into the bowels of the A-wing he was laying on top of, and sighed heavily. Much like the rest of the scrap heaps he had inspected over the past few weeks, this one needed more repairs than they had time to deal with. But thankfully, it would be able to supply them with much needed parts for the few fighters they had running, and maybe enough parts to finish the few more they almost had working. He slid down off of the fighter, and then began walking across the gravel lined floor of the cavern that he was in. He didn't know what the name of the world he was on was, but he didn't really care either. It was one of several worlds he had been spirited away to ever since the CSA has sucker-punched the entire third fleet and sent it reeling. Ever since then, he and dozens of other pilots and soldiers that had been stranded during the initial attacks had ben going from world to world, picking up everyone that they could find to try and build a fighting force to try and start a guerilla war against the CSA. And so far, things were not going well.

"Sir, new ship coming in. Looks like a freightor." came a voice over his shoulders, and he looked around and saw a small squarish man running towards him. He nodded his head, and then looked towards the distant entrance to the cavern. He knew there was at least three starfighters poised to fire a barrage of laser blasts out the entrance at anything that looked hostile, so he knew he woud have time to run for cover if that happened.

"One of the supporters? Or just a tramper?" he asked, and the man shrugged his shoulders.

"Couldn't tell you sir, the R2 units can't tell the difference any more than we can." he said, and Gavin closed his eyes for a moment. He had always wondered what it was like when the leaders of the Rebellion were first starting up their war against the Empire, and now he thought he had a pretty good idea. Because of his experience in Rogue squadron, he had been named the defacto leader of this group, even though there were higher ranking members of the military here. Meaning not only did he have to deal with trying to figure out how he himself was going to get out of this mess, he had to make sure almost a hundred others would be able to do the same.

"Alright, let them land. Board the ship, and figure out who they are. If they are more survivors, tell them we are getting full. If they have parts, negotiate for them. If they want to join up, tell them we have injured that need transport back to republic space." he said, and the man saluted before turning and running off into the distance. Corran turned back towards the rear of the cavern, and once again began making his way towards the cluster of starfighters they had that acutally worked. While they weren't much, they were almsot all of the flyable vehicles they had, outside of one assault shuttle that they had managed to steal. And as such, it was the squadron under his command.

As he reached the ships, he saw his makeshift maintenace crews going over a heavily damaged B-wing, and he walked over to them. He saw that they were pulling one of the laser cannons out from undernath the cockpit, and he frowned. Just yesterday they had told him the fighter was almost fit to fly, and now they were tearing it apart. meaning they were going backwards.

"I thought you said this thing was almost ready?" Corran asked, and a bulky Shistavanen turned to look at him. Corran recognized him right away as the soldier who had pulled him from a burning building on the first days of the attack.

"It was almost ready. Then we burned out the main power relays to the engines when we tried to power it up this morning. We can't fix them, so now all the parts are going into other fighters. We can get two warking fighters out of all the parts from just this one ship. Besides, B-wings are junk to begin with." he said, and Gavin smiled slightly. He could understand why the Shivasten was irritated, B-wings were infamous for breakdowns while in the field, and trying to repair this one was probably a waste of time anyways.

"Alright, do what you have to do. I am going to go find out who this latest transport is. Hopefully they can help us get some of these wounded out of here." He said, and he turned to walk back towards the entrance of the cavern. He bagan to walk at a brisk pace in that direction, when he noticed a pair of being running towards him. After a moment, he reliased they they were the two ranking officers of his group. As they got closer, he saw one of them had a smile on her face, and Gavin took that as a good sign.

"Sir, its a trmap freightor, but he brought good news. He found as a ship." she said, and gavin heaved a sigh of relief. He had been waiting for any sign that this was going to come to an end, and now he had one.

"Thank the force. Where is he, I need to talk to him right away."

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Wow, 11 years since I have worked on this. Been a long time, hasn't it? Anyways, just in case anyone was wondering how it all ended here is a rundown overall on what happened after the battle of Kuat. (amazingly, I still have a ton of my notes)

~Teshik and Pellaeon led a long series of hit and run attacks into New Republic territory, keeping the diminished Republic Fleet on their heels and in a state of disarray. The Black Fleet Crisis causes more problems for the Republic, pulling much needed material (namely the Fifth Fleet) from the battle against the Empire and CSA.

~The Third Fleet, normally in charge of the area between the Empire and the CSA is quickly defeated by the CSA as Oksvald was woefully unprepared to fend off a battle on two fronts. He orders a retreat deeper into the galactic disc which turns into a disaster as much of his fleet is quickly cut off and either destroyed or captured while leaving most of his ground forces and equipment behind to be taken.

~The Black Fleet Crisis ends far more quickly this time as the New Republic goes full invasion. However, the Imperials still manage to steal many of the vessels, and upon hearing of the Empires new offensive victories decide that instead of surrendering they will join them. Teshik takes the Intimidator as his new flagship, giving the Empire a huge advantage in firepower against the Republic Fleet as they now have 4 SSDs in their hands.

~The CSA continues their own offensive, but stalls out as their inexperienced commanders and crews begin making crucial mistakes. The Republic fleet takes advantage, and regains territory against them. However, Oksvald continues to show signs of cracking and in several battles sacrifices warships to win through sheer numbers.

~Delta, under the command of Isard (Another clone, turns out the Emperor was quite invested in cloning his best and brightest) makes headway into figuring out what is actually going on with the help of Corran Horn and his contacts. They begin to realize that someone else is pulling the strings behind the scenes. In a bold move, they choose to bring in Gavin Darklighter and his band of Republic survivors to help.

~Booster uses his fleet of vessels to begin hitting Imperial supply convoys and depots from a hidden base deep inside Imperial territory. He makes himself quite the target, but his unconventional tactics and use of old smuggler routes keeps him relatively safe. HE manages to capture several more vessels and crews them with mercenaries and pirates to give him more firepower.

~In their first real mistake, the Empire loses a major battle over Toprawa when Solo manages to hide the true strength of his fleet. The Intimidator and Reaper are both heavily damaged, and the Empire halts it's advance to regroup giving the Republic it's first real breather of the offensive. The CSA, having regrouped it's forces makes a surprise strike deep into Republic territory smashing Oksvalds main force, scattering his command structure. Taking advantage, the CSA hits his areas hard and retakes their lost territory but stops short of making new gains.

~Booster makes a big discovery in capturing a seemingly random CSA transport deep in Imperial territory. On it is several political prisoners, including an Imperial lackey that claims to know more about what is actually going on. He decides to risk contacting the New Republic to send word, but the ship is intercepted by Delta. However, after consideration they allow the ship to continue, knowing that the Republic helping on this issue may speed their own discoveries. Gavin is sent to find Booster to connect him with Corran as they both think Boosters underworld contacts may be of use.

~Teshik, upset from his defeat over Toprawa begins to plan a new offensive to break the back of the Second Fleet which is now being backed up by the First fleet and forces from the Hapans. Knowing that if the Hapans fully enter the fight and the First fully arrives they won't be able to hold for long, he orders several small incursions into Republic territory to intercept and destroy incoming forces and to destroy bases that are weakly defended. He also send the Lusankya under the command of Tavira to assist the CSA against the Third, forcing Ackbar to divert forces to assist them.

~Booster, Corran, and Isarrd come to an agreement that Teshik and Pellaeon are being used as pawns, and agree to all work together to dig out this hidden person and expose them, and hopefully turn the tide of the war.

~Teshik orders the bulk of the Black Fleet, now with skeleton crews and fully operational, to the front. With these added forces, he launches a new offensive. In a matter of weeks using lightning strikes and ambushes the Empire hamstrings the Second fleet, but cannot dislodge them from their strongholds. However, the CSA makes strides against the Third fleet. Ackbar is ordered to take command of the entire battle line before any more breakthroughs occur.

~With Ackbar in command, the Republic lines hold and begin winning battles to retake several worlds. But with losses mounting, he is forced to call up reserve forces from the Core fleets. Using resources taken from Republic worlds, Pellaeon orders the immediate construction of several World Devastator like vessels. While still several months out, the know that if they can be put into use fully they can bolster their own fighter forces which are now beginning to rely on fresh recruits far to much. Teshik, seeing that Imperial and CSA forces are now being spread far to thin, orders a halt to all strikes and a general defensive stance to be taken. Thus begins a several week standoff as both sides dig in and prepare for the next portion of the war.

~Delta takes it's first major steps in discovering the person they are looking for when Booster captures a pirate vessel being crewed by several clones. After interrogating them, Corran learns that their point of contact is a retired Imperial Moff now living in the core under an assumed name. This information is then passed on to the NRI, who quickly capture him. However, while being transported to Coruscant his vessel is intercepted and destroyed. But looking into the former Moffs files they find several more contacts that help in beginning to unravel the thick web.

~Teshik and Drommel spearhead a sudden and brutal offensive into New Republic territory after weeks of stalemate, and making the first inroads to the inner rim when they take Obroa-Skai. Ackbar plans an immediate retaliation strike to retake the world, but is again forced to divert resources to strengthen the Third when the CSA hits them at several worlds, forcing them to retreat. Using this moment of weakness, Pellaeon makes a daring attack on Ackbars main force at Bilbringi. Utilizing the overwhelming firepower of this flagship Reaper, he severely damages many of the heavy warships they come up against. Although in the end he is forced to retreat, he does so with an amazing prize. Admiral Ackbar has been captured while trying to escape from his crippled flagship.

~The Republic Senate, upon hearing of Ackbars capture, orders all fleets into a full retreat away from the Empire to the Inner Rim. A large swath of the galaxy quickly falls to the Empire and CSA in the process, but new battle lines are quickly formed and reinforced. However, several sections of the New Republic are nearly cut off, including Mon Calamari. Fleet Admiral Oksvald, who has now seen most of his fleet destroyed pulls back as far as Kashyyk and the Kessel Sector. The Hapans, now in doubt that the Republic can hold these lines, pulls their forces from the battle lines to defend their own space. Meanwhile, Delta makes serious inroads to the structure of the shadowy syndicate that is working behind the scenes to disrupt the Republics war efforts. Several more prominent former Imperials and Republic personnel, including Grand Admiral Grant, are quietly brought in for questioning and interrogation. Gavin Darklighter makes contact with Wedge, informing him and Ham of what has been going on. Knowing now that something is seriously amiss, Wedge and Han begin to compartmentalize the fleets intelligence sections to try and find any leaks. Isaard and Corran begin looking into finding the location of one of the Emperors long lost prisons, known only as The Lock.

~With a trio of new high-speed fighter construction vessels now running, the Empire begins mass-producing new designs of droid fighters and the ships to carry them. After only a few weeks, enough of them have been produced to strengthen the Imperial fleet enough to begin a new offensive. Using mass swarms of fighters, several key worlds in the inner rim fall quickly. Oksvald, in a desperate attempt to even the battle lines again, launches an offensive against the CSA. While he does take territory, it weakens his forces enough that the Empire is able to break through behind him and begin encircling. He pulls his forces back once again to try and hold them off, but finds himself outmatched. He bring in many of his forces to Kashyyk and a section of space around Mon Calamari leaving much of the Mid and Outer rim to the CSA and Empire.

~Teshik, Pellaeon, Kayn, Drommel and Tavira convene a war council to prepare for a massive push into the core towards Coruscant knowing that if they can force a battle there they could cripple the Republic Government. Delta continues to make strides in discovering who is in charge of the Empire, and is employing several key Republic personnel in their midst. Booster and his forces are finally recalled to the defense of the Core worlds. Fleet forces from Mon Calamari, now under the command of Han Solo, make several strides into CSA held territory, finally linking up with forces from Bothan Space. However, these victories are short lived as the CSA counter offensive, headed up by the new CSSD Firewind, re-break the lines.

~In the week leading up to the final assault on Coruscant, both sides trade blows in several engagements. Tavira is killed when Booster, seeing that the battle was lost over Borleias, slams the Errant Venture into the Lusankya command decks crippling it for the remainder of the war. Luke Skywalker and several of his Jedi meets up with Corran, Drake Squad, and an Imperial unit to infiltrate The Lock, having been discovered deep in Imperial held territory. Han Solo is recalled to Coruscant to lead it's defenses as the Senate no longer trusts him on the front after the CSA managed to cut them off once again. Oksvald is ordered to take a large force into Imperial territory, but chooses to ignore the orders for fear of his forces being trapped and wiped out not realizing it was meant to pull Imperial forces away from the Coruscant offensive. The first real cracks in the Republic fleet begin to show.

~Luke, Corran, Drake Squad and the Imperials infiltrate The Lock and discover many prisoners, some of whom had been there for decades. However, their primary goal was retrieving Admiral Ackbar, whom they soon find in the deepest sections of the prison. However, they also discover Pellaeon in the same section, who gives them the full story on what is really going on and who has been manipulating the war. They quickly leave the prison, with the Imperials heading towards Coruscant while Drake, Luke and Ackbar head for Mon Calamari to get Ackbar the medical attention he needs.

~Without Oksvald pulling Imperial forces away from the battle, Han Solo quickly finds himself outgunned in the system. Calling up all nearbye forces and reserves, he puts up a valiant defensive effort and manages to stop the Imperial and CSA forces just shy of the planet itself. However, with the numbers against him he knows the world can't be held. He gives a speech to the fleet encouraging them to fight on while the Senate and as many people as possible are evacuated. However, in the midst of the battle an Imperial shuttle arrives and delivers Luke, Pellaeon, and the Delta forces to the Reaper. After a quick fight, Pellaeon confronts himself on the Bridge, and quickly executes the apparent imposter. Taking full command of the Reaper, he orders its guns turned on the CSSD Firewind and Admiral Kayn, having identified him as the mastermind behind everything. The Firewind is quickly destroyed, and all CSA forces quicly surrender to the Imperials. Pellaeon contacts Teshik, and informs him of Kayns betrayal. Teshik tells him he already suspected Kayn was up to something, but says they must press the attack while they can. Pellaeon objects, but knows Teshik will not listen to him and is in command. The battle rages on for several more hours before Han calls for a general retreat after the Senate is evactuated along with most Republic personnel.

~Oksvald, seeing that the battle for Coruscant is lost and the Republic fleet is in shambles, orders all his remaining forces to the Corellian sector and out to Mon Calamari determined to lead what is left of the fleet from those two areas. Hearing this, many sector forces on the far side of the galaxy quickly form up, and choose areas to defend. Many fleets form and head towards Mon Calamari, Bothan Space, and the Sluis Sector. Coreward forces join Oksvald in the Corellian Sector or with the Remnants of the Coruscant fleet in the Kuat sector. Many smaller forces choose to stay where they are rather than retreat but soon cut ties with what is left of the Republic and go into hiding. Much of the Galaxy is now left defenseless. The Empire quickly absorbs the CSA, but doing so allows the remains of the Republic to choose new fleet commanders and headquarters. However, the Republic is now essentially split into two sections, and unable to support one another. The Inner Republic runs from Kuat to Fondor and Thyferra, while the outer Republic runs from Mon Calamari to Bothan Space to the Sluis sector.

~Over the course of the next two years, the Empire chips away at Republic territory. Eventually Kuat falls, followed by Fondor. With few shipyards left in the inner portions of the Galaxy, the Republic abandons their holdings there and retreats to the outer rim. Oksvald, now completely disillusioned with the Republic and it's leadership, refuses to surrender the Corellian Sector. Much of his forces also choose to stay, and form the Corellian Alliance. On the outer rim, the Republic slowly loses ground as their battered forces are beaten back by a relentless stream of droid fighters and warships. Eventually, Pellaeon convinces Teshik to open the path to talks of surrender. After several more weeks of fighting, Pellaeon manages to contact Luke and pass along his proposals for the terms. Ackbar, knowing the war is lost at this point but trusting Pallaeon, agrees to a temporary cease fire to begin negotiations.

~The New Republic formally surrenders and is absorbed into the Empire. Teshik, knowing he is no longer needed, and ashamed that he was used they way he was, retires to his home planet and passes control of the Empire to Pellaeon. Pellaeon begins a complete rebuild of the government structure and military, being sure to include key members of the former Republic that wish to do so. He reforms the Galactic Senate on Coruscant, but keeps the Admirals Council as the head of the government, with himself in charge. He offers Luke Skywalker a place on the council, but Luke declines saying the Jedi have no place in politics or the military. Pellaeon agrees, but states fully well that the Jedi are full members of the Empire, and will be treated with respect. He gives them the Yavin system to be used as they see fit, asking only that they render aid if asked. Several older members of the Empire also go into retirement, allowing Pallaeon to fill the council with newer faces. He convinces Ackbar to join, along with several Republic commanders to show that the Empire now is not the same Empire as before. Han and Leia quietly go into semi-retirement, with Leia working as a diplomat to convince Oksvald to join the rest of the galaxy. He refuses, and says he will continue to fight.

~Pellaeon, realizing that Oksvald has gone mad and that further bloodshed cannot be avoided, reluctantly invades the Corellian Alliance. After a short but bloody war, Ackbar scores the winning blow over Corellia itself ending the conflict. However, many forces still loyal to the Republic go rogue and into hiding, and are joined by dozens of other former Republic ships forming the Second Rebellion. However, much of the galaxy slowly becomes content with how the new Empire is running things, and their support dries up after a few years and they are finally convinced to surrender. Pallaeon leads the Empire for several more years, before finally deciding to step down and hands command over to the new Grand Admiral Traest Kre'fey. Kre'fey, seeing that Pellaeon had the right ideas in keeping the military in command while using the Senate to give the people a true voice, changes little while in command besides ordering the breakdown of many older vessels in the fleet and replacing them with newer ships. Wedge Antilles retires from Starfleet Command and becomes the primary teacher at the Corellian Starfighter academy, which leads to a rivalry with Turr Phenir who leads the Coruscant academy. The two begin an annual tradition of placing their best and brightest against one another in mock battles, both coming out on top several times. Han and Leia settle down on Corellia as well, content to live quietly. Luke scowers the galaxy for Jedi recruits, and begins rebuilding the Jedi. While staying out of the Galactic eye, he follows through on his promise to lend Jedi to diplomatic endeavors. He does, however, allow Kyp Durron and Corrran Horn to build a small group of Jedi starfighter pilots defend the Jedi Temple, with Kre'Fey giving it his full blessing and supplying them with the starfighters of their choice, X-Wings.

~The Vong invasion begins, but with the Galaxy united and the Military in charge they quickly find their invasion bogged down. While they take a large portion of the galaxy from the old Corporate Sector to Yaga Minor, the Navy ends their advances and begins forcing them back. After a year of fighting, the Vong leadership is killed over Dantooine sending the rest of the species into disarray. Luke Skywalker, along with several other Jedi and Vong Defectors, hunt down Zenoma Sekot and allow the sentient world to collect them and vanish into the Unkown Regions.

~The Galaxy remains at peace for several thousand years after these events. While there are many wars that do occur, none of them remotely reach the size and destructive potential of the legendary war between the Galactic Empire and the New Republic. The Empire continues to evolve and change as needed, eventually becoming the Galactic Imperium. A new Sith Order eventually rises (as they tend to do every once in a while) but they make peace with the Jedi, seeing that they are two sides of the same coin and that both are needed for true balance in the force. The Unknown Regions are finally mapped, and the galaxy as a whole begins to look outside of it's own spot in the universe, and begins sending expeditions outside the galaxy to explore.

And there you have it, what few notes I still have on how it all turned out managed to spell it all out pretty well. The Empire ends up victorious, but quickly turns into a odd mixture of the Republic and Empire. The Vong still show up, but are defeated with MUCH less bloodshed this time around. The Sith come back as they always do eventually, but are much..... calmer let's just say (We actually did a big campaign about the sith rising in the far future, the guy running it did a great job). All in all the Galactic Imperium turned into a proper galactic government and somehow managed to hold everything together enough to keep the peace. All thanks to one power hungry madman from a quiet sector of the galaxy causing untold death and destruction in his quest for galactic domination..... because that's an original story in this universe, amirite?

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